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Well, didn’t get my chairs.  Truely nothing fits in the back of a Kia.  I was so annoyed I almost ordered them and had them shipped.  Would have cost me an extra $80.00 so that seemed kinda stupid for a couple of $100.00 chairs.  And they’re almost out of the color I want.  It must not be destined.

Bought some beautiful glasses at the glass outlet store.  Not a set mind you.  Two of four different kinds.  Including a couple of martini glasses.  Then went promptly to the liquor sotre.  My husband will be making me Appletinis tonight.   I also bought a candle at the Health food store, and the scent was labeled as Nag Champa.  I had never heard of it before.  Love the smell.

Louise, I tried all of your recipe first.  Pretty darn good.  I think that’s the closest so far to what I was looking for.  I’m trying to find soup like my grandma used to make.  Next time I will try yours again but with more potato, less flour.

My husband is wandering around behind me discussing the rapture, the anti-Christ and the Left Behind Movies.   Since I got sick last night, he stayed up late and watched one.  It’s going to be a long night.

Good Night everyone.

Soup, Poison, Chairs and Fog.

Good Morning Everyone.  It’s a beautiful morning. (ooooo. Sidetracked – a commercial for the next episode of Hereos just came on)  Anywho….It’s reasonably warm out, and there is a nice thick fog just starting to break up.  I love the way the world looks through fog. 

Someone in Xanga land a few months ago is the cause of my one and only plan for today.  Going to buy two chairs.  We saw them at BigLots last night while on a search for a teapot.  They are listed as rocker/recliner/gliders and they are on metal frames.  Which in our house is very very important.  The xanga -ian who mentioned them a couple of months ago said they were very comfortable and so we tried, and they are.  I wish I could remember who it was that was talking about the chairs.  Corey is worried about the boxes fitting in a car.  This is the only problem with having two Kias.  Nothing fits in them.  Of course if I had traded in the Rio for the sportage a couple of weeks ago as I was talking about we would be all set.

Anyone like Potato soup?  I’m playing with potato soup recipes this week to find a perfect mix.  I keep ending up with grainy texture but I think that might actually have moe to do with the potato than the recipe.  I think I probably need a specific type of potato – maybe russet?

Last night I did something I never do.  I made myself sick.  I had a headache all day yesterday and I think I mixed too many medicines.  I had allergy Eyedrops, allergy nasal spray, allergy pills and then I added in melatonin and Comfort Forte, and a big glass of wine (not all at once but over a few hours) and I went from feeling very headachey to BAM very very sick and then double BAM asleep. I did however sleep well.  Except for the brief moments when someone kept microwaving something and waking me up.

Off to enjoy my day.  Do the same.

~EDIT – Oops.  Forgot.  Also had Tylenol in my caustic mix, and I do have one other plan.  Going to the Libby Glass Outlet Store to pick up some new glasses.




That was so cute!  I really did have a customer call and say they were thirty miles away so I had to scramble and leave my entry unfinished.  And I’m so glad I did.  What great responses I got!  So while you all were writing me such wonderful comments I was meeting with a customer and then having lunch at the new Irish Pub downtown.  I thought it was excellent for those of you in Toledo.  Nice little upscale bar.  Good food, not to expensive.  And it was nice sitting with someone that I usually only speak to on the phone for a few hours.

My whole point to the previous entry was about needless worrying.  I think sometimes it’s generational.  I think people in my age range are brought up (especially women) to worry about everything, and to take the blame for everything that goes wrong.  And for some of us it eventually backfires.  I worry so much, that every once in awhile I go the complete other direction and I just don’t care about anything.  It’s strange, because I’m a pretty positive person, but I also am able to worry alot.  It’s an interesting balance.  I think it’s the fall out from women who hit their teenage years in the 50’s.  By the time they had kids, they were so conflicted.  Were they all about hippy-ness and freelove, or were they supposed to be June Cleaver.

Now I’m just rambling, so off I go.  I hope you all keep on talking to me, for years and years. 

Worries to get rid of..

Today I have been thinking about worrying.

I worry that someone will damage this Mercedes that is parked outside of my office window (much more interesting sentance if I said, parking inside of my office window) and that someone will be angry that I didn’t notice it was damaged.  Isn’t that stupid?

I worry that someday I’m going to come in to work and the doors will be locked.  I don’t mean like, oops, forgot my key kind of locked.

I worry that my husband will never understand the joys of family and friendship.  Though strangely his bond with his dog gives me hope.

I worry that someday I’ll wake up and say, oh…it’s too late.  Just in general.  Too late to start a new hobby, to late to start a new life, to late to do what I really want, to late to make a friend.

I worry that my family will never experience true peace and happiness.

I worry that I’m just going to keep blowing up like a puffer fish until I’m round.

I worry that someday I’m going to get annoyed with this plant that I’ve been cultivating for two years and break it in two.

I worry that one of my customers is going to call and say, I’m about 30 miles away from your building!  Dang – GOTTA GO!


