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Is it sad that the highlight of my day is the arrival  of a new bottled water dispenser  that also has Hot water?

We interrupt this Xanga for a special report…

“You know what, who cares about what other people think about the information you 
post in your xanga?  It’s your journal, if they don’t like what you put, then 
screw them!”
I must answer this comment left for me.  Because it also answers a question I asked months 
ago.  Why do people blog?  Or specifically, why does Tracy blog. 

So, let’s break it down.
“Who Cares about what other people think about the information you post”  
Hopefully whoever reads it, cares at least a little.  I am a solitary person.  
The people I am closest to I don’t confide in.  I try very hard not to bore them 
with my random minutia, and instead I listen to theirs. I spend my entire day, 
no, my life enjoying paying attention to what others think and say.  And it’s not 
a hardship on me, I enjoy it.  I love listening to you, and I love reading your 
assorted blogs.  Sometimes, because I know you and I care about you and your life 
and your concerns and feelings.  But sometimes, just because it’s good reading.  
I have a whole collection of Xangas & Live Journals that I read, that I don’t 
know the people at all. And some of them if I did, I probably wouldn’t like them, 
BUT.. they are fabulous writers.  Either graphic, or sentimental, or just good 
story tellers.  And I hope that’s why people read my Xanga.  Either because they 
know me, and care about me, or because I have my good days where it’s just plain 

“It’s your journal, if they don’t like what you put, then screw them!”
Are you kidding me?  After all this time, do you really think that is any part of 
my personality?  I would be shattered if I unintentionally hurt someone by 
something I said in my Xanga.  Now, it’s different if I knew and intentionally 
put something, but I try so hard to think of how my words affect people.  Because 
they do.  And yours do. 
Words on the internet are only second in power to 
actions in person.  I would no more trash someone I care about on my xanga then I 
would walk up to them and spit in there face in person.  It’s like the commercial 
they’re running right now locally about child abuse.  Words Hurt, and they can’t 
be taken back.  Once you put it out there, you can remove the entry but the 
shadow will stay.  How can you risk a lifetime of Karma, to just blow off a 
little steam?  Do I get angry with people that I know?  Oh my goodness yes! 
Will you ever see it on my Xanga?  Probably not. 
If I need to get it out that bad, I’ll go talk to Katy, or my sister, or ~Gasp~ the person I’m angry with.
I would rather as often as possible that my words were powerful in a positive 

And that was the Tracy speech for today…We now return to our regular programming in progress.

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