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Does a Vitamin & a Fishoil capsule count as breakfast?

So, had a bout of sleeplessness for a couple of days there.  UHG.  I can not function without enough sleep.  It makes me stupid. (er?)

Finally got some sleep last night.  Now I have a sleep hangover.  That feeling that you just can’t get started on the day. 
Realized yesterday that I have to use 52 hours of vacation by 12/31/2006.  That’s gonna be tricky.  I’m going to end up taking lots and lots of half days!  13 to be precise.  I think I’ll try my first half one tomorrow.

Rain Rain, go away….

It took me about 45 minutes to type this tiny little entry so I’m thinking, perhaps the timing is not quite right! 

For My husband

Who said, and I quote, “Jewel wrote a whole book of poetry for Ty” 

My first poem of the evening, as recorded by aforementioned spouse:

“Oh, well there is only half a glass

It won’t kick my ass.”


Taking Control!

I just unsubscribed from another Xanga.  I have the power!

Revenge of Chuckie AKA what I did today.

If only you had known you were prophetic my buddy.


Separated at birth?

So I was sitting across the table from my daughter at lunch today and noticed something odd. 

g and K

New discovery.

Vanilla Half & Half & Teahouse Chai – Original Indian spice.



Madonnas Ass

Why oh why is it that every time I flipped channels there was a shot of Madonnas Ass on television?  Hmmm?  Especiallaly when one considers that she always has full editorial control.  Someone is a bit narcissistic, aren’t they?

Went to dinner with my sister and clan and my clan and all was fun.  Tried CiCi’s pizza restaurant.  Loud, but well worth the $4.99 per.  Didn’t try the Mac & Cheese Pizza.  I love my nieces.  I must speak gently because one of them reads this occasionally.  But, they are 7 and 13 and just so funny.  It amazes me that I can love two people that I don’t live wth as much as I love them.  Must be a chemical thing.

Sometimes my entries really seem like free associattion don’t they?  I actually do that frequently.  I find it a good way to clean out my brain.  Type a sentence and then just keep typing whatever comes to mind.  I usually edit before I save it, but I find it excellent to kind of dig down and find out what’s buried. 

And please, if there are any typos excuse them, I’m sitting a good 24 inches from the monitor and just hoping.

Night all!  Oh!  Because of my derrierre comment I have forgone random song lyrics as the title, so please lets close with a tough one, But, one that I must tell you if heard by the original artist my children would recognize because they are exceptionally well educated in good music.

Gee, It’s great after staying out late……………..



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