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I hate it when I forget to take the cap off of my water bottle before I drink.

So, why does one Blog/LiveJournal/Xanga?

I was
thinking about this last night because I had something that bothered me and made
me anxious and one of the first things I thought was that I would have to post
it.  And that made me laugh because I
mean really, do I need to forever immortalize every thought I have?  So then I tried to figure out why I felt that need to post. 
So here is my answer
for why I post such bizarre things. 
don’t play well with others, I don’t work well with others, and I really don’t
much like to deal with people, EXCEPT on my own terms.  I don’t have any close friends because I
really only want to share information that I want to share and if you want to
have and keep close friends you really do have to just bare your soul and let
them in.  Otherwise it’s a one sided
friendship and eventually they go away. 

With this, I can pick and choose what I say, so in effect I have an
unlimited number of friends, some of whom I don’t even know, they just drop in
occasionally to catch up on my life.  But
I don’t ever have to deal with prying or worrying about accidentally telling
you things that I didn’t want to.  When I
type I have the choice to edit and even delete! 

But, having said all that I also want to say that I am fairly positive
that if I posted something truly bad and really and truly needed help or a
friend, that I would get a response from more than one of you, and you have no
idea how comforting that is!  So there!

 Did you
ever wonder why you blog/Livejournal/xanga?


~Oh and Sylvania Middle School  Band concert tonight! 

Holiday Weekend

Don’t offer
to do something for me and then not do it. 
I’m not saying anyone out there
should do stuff for me, I’m saying stop offering.  Apparently it’s one of my pet
peeves.  If I make an offer, I make it
sincerely and I will follow through.  I don’t make
insincere offers.  Though, I also don’t
offer to help often! And if someone asks me for something well, all bets are
off, if I don’t want to do it and don’t feel right saying no, I’ll hedge really
really well.

 So, Long
Hot Weekend.  Caught up on some movie
watching.  For those bored easily,
feel free to skip this entry, the rest is all going to be rambling opinion.

of Narnia.  Loved this movie.  I had not read the books until recently and
wasn’t a huge fan when I did. The movie however was beautiful.  I think the effects are what made the movie.
They were seamless.  It was so intense
that there were points where I wanted to look away.  That surprised me.  The little girl Lucy reminded me of my niece
Hayley and that may have had something to do with my reactions.  I don’t think there was a huge religious connotation.  Obviously there were certain things that you
could say were biblical, but c’mon can’t you do that with almost any
movie?  Speaking of which… (or witch)

 Exorcism of
Audry Rose.  I was fascinated by the way
this story was told. If you’ve seen it, you may or may not have noticed that
there is no place in the movie that gives you the answer, was this a medical
condition or was this demonic possession. 
The scenes of possession are told to you, as are the scenes that explain
things as being a medical condition. 
Even the scenes with Laura Linney at home at 3:00 show nothing
definitive.  I thought it was masterfully
presented.  And last but not least…

 Brokeback Mountain. 
Okay, I have to admit those two men are beautiful.  And wow, Heath Ledger…he looked and sounded
like a totally different person.  I was
amazed by him as an actor.  Wasn’t Randy
Quaid nominated for some sort of award for this?  Why? 
He was in it for like five sentences. 
I thought it was a good movie, but not a great movie.  I’m afraid I’m under the opinion that it
received so many accolades because it really is a groundbreaking movie.  It’s got to be the first mainstream movie
with two straight men playing gay lovers. 
With Sex scenes.  isn’t it? I
think it was a powerful movie, but not a Great movie.  And I certainly understand why it received so
much press! 

~As a side
note, does anyone think Heath Ledger reminded them of          someone else that some of us know?  Not gonna say who, cause I don’t want to
influence in case it was just me.

 Okay, back
to my day.

Bad Month to be a Murray pet.


Falcon just flew by my window!

Very cool.  I see them about once a week now.
I need a vacation.  It’s certainly not that I’m overworked, I just need to rejuvinate.  Or I could just rejuvenile.  That should be a real word.  When you start getting to old and blah, then you go do something to rejuvenile yourself.  So,, dinner tonight with a bunch of 18 and 19 year olds, and then the Zoo this weekend.  That should take care of rejuveniling but probably not rejuvinating.  Something just feels off today.  Might be hormonal or maybe because my husband has been home the last two days.  I just need some loud laughter and fun around me for awhile.
Geesh, talk about random thoughts.  See, that’s what my brain is doing today.  Jumping.

I’m So Sleepy!

Why?  Why, am I so sleepy today?  I want a tall double mocha with a shot of amaretto flavoring from Starbucks.  With Cake.
I have Cake at home.  My dear sweet daughter called me last night and bribed me with cake, and I said, well I’m on a diet but bring home a piece of this cake for Sean.  So she did, and I tried a bite and then didn’t tell Sean it was in the house because I do not want to share.  I must say Mrs. O can certainly cook!   I also heard it was a mean General Tso’s Chicken, so now I want chineese.  I may have to do dinner at the chineese restaurant tomorrow or Saturday.  Anyone want to join us?  Of course by us, so far, I mean me.  And I want to go to the zoo this weekend. I think my sister and nieces will be joining my husband and I there.
Wow, it’s all about me today, I want I want I want. 

Random Thoughts

Random Thought 1
May 23,

Cycle Of Kindness
Virgo Daily Horoscope

You may feel passionate and demonstrative today. You may feel a
need to express your affection to friends and loved ones or create a greater
sense of intimacy in your relationships. One good way to do this is to express
the feelings that are in your heart. By being forthcoming with your expressions
of love and appreciation, you will likely make others feel good and perhaps even
inspire them to reciprocate your expressions of affection.

So, Here goes!  You guys are wonderful! 

    To those of you whom I’m just building friendships with recently, Thanks!  It’s been great finding common ground to talk about and having witty reparte’. (sp?)     To those of you I’ve know your entire lives, I couldnt’ love you any more.  Even on those days when I’m cranky, or you’re cranky, doesn’t matter, I love you.  No Matter what.
    And a special thank you for you journal writers. I don’t always leave comments, because I don’t want to creep you out, but I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoy reading about your lives and your interests and your hobbies.  It’s a way for me to keep perspective on the rest of the world and to meet new people without that pesky problem of not ever wanting to leave my house.  I’m a reader and I’m definately a people watcher and now that I’ve discovered you all, it’s the best of both worlds.  I love your quirkiness and your one common trait, which is intelligence.  There is nothing that will make people gravitate towards you more than your brains.  Not the show offey kind of brains, but the simple sheer genius of your creativity. So Thank you for sharing your lives with me.

Random Thought 2
    My PANTS are too long!  YAY!!!!

Random Thought 3
    I really need a bike.  A smaller womans bike (I’m really not that tall if you haven’t noticed)  But the problem is, I don’t have a car that can transport a bike, so I need to find just a cheap used bike that I don’t have to worry aobut ruining by leaving it outside, or feel guilty if I never ride it, within a mile or so of my house.

Random Thought 4
    You really can eat french fries without ketchup you know.

Random Thought 5
    My husband may need lithium, or vodka.  I wonder if I can slip it into his herbal tea without him knowing.

Random Thought 6
    Hey, I’m still employed!

Random Thought 7
    I should really do some work now.™

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