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Stalled out at three!

Sabatoge & Judging

I like to watch people, and I like to speculate on what motivates people to do things. 

I have very strong convictions about what is right for me.  Please note I said “for me” .  I am very opinionated, but not very judgemental.  I can say that for me it is absolutely the right thing that I never ever have an affair.  But…when someone tells me that they had an affair I don’t really think any less of them.  I normally just note that it’s their life, and their choice.  And I really mean that.  Because I make certain lifestyle choices, I dont’ neccessarily think that they are the only choices that can be made. 

So, I find it interesting that people who know me fairly well, always assume that I am in my head thinking badly about them for choices they make.  Everything from big to little choices.  Why would they think that?  I cannot be quietly exuding an air of unacceptance, because I don’t feel that way.  Is it because they think their choices may be wrong and they feel guilty and feel like they have to defend them, even if there is no need?

Okay, that was the judging part, now the sabatoge part.  While I sit back and watch people sometimes I get little flashes into their personality.  So, there is the one person who I have no direct interaction with at all, except I met him once or twice.  And I hear comments that he makes to people, and to his friends.  And I’m fascinated by how he very slyly and quietly sabatoges their lives!  Things that they have that make them happy, he sends out these tiny little barbs to try and show that it’s really not that good.  And I hear people talk about him and they say how cool and nice he is, and it makes me wonder why they dont’ see what he does. 

So the moral of my post, 1 – don’t assume I’m judging you.  I really don’t care that much!  Live your own life and let me live mine and lets enjoy being different!
2.  – don’t let your friends alter your perception about the life you lead.  If you’re happy, just be happy!  If something works for you, then to hell with the people who don’t think it should.

~unless you’re my child.  Then do what I say without question at all times please.

People in my mailbox

So I come home from work, and open my mailbox and what do I see!  It’s my most favorite pequeña muchacha del diablo and my new favorite flasher & author standing side by side.  Yeah, there were five other people in the picture – but they don’t count.  And of course it was referencing creative writing, how appropriate!

Why didn’t anyone tell me about Page File Settings?  What a difference.

~more edit – feeling less dark – gonna change my xanga back to car colors.

Stargate or Stargate Atlantis?

It’s a mood xanga

Word of Advice – Don’t keep the Mrs. Dash next to the Betta Food. 

WooHoo – I’m up to two people now!

edit – timewarp.  My tv converter says it 11:52.  My computer read 16:46.  hmmmmm


Just when I start thinking maybe I’m a little cool, I go and do something middle-aged and mom-ish.  Got a new Gameboy Game – Scrabble!  WooHoo!

Found a nice little satchel bag at Target for the computer.   $16.00 and when I get fired and no longer need it, can be used for other things.  Life is good.

Breakfast –
So, I know I’m becoming food obsessed but I just can’t help it!
(  ~~~ Wait! Awww Moment ! – the TownsPeople are all up on Miss. Harringtons lawn to say Goodbye to Pollyanna as she gets ready to go Baltimore for the surgery that will allow her to walk again!)
But anyway – so this mornings breakfast was EggBeaters omelet with LowFat Cheese and organic salsa on a pita.  Very very messy.  But it was  (now the townspeople are in the house and everyone is crying!) pretty darn good.EXCEPT – my daughter told me about what she had last night.  Homemade Chicken Noodle soup and home baked Rum and Honey glazed bread.  When I was 18 I don’t remember going to anyones house and being fed like that.  (awww – Timmy’s been adopted) the most I ever got was bags of chips & booze.  (They’re at the train station, Aunt Polly is hugging her!)  Seriously, I hung out with the wrong people.  We all hung out getting drunk/high playing Euchre.  There was no home cooked food.
Allright, time to get up and moving, big plans today!  HomeDepot and furnace filters, oh and I want to keep an eye out for a cheap bag to hold the laptop since apparently in our company they don’t provide the bags.  DOH.


I’m eating an Avacado & Cottage cheese sandwich on a Pita, with a side of sliced Kiwi.  It’s the funniest looking breakfast, all green & White. 🙂


Wish I had my gameboy today.

~edit – but on a different note, just learned how to edit peoples time card punches …ooooo the power!

~One more Edit!

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