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Yay!  My sweet Kate got 1st place at the competition. She’s giddy.

Tuesday and back to work!  Had a potential client come in at 10:30, and one of our sales reps from the MA office was here.  Nice change of pace.  Then went out to lunch.  Of course we did, cause what else would I do the day I decide that I have to go back to eating small and healthy!  Oh, well I guess it could have been worse, I could also have made plans for Spag Warehouse for lunch on Friday with Joanna.   At least I’ll get the Cobb Salad there. mmmmmmm, avacado!  (shhhh, I know it’s not healthy)

Yesterday I actually bought my husband his own towels.  I just couldn’t take him yelling, and katy yelling back at him!  Do all daughters and their fathers argue like that?  Maybe I’m lucky I grew up without a father in the house.  Too much drama for me.  I like it quiet and calm.  I know anyone who knows my beautiful youngest child is right now thinking, Katy yell?  never.  But, it happens.  Shoot, I just remembered I have another call in 20 minutes.  Gonna use Webex to start doing little training/marketing seminars.

Is anyone reading this old enough to remember when you use to buy a pair of Levi’s Cords and once you wore them they would strart stretching until after about four hours they were two sizes bigger than when you put them on?  That’s what I’m wearing right now.  Making me laugh because I’m fairly sure at some point I’ll stand up and my pants will fall down.

Okay – gonna go stalk Preston on IM now…watch out Preston  – coming at you.™

~~ and as a side note, look I found even more stuff to change to lavender!  And today I’m wearing purple and lavender.  What do you think?  Should I become a pastel kind of person?  Maybe I could start wearing flowered clothing too!


“We skipped the light fandango
turned cartwheels cross the floor

I was feeling kinda seasick
but the crowd called out for more.

The room was humming harder
as the ceiling flew away.
we called out for another drink
the waiter brought a

Well, took a vacation day today.  Went to the Dr’s this morning.  About had a heart attack because the Dr’ put me on a scale for the first time in a couple of years.  OMG – I am a big fat pig!  Went out this afternoon and bought a scale, and moved the eliptical into the living room.  Geesh.  This getting older thing definately has it’s downfalls.  BP was high, but that’s probably because they put me on the scale first!

Go back in two weeks, and then again in six months.  So, we’ll see.™


My husband took my nieces and I to see Nanny McPhee, and it was very good!  Not very captivating for the 5 year old, but the 12 year old and the two forty-somethings quite enjoyed it.™

Belated New Years Resolution

I will never Mock Nasal Spray again.™


Not a terribly eventful day.  Woke up with a killer biller headache.  Felt better later, Went to circuit city, went to Barnes & noble, went to the Mall so Sean could have Chic Fil-A for lunch.  Went to Krogers, and then home.

OMG – my husband just turned on Bill and Teds excellent adventure (part deux).  Noooooooooooooooo.  Gonna try for Nanny McPhee again tomorrow.

Blessings to you all. ™


Creeping up….

137/87   – guess this answers the question of whether I need to stay on the BetaBlockers.™
~ and now – I’m gonna update once an hour just to see if I can.  So there!

~  Darn it, missed my hour mark.  It’s been two hours.  Feel like shit.  But Preston brought me a nice cup of starbucks coffee, and Mikey brought me in brownies this morning.  Lots of sugar and caffeine.   mmmmmmmm™

~ Now I missed hours and hours.  Went to pick up my pills – (feeling more human now) and then went looking at office space.  I think we looked at 7 or 8 different places scattered around the far corners of Toledo.  ™

~Okay, last one for the day.  Guess my every hour didn’t work out very well. At the risk of sounding to Mom-ish.  If you ever have trouble with your blood pressure, let them medicate you!  I forgot after all these years how much better it feels when it’s under control.  Woohoo!  Back to normal.  Thinking about going to see Nanny McPhee tomorrow.  We’ll See.™

The ongoing saga of medicine

So I get home and sure enough there are two messages from the Dr’s office asking me to call them so they can get the number of the pharmacy to call in my perscription.  So, I call back  – glad I leave work during Dr’s hours, because apparently it’s not important enough to call me at work – and I give them the phone number.

Go to pick up my perscription and  yup — it was not called in.  But, I am still alive.  Checking my blood pressure every once in awhile and it’s staying down.  For anyone medically inclined – 129/86 is the most recent, so while I’m just fine, I’m also thinking that means I can’t stay off of the BetaBlockers.  bummer, would have been nice to lose the side effects. My husband told me to start taking fish oil to keep it down.  I’ll have to do some research.

If anyone sees my daughter, can you tell her I said hi, and miss her.



My one remaining cherry shrimp has gotten quite large.  Well, for a cherry shrimp.  I mean you can actually see it from more than 6 inches away now.
On my fridge at home it says – “happy people can be abusive in their own way” thank you Sean.
Mean thing you can do to someone – tell them they are getting fired in a week.  That’s just not very nice to do.  Especially if it’s not true but you’re in a position to know if that person were giong to be fired.  It’s cruel.
Oh Yeah, and I’m still alive.  Made a Dr’s appointment for Monday and taking the day off work.  Don’t know if they Dr is going to call in the refill on my BetaBlocker or not.  In some ways I hope she doesn’t.  I would really like to go off of them.  But, on the other hand, don’t really want to have a stroke just now.
K – back to work.™

~went and toured another potential new office space today.  It was another old building downtown that is being refurbished.  The difference between it and the one I saw yesterday was unbelievable.  You can surely tell when someone is doing it who enjoys it, and someone who is doing it to make money.

Katy said I should post everytime………………!

So yesterday I realize I only have one pill left.  So, I call Rite-Aid and do the autorefill thingy and it tells me, Oops!  You big loser, you don’t have any refills left.  But don’t worry we’ll call your Dr’s office tomorrow and get a refill, what number should we call you back at if we have any problems….So, la de da, go about my day.  Call Rite Aid this afternoon to make sure everything is okay, and they say call back after 6.  So I call back after 6 and the guy says  – nope your Dr. never called back!  So, I say cool – can you give me a couple of pills and I’ll call the Dr. tomorrow.  Yup – no problem.  Off I go to Rite Aid where  the guy says – OOPS!  Sorry, your Dr. said you have to call into the office and make an appointment and then they’ll call in a refill.  This would have been helpful to know during Doctors hours!  DOH!  Why didn’t they tell me that the first time I called!  LOSERS!  Okay, done venting…have to stay calm, since the pills that I have no more of are my BetaBlockers – you know the ones that regulate heartbeat and keep your Blood pressure down!  JERKS!  oooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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