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When I read a Stephen King book, I always picture at least one of the characters looking like Ed Harris.  And usually at least one looks like Amy Madigan, so it’s nice they can be together in my head.

No, I wasn’t on some sort of fasting thing.  I like to try different herbal teas to see what, if any effect they have. This one just had some very unexpected effects.
Tried a Nathans Hotdog last night for the first time.  They do have a very different taste.

Loving my new desk positioning at work.  I’m not in direct eye contact anymore with everyone in the place.
We have a couple of people from our Corporate office coming out tomorrow and Friday.  It’s our CEO & VP of Finance.  So tomorrow I have to wear like real adult clothes and pretend like I’m a grown up for a day.

I use to talk to my sister on the phone.  It was nice.  Especially since I so rarely see her.  She lives ever so far away. (10 minutes, 20 in heavy traffic)

Have you seen this?  SanDisk Cruzer® Micro USB Flash Drive – Wow, is that cool. I was thinking I wanted one, and then I realized I really don’t have any use for it.

I feel fat and ugly today.  I wonder why some days it’s like that?  Maybe it’s just to keep us humble?

Went to grab my yogurt for breakfast this morning, and it was gone.  Damn healthy kids.
Last week my son gave me a couple of Blue Razz Charms BlowPops for my nieces.  I forgot to give them to them, so I’m having one of those for breakfast instead.  (Sorry Allie)

Enough rambling?  Yes…for the moment.
Random Murray PuppyCam image.

I wonder how blue my tongue and lips are by now.


My ring finger is longer than my index finger.

Hello, my name is Tracy, and I am an idiot.

So, I bought this tea.  One of the Yogi teas, and had a nice strong cup of it at 8:00 pm last night with my late dinner.  It had a nice flavor, all was good.  It’s a nice natural blend.  Lots of herbs & spices and such. 
Went to bed a little bit late.  And then BAM! 3:00 am, I am so freakin awake! And that’s how I stayed until after 5.  Suck.
Read the ingredients on the box this afternoon and it doesn’t have any that stand out, like Caffeine or Ginsing, but DOH – it does say it is supposed to help increase your metabolism.  So from now on maybe we’ll only try that particular tea in the morning. 
Though that may interfere with my soup breakfast.  It seems to have a wicked appetitie supressing power.

I did however get all of the furniture including my desk, the copy machine the shredder and the wall moved at work this morning before I completely ran out of steam.  One of the guys said “Damn Tracy, you’re so Butch”. Ahhhh. good times.
~Wait! I forgot something.
Here is a picture of what I did yesterday afternoon while on the phone.  Paper Heliocopter. The picture on the screen that you can barely see is one my sister took this weekend at Niagara Falls.


Cause there are never enough pictures of my doggies.

~Edit – Okay – I record Heroes and watch it at 10 – so , I just finished.  What an Excellent show!  At one point, I just started clapping.  I’m such a weenie.  And apparently I’m a little dense – I just got Hiro – hero..DOH!


For some reason I have so much to say today, but I’m afraid it will turn into a long long rambling essay, so I will edit.

Turned normal today and had yogurt for breakfast, so now I’m having my campbells select Mexican Style chicken tortilla soup for lunch.  It doesn’t taste as good for lunch.

Here was my weekend:  Friday, went out for dinner with my husband.  Had tilapia with lump crab.  I was disappointed with the tilapia.  It had no flavor.  However, the crab was quite nummy.  Stopped at Borders afterwards and picked up two books.  I very rarely buy new books.  I usually go to the used book store and stock up.  I picked up “The Trouble with Witches” by Shirley Damsgaard and “Death’s Dominion” by Simon Clark.  I read the Damsgaard book Saturday, and I’m sorry to say I was quite disappointed.  It’s a nice light & fluffy book, which I normally like every once in awhile.  I read very quickly so light books are good sometimes.  But, I didn’t think it was particularly well written.  I could have put it down three quarters of the way through and not been sad if it got eaten by the dog.  Something about the character development was not right.  I’m not the writer so I can’t tell you what it was, just that I didn’t enjoy it.

Read the first chapter of the Clark book this morning and am quite excited to get a chance to get back in.

