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Just an observation….

If you are drinking Gin & Sierra Mist Free (which is by the way, the best diet pop ever but difficult to find for some reason in small bottles) I nice squeeze of fresh lime makes a world of difference.

Had a road trip today, will write about it tomorrow after I coffee instead of Gin.       

Hip Hip Hooray, It’s Weasel Stomping Day!

Last night I was sitting at green light in the left turn lane, and the car behind me honked.  I looked in my rear view mirror and saw a little old woman gesturing at me.  She wanted me to pull forward into the intersection.  I thought this was pretty interesting. I’ve never had anyone do that before. 
Since I could see 30 or 40 cars coming at me, (as she could as well) I knew that traffic would not break before the light turned red, and since this particular intersection has a left turn green arrow that cycles through it wasn’t a big concern.  So I just watched her in my mirror.  She was very busy doing many things in her car while occasionally looking up and gesturing more.  Eventually I gestured back (not that gesture) at her and she gave me the nasty look and stopped her gesturing.
So, it reminded me of this other little old lady a few years ago.  I was driving through a strip mall parking lot by my house and I am a cautious driver in parking lots.  I was going very slow, and I always watch out for people.  So I saw this little tiny woman, who had to be close to 80.  Little grandma type, so I slowed down even more in case she was going to walk in front of me. Well she didn’t, but as I got in front of her she loudly proclaimed, “Asshole”!  I didn’t know whether to laugh or get out of my car and yell at her. 
I opted for the laughter.  But, at the time I was driving a blazer with tinted windows, so I have to tell you that it was very brave of her to yell, because she couldn’t have seen me.
Same with the rude woman last night. She probably couldn’t see me very well, because  – well, to be honest, my head doesn’t clear the back of the car seat.  But she would have been able to see my much larger than me 20 year old son in the car.  Silly people.
When I get old (er) I have a whole set of things I’m going to do.  I’m thinking when I’m about 70 I’m just going to go ahead and say to hell with it and have my teenage rebellion.  But, I hope I never turn nasty.  I don’t think I’m nasty now.  I’m polite to strangers, I always try to smile at anyone who catches my eye.  And I try to be considerate. But I am definately going to stop being self-censored, and just let it out.  You know, when I’m 70. With harm to none.  That’s the only thing you really have to worry about.  Don’t break that rule, and you’re good to go!

Wow, how did I get off on that tangent?  Oh yeah, the old Bitch behind me last night!   Sorry.  Had to say it. 

Going to Ikea with my sister and nieces and such tomorrow.  Looking forward to that. Most people are probably like, yeah, so ?  But, it’s a two hour road trip for us!  I ordered chairs online from IKEA last week, but got an email the next day that they were out.  Made me sad.  We’ll see if they have anything else. 

That’s it for now.  But I’m pretty sure this is going to be a two entry day.

The Eye

As previously mentioned as nauseum I spend a lot of time on the  phone at work.  So I keep a sketch pad there.  For some reason my  last  doodle  tickles me. 
I’m working on Kellies eye next.

And finally…

26 hours later I’m typing from the new laptop.  Geesh….

Dinner tonight at the Chinese restaurant, finally!  Hopefully it’ll be my kids, and my sister and her kids and my daughters Charles.  And then off to a Tastefully Simple party. 

Wow, and that’s all I have to say.  I am out of words today.


Okay, I know it’s not technically a very good picture, because it ended up all blurry.  But I still like it.  The perspective makes the beagle look bigger than the other two.



Good Morning! 
I have a list of things we need to discuss.

New Laptop today!  Yay!  Stalking UPS’ website waiting for them to deliver.  It’s a work laptop, but sill, I love new stuff.

IM Names. So I have this weird compulsion.  I love to add people to my trillion that I don’t know.  So, If I talk to someone on Xanga, or LiveJournal I’ll see if I can figure out their AIM name and then add it to my trillion.  I just get a kick out of it, when I’m correct and I see them log in.  Well, that and I do love to read peoples away messages. 
It all started with mySpace actually.  I DO NOT use myspace, but one day I got bored and just started hunting down everyone I knew to see if they had myspace pages.  I was startled by how many really do.
So anyway, the other day, I accidentally clicked on someone who I  had added to my trillion and started typing in the window.  I thought I was typing to someone at work.  Now I caught myself before I hit enter and sent the message, but I’ve become paranoid now.   I may have to go through and delete all of those stranger names.  I would hate to send a message to someone by accident and totally freak them out!   
And now you all have been warned.  I read your away messages, and I like them.

Banana Phone.  I got in my car this morning and the CD popped on very loudly with the Banana Phone song.  That is an excellent way to start the day, except now it’s stuck firmly in a loop in my brain.

Pretentiousness and Television.  Since I’ve talked about Opera and about paintings, and about books.  I thought I would make sure you all understand that I’m not being pretentious and have no problem at all with admitting to you… I watch Television!  And not just PBS.
I am totally hooked on Reality Shows.  I love Survivor, and The Amazing Race, and Real World/Road Rules Challenge,  (But not Real World anymore)  and The Biggest Loser, Super Nanny, and Nanny 911. 

LOVE SciFi, so this season I’m trying Jericho (thanks to someone at work who supplied me with it, since I forgot to record it) and Heroes. Like both of them! Long term SciFi standards of course are Stargate & Stargate Atlantis.   
I have fallen in love with Charlie Sheen thanks to Two and a Half Men, because that is the funniest show ever.  The way they talk to each other reminds me of my sister and I. 
USA had me with Monk, and then sealed the deal with Dead Zone.  He’s just adorable.  Now if only they would make more than 4 new episodes a year.

There we go.  I’ve let it all out.  You know my dirty little secrets and I feel so much better.
Have a beautiful Blessed Day!™

~Oh, and for those of you who have noticed the ™, I’m not saying my writing is worth trademarking either, those are my initials.

For Allie

This is the link for the pictures I took at brunch today.

Click Here!

And for the rest of the world…Guess what we did last night.

Here is a hint.


And Good Night.

Good Morning!

Oops – One last thing

I didn’t use to be afraid of heights, but now I am.  I think I’m afraid of heights because when I stand at the edge, there is a little part of me that wants to see what happens if I jump.  I don’t think it’s a death wish, It’s just curiosity. A part of me is just positive that if I jump, I’l glide safely to the ground.

I’m sorry but it bothers me when people swear in their xanga, like this.  sh*t.  What is that?  I always thought that people who mask their swear words, were still swearing.  If you want to say Shit!  Say Shit! Don’t say oh…Shhhhhhhhugar.  People hear Shit anyway. They’re just words. Unless you’re a kid, then never mind!  Don’t swear you’ll get suspended!™

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