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Stop Here! Don’t look if you’re offended by Swearing!

What a shit ass day!  I’m so tired of lame ass people who have these supid ass lay down in the middle of the road and run me over attitudes.  If something needs to be done, get off your ass and take care of it.  If you feel like people are taking advantage of you, fight for what you think deserve.  If you think people have the wrong opinion of you, show them they’re wrong.  Dont’ just say fuck it, and do what they expect.  GAHH!  And do not under any circumstances come and whine at me about how you don’t get what you deserve, cause you know what?  You get exactly what you expect.  If you expect shit, you are getting shit.  Me?  I do what I need to do, I try to always be fair and honest, and do what I know is ethically right.  Gee, I wonder why people don’t screw me over?  Hmm, could it be Karma!  I don’t try to cheat people, I don’t lie, and I most certainly don’t ever under any circumstances SNEAK.  Sneakyness is the one trait that tells you everything you need to know about someone.

pppppppppppppppphhhhhhhhhhhhoooooooooooooooooooo – wow good  to breath again!  Thanks.  All better.  That’s all the venom I’ve been holding in for a week. 

Have a most excellent night everyone.





Should be asleep, but….

Drinking Gin & Sierra Mist Free while watching “The Grudge” OMG!  I”m starting to make sense of it!

I normally don’t do a real post on the weekends so yo all don’t get to hear about my exciting week of bosses until Monday.  But, in case I hadn’t bored everyone to death already I needed to post another picture from the webcam, but with an explanation this time.

The webcam hosting site I use (because it’s free & easy) has a feature that allows viewers to click on a postcard and send themselves a copy of whatever picture is currently on screen.  They have this feature because I along with only about a dozen other people are the only ones using this website for something besides porn.  So yes, I am very careful about clicking links because I see a whole bunch of very unattractive naked people doing strange things. There is a gallery where I can see any pictures that have been taken.  For obvious reasons I don’t get a whole lot of pictures taken by other people, but today I happened to check and someone took this one the other day.  I’m hapyp to see that there is at least one other person out there in the middle of the night, who likes cuteness!

Have a great Weekend! 


Who’s the geekiest?

Looking for  a way to make an email address send to an  instant messenger program.
Anyone know if there is a way?

For Dev0n. Though I guess you can look if you really want to.

Sorry for being too busy working to do a proper post!  Freak.

Logged into my webcam today and this is what I saw.  Yes, I do believe that is my favorite pair of SuperGirl! socks sitting there.  Damnit.


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