Went out to dinner with my husband, my son and my two nieces on Saturday.  I did enjoy that!  Now that my kids are old, I enjoy spending time with my nieces (6 & 13) even more.

Sunday, went to Walmart ( yup Louise, me too!) had an interesting observation there that caused me to wonder about old wives tales about the size of hands & feet compared to other things.  Which I cannot put down in this xanga because of aforementioned youngster who wanders in to my Xanga, but which I did relate to an ex-co-worker via Trillian who needed a laugh this morning.  And he always appreciates good size stories.

Found out this morning that here at work we have all been pronouncing someones name wrong for months.  So now I’m attempting to relearn.  It’s not  Ay-dre-on-a.  It’s Add-re-on-a.

My sister is back from her weekend in Niagara falls (canadian side) and sent me the link for her pictures.  So I have one of those now on my previously emply laptop screen background. 

Okay!  Stopping Now!  So much more chitty-chatty that I could prattle on about, but I won’t.  Feeeling all warm and happy today. ~~oh, that may be the soup.



To Be or Not To Be..

Actually the correct question would be:   To Do, or Not to Do….
As I ponder the world around me this week,  I’m struck by the varying types of personalities.  So, todays ponderance, as opposed to preponderance, is about the “Drama Queen”.

We’ve all known one, and maybe one or two of you out there are brave and honest enough to actually put yourself in that category.  That person who ALWAYS has something going on.  Who NEVER has things go the right way. Who EVERYONE hates.   Who NOBODY will ever help. 

They’re the person who is all about the absolutes of life. Things are Always or Never. Emotions are either Love or Hate.

So what do you do?  Do you feed into their drama and give them the attention they so desperately are trying to get from you.  Or do you stubbornly say no.  I’m afraid for me, it’s the quickest way to make me stop talking to you.  I just don’t have the patience for it.  But then again, I’m not known for my skill at being a friend. 
Is that what I’m doing wrong? For people who are craving attention and so obviously trying to get it, would a person nicer than me, give you the attention? 

Would that make me a hyprocrite if I do?  Does it make me a cruel person because I can’t?

Todays Breakfast, Single Serving Hamburger Helper Cheeseburger Macaroni and black Cherry yogurt.  I forgot to bring my chicken soup.
    ~edit – Happy Birthday Viggo Mortensen & Tom Petty!

Soups On!

Most mornings I eat Campbells Chunky soup for breakfast at work.  The kind that comes in the little red microwave containers.  I have a couple of kinds that I like and they all seem to have one thing in common.  They have chicken in them.  This is only odd if you realize that I can’t stand the chicken that you find in most pre-prepared foods.  So every morning, (much to the amusement of some co-workers) I fish out all of the little pieces of chicken that I can. After a few weeks of this there are a few things that I can now tell you.

1. Pink chicken is unappetizing.

2. In cream soups it is very difficult to tell the carrots from the chicken except by texture.

3. There is usually a very similar amount of chicken in each container.

It’s this third one that disturbs me the most.  I’ve never worked in a soup canning factory, but I guess I had an image in my head of a big old pot of soup cooking all day, and then being poured into cans and nicely sealed up until I opened it.  But what are the odds of each can having the same amount of chicken in it then?  I think pretty darn slim.  So, I conclude by this that they must cook it (please tell me they cook it) seperately and then mix it together in the can.  Which, 1 – is not appealing, and 2 – means if they wanted to they could give me chicken & dumplings without the chicken.   But they won’t.

Oh how pathetic my life has become that I spend time thinking about my soup canning process.

I’ll probably do another enty later, I just needed some release on my soup issues.â„¢


EDIT~  We had a power outage, and my camera at home is out.  Puppy withdrawal.  Maybe I’ll work on things tonight and get it in a better spot.

There’s no Place Like Home, there’s no place like home…

I have a webcam that I keep running most of the time.  It  shows my dogs couch.  When I’m at work (as I am now) I pop it open every once in  awhile  because there is always at least one dog sleeping there during the day.  This is the  shot I just opened up on.  Notice the head wedged underneath  the metal & wood arm, and the leg sticking up in the air..  I don’t know why she likes to sleep that way.   That’s Polly.  And the fat little butt to the right of the picture is Jesse the beagle.  Sorry for the bad quality.  The light is directly behind her which really screws with the camera.

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