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Does a Vitamin & a Fishoil capsule count as breakfast?

So, had a bout of sleeplessness for a couple of days there.  UHG.  I can not function without enough sleep.  It makes me stupid. (er?)

Finally got some sleep last night.  Now I have a sleep hangover.  That feeling that you just can’t get started on the day. 
Realized yesterday that I have to use 52 hours of vacation by 12/31/2006.  That’s gonna be tricky.  I’m going to end up taking lots and lots of half days!  13 to be precise.  I think I’ll try my first half one tomorrow.

Rain Rain, go away….

It took me about 45 minutes to type this tiny little entry so I’m thinking, perhaps the timing is not quite right! 

For My husband

Who said, and I quote, “Jewel wrote a whole book of poetry for Ty” 

My first poem of the evening, as recorded by aforementioned spouse:

“Oh, well there is only half a glass

It won’t kick my ass.”


Taking Control!

I just unsubscribed from another Xanga.  I have the power!

Revenge of Chuckie AKA what I did today.

If only you had known you were prophetic my buddy.


Separated at birth?

So I was sitting across the table from my daughter at lunch today and noticed something odd. 

g and K

New discovery.

Vanilla Half & Half & Teahouse Chai – Original Indian spice.



Madonnas Ass

Why oh why is it that every time I flipped channels there was a shot of Madonnas Ass on television?  Hmmm?  Especiallaly when one considers that she always has full editorial control.  Someone is a bit narcissistic, aren’t they?

Went to dinner with my sister and clan and my clan and all was fun.  Tried CiCi’s pizza restaurant.  Loud, but well worth the $4.99 per.  Didn’t try the Mac & Cheese Pizza.  I love my nieces.  I must speak gently because one of them reads this occasionally.  But, they are 7 and 13 and just so funny.  It amazes me that I can love two people that I don’t live wth as much as I love them.  Must be a chemical thing.

Sometimes my entries really seem like free associattion don’t they?  I actually do that frequently.  I find it a good way to clean out my brain.  Type a sentence and then just keep typing whatever comes to mind.  I usually edit before I save it, but I find it excellent to kind of dig down and find out what’s buried. 

And please, if there are any typos excuse them, I’m sitting a good 24 inches from the monitor and just hoping.

Night all!  Oh!  Because of my derrierre comment I have forgone random song lyrics as the title, so please lets close with a tough one, But, one that I must tell you if heard by the original artist my children would recognize because they are exceptionally well educated in good music.

Gee, It’s great after staying out late……………..



..Drop me a line, stating point of view..

Busy busy busy…..
Went to the eye doctor yesterday and now have proof that I am getting old and falling apart. I’ve always had bad eyes and bifocals since I was 10, about five years ago switched to tri-focals.  Went in yesterday and my vision had gotten so bad that they kept retesting me thinking something was wrong with the tests.  I dont’ get it.  They didn’t either.  My vision with my glasses was 20/80 & 20/30.  So, obviously new perscription.  The best they can get me up to is 20/50 & 20/20. That’s why they did all the tests.  One eye just won’t focus.  Stupid lazy eye!  He also said my eyes look bad.  I have cysts.  He thinks it’s all allergies and gave me some perscription eye drops.  Who knew.
My new glasses will have some freaky lenses since they can’t do anything more with the current lenses. (progessives)  But the new ones cost a fortune and take six weeks or so to make.  I’m glad I only get new glasses every couple of years.

I’m hoping this will help with reading.  I’m having so much trouble getting in to books.  I assume it is because my brain is so busy focusing on trying to read the words, that I’m missing the context.  I miss reading.

Got woken up at 2:30 am for the 2nd day in a row and couldn’t go back to sleep.  Someone at my house will be hearing more about that particular subject.

Supposed to be meeting my sister and clan for dinner tonight at CiCi’s Pizza but haven’t spoken to my children to clear it with them.

So, to summarize.  I’m blind, sleepy, and lonely.  Pathetic!

Oh! Wait! One more thing.  At the doctors office the technician, Brandy and I got off on a tear and were laughing for about 45 mintues.  And then she was trying to explain to me the way that smoking damages your eyes, but what she said was, Sex is bad for your eyes.  The look on her face was wonderful.
I’ll probably be back, but for now, done with my yogurt so back to work.

Pants, Fingers, Nuts and a blow dryer!

I believe nuts in the shell are the perfect food if you are trying to lose weight.  Not only are they healthy, but it takes so much effort to get them out of the shell that you do no eat very many.  And as an added bonus you always end up eating some of the shell so you get fiber too!  I think I”ll go to Meiers today and get more pecans & walnuts & almonds.  No more hazelnuts or brazil nuts.

I have a pair of jeans that right now fit me PERFECTLY.  I love my pants.  Which means I’ll either bleach them or rip them or gain weight.

Last week I was blow drying my fairly long, very thin & fine hair and I got an idea for a story (I get great ideas, it’s a shame I cannot write) and after about 20 minutes I realized I had been standing there pointing my blow dryer at high heat onto my fine dry hair while I composed this story.  My hair is toast.

I really want to paint without using my brushes just using my hands and fingers.  But I really don’t want my hands that stained so I haven’t.  How lame is that?

Everyone over the age of 40 should go read this persons blog today, because it is very funny.  No one under the age of 40 because you haven’t lived long enough to be allowed to laugh at those of us who have.

Done !


My name is Michael, I’ve got a …

Okay, my name isn’t Michael and I don’t have a darn thing.

I’m having a frustrating day here at work. I keep getting on a role and getting things done, and then BAM hit a brick wall and have to wait for someone else to finish something before I can go on. I tend to run at full speed when I’m working. Once I know what I need, or what I need to do I like to just do it and be done. ~sigh.

I had a frustrating night at home last night too. I was watching Jericho and my husband sat down and proceeded to make fun of it. I hate it when he does that shit. We’re such an odd couple. I’m a very positive person, I enjoy things. Just in general, I always enjoy things that are around me. Smells, sights, people, things. My husband enjoys being negative and insulting things. Most of the time he doesn’t really mean anything bad, it’s just what he enjoys doing. Criticizing and making fun of things. It can be tiring. Especially if he’s mad about something else because he’ll never say it, he’ll just get more negative and more negative until something gives. It exhausts me.

I was reading a Xanga on a pretty regular basis, and occasionally commenting on it. The xangaette would then comment on my comment. But it was always mildly critical or chastising. I always got the feeling that somehow they were “better” than me? Drove me nuts. Then just recently it dawned on me, that I could simply unsubscribe. I know that sounds silly, but it’s like once I made the commitment to subscribe and read, I couldn’t stop. And then I did. How liberating!

I enjoy reading Xangas that I can identify with. Not people who are necessarily similar to me, but who have something in their lives or personalities that I can say, Oh, me too!

I stumbled across one last night that the person was talking about childcare and that she and her husband worked opposite shifts so that they didn’t have to use childcare. I really empathize with that. It’s tough. We did that for years when the kids were little. I don’t know how people afford child care full time. Oh, I just realized I wrote when the kids were little. You know as opposed to getting them child care now….while they’re in college. LOL.

Oh well, on I go, hopefully to a good and productive afternoon.

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