Simply Amazing!

It amazes me how much I can like people that I’ve never met in person.  This whole technology thing is pretty nifty.

Had a nice Christmas.  Funniest thing was at my sisters house.  We both work tan cordorouy pants with white sweaters.  Then I realized we had both wrapped presents in identical wrapping paper.  They we kept saying the same things at the same time. I think there was a fourth thing, but now I can’t remember it!

My sister gave me the funniest little thing.  It’s a prism with a solar powered motor.  So when the sun strikes it, it also (in theory) strikes the solar panel and turns the prism.  Of course, we have no sun.  I have a front window with, I think 8 prisms in it.  My webcam is now focused on the window, just in case the sun came out this morning while I was at work.  It didn’t.

Does anyone have a jewelry cleaner that works?  Is it sonic?  or steam?  Love to hear any opinions.  I’m going to go shop for one online in a few moments.

And just in case “you” are reading this, quick instructions for flying in your dreams:

Never fly in the sky.  Start in a room.  And don’t push off like superman.  Just lift your heels like you are a ballerina going upon your toes, and as you lift, just keep going and slowly lift off the ground a few inches.  This way you’ll never fall. Once you get the hang of just floating a few inches off of the ground, then you can start getting fancy.™

Yule Log

This morning I’m watching the Yule Log.  Why did no one point this out to me berore?  It’s a HighDef Channel that shows a roaring fire and plays Christmas music.  Beautiful!  I’ve tried to stop in at all of the Xangas that have given me a gift over the last year.  I hope I didn’t miss any.

Have a wonderful Holiday.


Memories……… all alone in the Moonlight….

Did you see my new header?  I have shamelessly plagerized it from a lovely womans Xanga.  She always write words that touch me and I thought this particular sentance was so right on the mark.  Of course if you are seeing this from a subscription window, you’ll have no idea what I’m talking about.

Last night, I slept again,

And I dreamed:

  • About spending time with my mother shopping (she’s been gone for a few years)

  • Spending time with an old best friend who stopped speaking to me years ago.

  • Butterflies

  • Being able to levitate and fly.

And that’s a pretty good way to end one day and start the next.  I hope you all enjoy your day.

Two Nights in a row!

I really wish I had something racy to say after that title, but even better is that  I slept for a full 7 hours, two nights in a row!  WooHoo!  Didn’t even wake up once.  Don’t know why, don’t care.  Just happy to sleep.

I spent four hours with my niece tonight.  The first two grocery shopping then chopping up veggies for soup (thanks for the help Allie) and the 2nd two teaching her how to play cards.  I love to play games, but rarely get to play with a real person.

I made a huge pot of soup, and as normal caught my husband eating a bowl of it, BEFORE it was done. 🙂

Speaking of husbands, mine found me a magnet at target that is Glinda the good witch.  It looks just like my icon.  I think I’ll have my son take a picture of it so I can redo my icon.  Then the magnet is going to work with me.  My office door is metal.

Have a good night! 



And now the freakin pills have stopped working..

I am SO SICK of MYSELF! blah, blah, blah, I’m not getting any sleep, blah, blah, blah, the whole world is mean to me, blah, blah, blah, it doesn’t feel like Christmas.  Are you as sick of me as I am?

So, today is is.  This is the last chance.  I’ve changed over to the gargoyle and we’re just gonna get all the crap out our system.  Ready?  (if not, feel free to skip the next paragraph)  Oh!  And may or may not be appropriate for minors, not sure yet!

I am so sick of not sleeping!  Last night I ended up falling asleep at 10.  I took two pills with a large glass of Zinfandel.  Still woke up at 2.  At 2:30 gave up, took more pills, fell back asleep at about 3:30, woke up at 4 after having a nightmare about Demons keeping me from sleeping.  Then proceeded to have additional nightmares every 15 mintues or so.  Bombings, pararlysis, etc.  ( and while I’m writing this, someone totally unexpected just brought me a Christmas present! – Not Fair!)   I’m tired of feeling negative all the time lately, and I’m tired of worry about everything and everyone.  What the heck is the matter with me?  And my nose is so stuffy that I want to scream, and I feel all drugged because I ended up taking so much of the sleep stuff last night, AND I HAVE CRAMPS!

And now….

I have more than I will ever need.

I have more food than I will ever need, I have more love to give than I will ever need, I have more clothes than I will ever need, I have more happiness than I will ever need, I have more cuddles with my puppies than I will ever need, I have more books that I love to read than I will ever need, I have more time to play computer games than I will ever need, I have more useless crap that I’ve bought on a whim than I will ever need.  I have more intelectually challenging problems at work than I will ever need.  I have more interesting Xangas to read than I will ever need.

I am blessed.  I love, and I am loved.  There is really nothing else you need. 

Tomorrow we better go back to Glinda!



And !

Someone left the comment on my PuppyWebCam
That we believe translates to;
“Wave Pretty Piggies” in badly spelled Portuguese!  What the heck? 

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