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Well, didn’t get my chairs.  Truely nothing fits in the back of a Kia.  I was so annoyed I almost ordered them and had them shipped.  Would have cost me an extra $80.00 so that seemed kinda stupid for a couple of $100.00 chairs.  And they’re almost out of the color I want.  It must not be destined.

Bought some beautiful glasses at the glass outlet store.  Not a set mind you.  Two of four different kinds.  Including a couple of martini glasses.  Then went promptly to the liquor sotre.  My husband will be making me Appletinis tonight.   I also bought a candle at the Health food store, and the scent was labeled as Nag Champa.  I had never heard of it before.  Love the smell.

Louise, I tried all of your recipe first.  Pretty darn good.  I think that’s the closest so far to what I was looking for.  I’m trying to find soup like my grandma used to make.  Next time I will try yours again but with more potato, less flour.

My husband is wandering around behind me discussing the rapture, the anti-Christ and the Left Behind Movies.   Since I got sick last night, he stayed up late and watched one.  It’s going to be a long night.

Good Night everyone.

Soup, Poison, Chairs and Fog.

Good Morning Everyone.  It’s a beautiful morning. (ooooo. Sidetracked – a commercial for the next episode of Hereos just came on)  Anywho….It’s reasonably warm out, and there is a nice thick fog just starting to break up.  I love the way the world looks through fog. 

Someone in Xanga land a few months ago is the cause of my one and only plan for today.  Going to buy two chairs.  We saw them at BigLots last night while on a search for a teapot.  They are listed as rocker/recliner/gliders and they are on metal frames.  Which in our house is very very important.  The xanga -ian who mentioned them a couple of months ago said they were very comfortable and so we tried, and they are.  I wish I could remember who it was that was talking about the chairs.  Corey is worried about the boxes fitting in a car.  This is the only problem with having two Kias.  Nothing fits in them.  Of course if I had traded in the Rio for the sportage a couple of weeks ago as I was talking about we would be all set.

Anyone like Potato soup?  I’m playing with potato soup recipes this week to find a perfect mix.  I keep ending up with grainy texture but I think that might actually have moe to do with the potato than the recipe.  I think I probably need a specific type of potato – maybe russet?

Last night I did something I never do.  I made myself sick.  I had a headache all day yesterday and I think I mixed too many medicines.  I had allergy Eyedrops, allergy nasal spray, allergy pills and then I added in melatonin and Comfort Forte, and a big glass of wine (not all at once but over a few hours) and I went from feeling very headachey to BAM very very sick and then double BAM asleep. I did however sleep well.  Except for the brief moments when someone kept microwaving something and waking me up.

Off to enjoy my day.  Do the same.

~EDIT – Oops.  Forgot.  Also had Tylenol in my caustic mix, and I do have one other plan.  Going to the Libby Glass Outlet Store to pick up some new glasses.



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