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It’s hot, I’m a wuss, I bought new coffee candy, I’m hungry, I bought weird squash,I want to go home now, except it’s hot and my car has been parked in the middle of the parking lot all day.  I had to stop and put gas in my car on the way to work.  I wonder if Sean or Katy turned the Air Conditioning on at home.  If I go home it’ll be hot, and then I won’t want to cook anything. But I really want to try my new squashes.sad. Maybe I’ll just eat hummus.  Bought roasted red pepper hummus at Monettes(yes it was very busy James) it’s good.  I wonder if that’s even remotely healthy to eat for a meal.  Why do I hate asking people for help so much?  It’s not that I worry that people will think I’m stupid, I dont’ really care.  I know I’m not stupid.  But for some reason I think I worry that they will laugh at me.  I just realized that I’m getting use to this laptop keyboard instead of my weird ergo one.  I think I may like it better.  Maybe I’ll take my ergo one home.

tom anderson

And the winner is…

We had fun at the races.
Here is a picture of my first ever winning horse pick


WooHoo!  Saturday morning!  Kates still sleeping and Corey and Sean are gone!  It’s just me the fish and the dogs.

Decided not to put my incident at work online (sorry kellie).  Just seems like a bad idea to put it in writing.
But, we’ll just say that now it’s pretty darn uncomfortable there.  Hey – You younguns -take my advice!  Keep your personal life out of your workplace!  It’s just gonna get you in trouble, and you’ll have someone like me coming at you all pissed off! I don’t get angry often, but I’m pretty good at it.

Going to take the Doggie to the vet at 11 and then I think I’ll hits Dots clearance rack and see if I can find a couple of summer skirts on clearance. Then tonight, Corey & I are going to go to the Horseraces!  We’ve never been.  I may try and convince Sean to come with us.  I’ll try to get a bathroom picture to add to my collection!

This whole phrase/word a day thing seems to be working. I’m remembering things from day today and starting to add in the grammatical rules.  Yes Devin, yesterdays phrase was  – Too Much Noise! I have a listing now of about 25 random phrases or words that I remember easily and as more time goes on it’s becoming easier to add more to my memory.  Since I’m just now starting to add phrases that I can actually use on a day to day basis hopefully soon I’ll be able to form complete sentances! 

~edit – back from the Vet.  Dog has to have surgery in a couple of weeks.  Made me start thinking.  So, we’re in the vets office me, the dog and Katy. and the vet is rattling off this list of things that they will be doing to the dog. And I’m thinking, good thing I have a credit card with high limit.  And then I thought, oh yeah that’s the difference between being an adult and being a kid.  At some point I might have to say, I cannot afford to pay college tuition, insurance, food & mortgage and pay for the dog.   Luckily right now, I”m in a position where I can.  But, it’s not always been that way.  And sometimes you have to make choices, even if they’re tough, backed into a corner kind of choices. 

Private or Protected?

Can anyone explain to me the difference between a private and a protected post?  I couldn’t find anything in the help file/forum.

I feel so out of touch.  It’s just been a weird couple of weeks.  Not sure why.  It’s like I’ve taken way to much cold medicine and everything is just fuzzy.  No real connection with people or situations. Not sure if I’m explaining it correctly.  It’s like I’m just going through the motions of my days and waiting for something to happen.  I wish I knew what it was I was waiting for!  That is a lot of W’s.  I’m so busy getting dragged along by other peoples events and situations I don’t have any of my own.
Lets see, work  – do other peoples stuff.  Go home, take katy shopping for a shirt.  Katy starts new job tonight.  tomorrow, wake up talk to Kay, find out how her night went, then back to work.  Do more of other peoples stuff.  Saturday, Sean has a thing in the morning, dog as a thing in the morning.  Do whatever Corey wants for the rest of the day.
I think that’s it.  I think I need to do something not for my kids, and not for work.  And I need a nap.  And I need lunch.  I’m hungry.  I miss painting.
~~little, itty bitty rant.   I’m really tired of all of the angst.  Not everything is an earth shattering cosmic event.  Everyone should just take a step back and get a realistic look at their lives.  Would you trade your current life for a random person of the same age?  Probably not, because chances are they have worse problems then you.  So take a minute to appreciate what you have and who you are.  And then go do something nice for someone else, you’ll feel so much better if you do, I promise.  All done~~

Okay, think I’ll go find some food.

For Kellie.




Happy Birthday Sean!

Well, officially not until 3 o’clock this afternoon.

Je t’amie,  et je suis aime….yew

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