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Masonic Penny

Funniest thing, we’re pulling up the carpet that got mildewed in our little flood the other day.  It’s very old and very disgusting.  And underneath it we found a 1972 penny with a Masonic Symbol stamped into it.
It’s the Scottish G Masonic symbol.  So was it for luck?  Were we cursed?  Was is tradition?  hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Slumber Party at work!  Monday 5 am.  Only one person invited.  Bring your Pillow & blankie and Footie Pajamas.

Educational Post

At the risk of turning into one of those people who just post about other peoples stuff. I have to post links.

One of my favorite websites when I need to read is:

which today led me to:

which then led me to:

Where I finally end up here:

Take a close look at how really big that house is!

(And sorry, for some reason I cannot get a link to post in Xanga today.  so you’ll have to cut and paste if you should like to see what I’m talking about.)

Batten down the Hatches

Here it comes again!

So yesterday I was just not having a happy day.  Mostly just frustration at work.  We’re in the process of moving and the scheduling and details and corraling of people is just annoying.

Last night of course was the storm.  The stupid stinky trees went into bloom last week so this week they’ve been dropping all their crap onto our roof.  So yup, back gutters completely clogged as soon as the rain got heavy.  We had inches of water in the back room ( where I am right now ) and my bedroom which is now sitting with an inch or two of water soaked into the carpet.  Of course, it’s the only room in our house with any carpet.  though, probably not for long.
Couple of small branches down in the back yard.  We keep hoping for one really big one to hit back of the house preferably from the neighors trees that all overhang our back yard.  That way we can get that wall replaced and redo the roof so it’s no longer flat.
I’m home today.  Broke out with a headache at 10 last night, and spent a hecka long miserable night.  Just got out of bed about 20 minutes ago.  (sorry work people) I’ve got so much anti-histamine and ibuprofen in my system I can’t believe I’m not just lying on the floor.  The muddy muddy floor.
Kates been home all week since Charles is at his competition in KC.  So my beautiful daughter has been following me around.  She’s pretty out of it today to.  Our family just does not do well in this weather!  So she and Charles missed the big branch down at Charles’ house.  (My new xanga friend that was for you, to explain the odd family group you’ve joined.)  My daughter dates Charles. Charles’ mother had a branch come down in a driveway, whose father who just got beer for his birthday!  Most of the other people you see through my Xanga are actually my daughter and sons age, (18 to 21) and I know them through my kids..But Wait there is more!  A couple of them ended up working with me at my work so I also have that connection. And we’ve got a former teacher and his wife who occasionally find their way in.  Plus just a random assortment of others.  Everyone lives in this area too, so beware, once you start talking you’re liable to run into us.  We’re all very nice, we’re all very intelligent, we’ve all very creative, and we’re all very weird. Which is our common bond.
Back to bed for me now.  I’m loopy and I keep putting the wrong words in sentances.
Be Safe everyone, more storms today.

BTW – didn’t run spell check, not wearing my glasses, drugged up, katy talking over my shoulder..Good luck making sense of this entry.


Hmmm, not much interesting to talk about today.  At least not stuff that I want posted!

I had to protect a post from yesterday so if it looks like something disappeared, sorry, there just isn’t room for that many people on the list.
Scheduled the movers yesterday.  Only day there were available was Thursday.  Yup, two days from now.  So, anyone who has seen our offices knows that it’s not even close to ready. I’ll be doing a lot of packing over the next 48 hours.  And that’s all I care to say about that in a public forum!

Devin, you’ve been awfully quiet this week.  Are you okay?  Am I not being combatitive enough for you?  Shall I turn controversial?  Or are you just mad cause we took your girlfriend at night?  Are you wheeling around the office?  
Has anyone heard from Mr. & Mrs. O?  Just wondered if they got there okay.
Allright, long enough break.  Back to packing up the 1st office. (that’s not even mine.)

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