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Nosemata  – Nasal sores, or sensations of pain corresponding in location to the  wounds of Floyd Mayweather Jr during the Zab Judah fight, usually occurring during states of religious ecstasy or manic meanness.  Frequently followed by symptoms of badassness. 


Frozen Mixed Berries
Black Cherry Yogurt
Crushed Pecans & Walnuts
Best Breakfast Ever!

I did not feel very good yesterday so I didn’t have dinner, and I didn’t like my lunch so I didn’t eat much of it, and so today  I think I may treat myself to going out to lunch!  Someplace expensive so I can get some good healthy food.  Why do only expensive restaurants serve healthy food?  

Matt brought me in a new book to read, 1st in a series.  The Eye of the World, Book one of The Wheel of Time series, by Robert Jordan.  Hope it’s good!

My husband and I have both been gettng bloody noses for over a week.  Starting to freak me out, just a little.  

I think todays question to explore is why are some people so prone to negative thoughts, and others to positive?  For myself, I almost always am positive.  Even about negative stuff, I try very very hard to put a positive spin on it.  I find it interesting that people who tend to view things more negatively take great pleasure in pointing out anytime I am not 100% positive.  I think that’s amusing, it’s almost as if they think somehow I think I’m better than them and by pointing out a negative thought that will make me realize I’m not.  So first of all by feeling the need to make me feel bad, to make yourself feel better, that makes me better than you.  Second, I don’t normally feel that I’m better than anyone.  Just different.  There is not a person around me that doesn’t have a talent, or a gift that I don’t.  I am a far more interesting person when I spend time with people that are different than me, than if I just sit there talking to myself!  
And I would rather have people assume that I’m somehow not as deep because I choose to find joy in every day no matter what happens, then to be so filled with angst that I convince myself that I am miserable.  The more time you spend telling everyone how miserable you are, the more miserable you will become.  It’s truely a self-fulfilling prophecy.
Hmmm – that kind of just popped out.  I had a couple of run ins with cranky people recently and apparently it bothered me!  Though, one just came back and apologized.  That’s nice.
Back to work, though I’m feeling introspective and wordy today so I’ll probably be back.


Retrieved HUB from Katy’s room – found cables.  So, we have four computers on line – but now we’re down to three monitors!  We’re getting closer!  Of course it’s my computer that doesn’t have a monitor.  I’m going through IM withdrawel.   Sean seems to be pretty happy though, well at least as happy as Sean gets.

And now Presenting….

the real

 I started
typing this a half hour ago and had to stop when I realized I had turkey gravy
on my keyboard.  And then of course I
started looking at my keyboard.  I clean
my mouse weekly, but I guess I haven’t cleaned my keyboard for awhile.  And since I eat breakfast, lunch and snack at
my desk five days a week, well….It was pretty ugly.

 So having a
couple of conversations via my Trillian away messages was pretty fun
today!  Devin is quickly becoming one of
my favorite people.  He has a smart sense
of humor and that’s always nice. Of course he also has a mean sense of humor,
which is also just fine!  I’m use to
it.  I’ve noticed that for some reason
people who are very smart seem to have a mean sense of humor.  Sean and I were talking about it
yesterday.  ( I think, I may have
imagined it, I also dreamed katy walked out in the living room and said  – hey we’re out of Toilet paper)

 OMG _ Sean
is playing with the camera on my computer at home!  I just grabbed the best shot of him!  I don’t know how to post pictures
here…maybe by the time I post this I’ll figure it out.

(I figured out how to post it!)

 Yay and the
computer is there!  So I just told Sean
he could have it, and I had to repeat myself like 6 times. He just kept saying
– you want me to take the new computer and put it in my room?  No really, you want me to take the new
computer and put it in my room? Ahhhh, that boy of mine.  Now all I need is the ethernet and a monitor!  Cause he can’t keep my flat panel!  I love my monitor!  Jeff said he’d send the ethernet over after
school, so that’s very cool, even if I can’t drive to Detroit!

 Devin also
said he has ethernet but he has school until 8 and I do not want to wait! 

What was I
talking about before Sean started dancing in front of the camera?  Oh Yeah! and by the way – Schwanns Turkey
dinner, blech.

I can see clearly now

The Rain is Gone!
It’s gonna be a bright, bright, sunshiny day!

Lets Try Again

Closed the window on my first entry for today…that’s what I get for doing it at work.
So what I said was…..Everyone in Toledo has a headache!  Damn Weather.
Went to dinner with Katy, Sean and Charles last night.  It was very nice.

Pretty sure I’m going to be losing my job soon.  I know, anyone who knows me as heard that over the last six months.  But in my head it’s an absolute certainty.  I haven’t spoken to anyone in our other office in weeks and everyone in this office has been dropped out of any and all loops.  It angers me, but I’m trying to be a big girl about it.  Lots of other people have dealt with these kind of situations and managed just fine.  I’m sure I will too.  My phones have gotten so ridiculously quiet, it makes me sad.

Did something nice for someone yesterday, but they don’t know yet.  Probably will know tomorrow.  That makes me happy.  Of course it was a very expensive thing to do so that may not work in my favor right now!   

Hmm, now I’m sad, how did I do that to myself?  Geesh.  Think I’ll go eat breakfast, it’s probably just low blood sugar making me sad!


The Free Coffee is here!

Hey Devin…

Thank you.  That was an excellent way to start a Friday morning.
Oh, and, right, back, at , ya.


So today I got to see my daughters guts!  Spleen, pancreas, liver and gallbladder.  They were just beautiful of course. Test number 2 tomorrow so I will get to see even more.  WooHoo!
New bread machine should also be at my house tomorrow. 
My chebe dough should be there today.  I don’t need a machine for that so I may try some rolls tonght to see how they turn out.
Last night at work tonight for Devin, the big dirtball.  What do you think it says that I considered Devin one of the more normal people?  Does that say something about me, Devin, or the rest of the people that work there?  I think I’m taking tomorrow off so I won’t even see you in the morning. 
If I take tomorrow off I’m gonna take Kate prom dress shopping bright and early.  That’ll be lots of fun. NOT!  For anyone who has ever been clothes shopping with her, you’l understand.  But, I woudn’t pass up the opportunity for anything.
I know a certain someone who is looking for a prom date.  Maybe you could take Sean?  That would certainly turn some heads!  And I would get to see both of my kids all dressed up nice.
I would kind of like to go to that school board meeting tonight.  I think it might be interesting.  But, on the other hand, I don’t want to go to that school board meeting tonight.  I’ll play it by ear.  If Kate and Charles leave at a good time and they dont’ mind me tagging along I will.  If not, I won’t.
Uh -Oh, now I’m rambling.  Think I’ll go make some tea.

Time to go back to the Happy page.

It’s good to have spring!  But we’ll save Mr. Gargoyle for next bad week.

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