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Brunch Sunday

If you are related to me,
Family Brunch – IHOP 11:00am ( you know which one! ~ oops I was wrong, not that one.  The one on Central instead)
Your presense is required – not requested.

If you plan on being related to me at any point – your presense is requested, but not required.

I love…

Just about everything.  I know I’ve been a little whiney lately but really, I am your basic happy person still.  A little sleepy most of the time, but still basically happy.
I have spring flowers starting to bloom, and the temperature is going up, and my furnace went out for the first time this season, this morning.  Can’t beat that timing!

I love my kids, cause they’re almost perfect, and the faults that they do have are just surface faults.  They’re both your basic good person type of people.  I’m so very proud of the adults that they’re becoming.  And I love my puppies, and my daughters kitty who seems to be becoming my kitty.

Okay, now back to work I go.

~edit – Me again.  Ed just introduced me to (albeit unintentionally) the Exies.  Think I’m liking it.
~~And YAY!  The furnace people are here!  I get to move back to my desk!
  And Look !  It’s my own keyboard back!  WooHOO!  Ergonomic again!

I Found it!

Fall Out Boys – A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More “Touch Me”

It’s sad when you insult yourself in a funny self depreciative way, and someone agrees with you.



My emails are too long and ineffectual.  At least, I think they must be.  My goal (at work) is to learn how to get my point across in as short a space as possible when I email.  Either that or I work with a bunch of people who don’t actually know that you are supposed to read each sentance, not just skim and then answer.  Since I keep getting answers back that don’t have anything to do with the email I sent out, at this point I have to assume it’s me.  Sadly.
So, that is my goal for the week.  Learn how to stop rambling.  You know, going on and on over the same point over and over.  Really, just restating the issue in a few different ways. Either to make sure it’s well and truly understood, or because you just like to see words created out of nothing as you type on the keyboard.  Sometimes it’s just fun to listen to the sounds of the keys clacking.  Clack, clack, Clack.  clackity. clack clack.  It’s a good sound.  Especially if you have recently switched keyboards! Sometimes writing long rambling things is fun, cause smack dab in the middle you can add sentances that most people dont’ notice.  Say for instance if you want to say something like, hmmmm, wow I was going to insert something weird here but I got so sidetracked that I ran out of weird.  Speaking of sidetracked so I had to temporarily move into an office while our furnace is not working cause it’s really cold where I normally sit. One of the reasons I moved out of an office is because I get really annoyed when people come in and sit down and then never leave.  At least where I normally sit, they have no privacy so they tend to leave faster.  So anway moved into this office and took out the chair so that no one could sit.  Can you guess what happened, Friday someone brought a chair in with them. and now people keep coming in and sitting down.  Geesh.  I need to go to dinner with a whole bunch of Katy & Seans friends/acquantances.  I really enjoy just sitting there for hours laughing and listening to everyone talk.  Why do you think I get along so much better with people who are closer to my kids ages than I do with people my own age?  And why do I get along so much better with the techie people than I do with the office type people?

~edit – small ramble that I forgot – according to the state of Ohio, in Toledo if you make less than $16.00 an hour you are eligible for heating assitance.  Which for all of you getting to that age gives you an idea of how much income you must have to live on your own.

That is all….

Thanks for the hug!

It was nice to see sitting on my screen when I woke up this morning.

Old Souls

Have you ever heard the expression Old Soul?  It usually applies to people who seem to have a knowledge or wisdom beyond their years or experience.  For me it’s much more of a gut level thing.  Some people I meet, and I just know that they’ve been around at some level for a very long time. 

I’ve noticed that most of the people that my kids are drawn to have that quality.  Which then made me start noticing that people that I think posess that air all tend to group together.  There are some shared traits which I found interesting and which I think probably draws you all together.

You’re all above average intelligence.  Though, of course I guess that depends on your idea of average.  But you all have this creative intelligence.  If you were all transplanted to another world, you could start a new society and I think be pretty well rounded. 

So, I had this whole long thing in my head, but my head is congested and work keeps interferring with my rambling.  So, this subject may come up again!

~edit – just wrote my first ever syllabus.  Okay, it’s really just an outline, but it’s still called a syllabus.

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