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Nighttime (or why I should turn off my computer at 6pm)

Someday I will wake up and be empty.  There is not an endless supply. I’m afraid I’m almost used up.  What then?  If there is nothing left of me what happens?  What do I become?  Am I still me?  Am I anyone? 

An ode to my daughter….

 Sex is natural
and necessary for the human race
however that was just a song lyric
so wipe the shock off of your face.

However since you choose to comment
please also keep in mind
it’s my blog to write about me
and you never know what you’ll find

I don’t mean to make you nervous,
or panic you on this day
but your car drove itself home
and is now in the drive way.

I left you wads of money
Hidden in an oh so safe place
For college books of course
get a receipt for me to keep in case.

Don’t forget to tell your Dad thank you,
for the plumbing work he did.
it was nasty and gross
and he even put down the lid.

Now you empty the dishwasher
it’s definitely your turn
then off you go to college
to socialize and learn

Drive safely to your destination
in your apparently haunted car
It’s kind of icy outside
So no Stopping at the bar.

I love you my sweet
you’re a joy in my life
so take care of your stuff
and don’t cause me any strife.

Sex is natural….

and I have nothing to follow that up with.


Woke Up early. Went to the Museum. Wonderful Lawrence exhibit. Came home. Went shopping with my son. No pictures. Came home. Went to fruit & veggie store. Came Home. Went to dinner with my sister & my husband and the master woodworking man Doug! Came home, put tea on beautiful new shelf. Done.


What you all have been waiting for!  AFTER……


Here was the before.


Head on down the road, somewhere, I gotta go.

Plans! Well I did the bad thing, and I actually have plans. Nothing big, nothing exciting. But I’ve learned that I should not ever plan things for my weekend. It’s the sure fire way to not get them done. I’ll have to try and remember to come back here and see what I actually did instead.

  • Tonight – Dinner at Claddaghs. I’ll invite both of my kids, but probably neither one will come.

  • Saturday – Art Museum in the morning. Then off to Monettes (produce store) then home to make a big pot of cabbage soup for my husband.

  • Sunday – Lunch with my son, and my daughter. Maybe my husband.

It wasn’t until I saw this written that I’ve scheduled food. It’s so strange. Food has become such a large part of my life.

I feel good today. Just all full of joy and happiness. I love that feeling. I want to stretch my arms out really wide and just spin and laugh and dance. When I’m happy I sing. Just all the time sing. I’ll be in the middle of a conversation and just belt out the line of a song. Thankfully my husband and children seem to have gotten use to it, and I don’t think they even react anymore. I have to work to control myself at work. A couple of times in our old building, my little IM icon would flash and someone would a quote a line from a song I was just singing. Oops.

Have a good time at lunch yesterday with Joanna. She just got back from a trip to Hawaii so she told me all her exploits. She tells great stories. She’s very animated when she speaks. Since I’m not always a really big talker it’s fun to spend time with her.

All for now, back to work…Well, not really. I’ve been very productive this week and this morning so I think I’m going to eat my lunch, or in this case drink my lunch while reading.

Talking to myself and feeling old, sometimes I’d like to quit. Nothing ever seems…

I read a comment on my screen this morning that gave me a total sense of Déjà vu. Freaked me the heck out. I’m all unsettled now.

Let’s talk about stalking. Do you all get paranoid that people think your some online loony? (sorry, no offence meant to those of you that are online loonies) I keep my xanga dash opened on a tab when I’m at work, so when someone whom I’ve subscribed to updates, I know right away. So if I’m on the phone listening to people ramble I’ll read the xanga right away. Here’s the problem. I can’t comment. I have to wait like an hour and then remember to go back and enter my comment. The reason I can’t comment is I’m worried that people will think I’m just sitting there waiting all day for them to update to I can intrude. GAH! When did I turn into such an idiot?

Meeting an old co-worker for lunch today. We meet once ever two months or so. That’ll be fun. This time we’re meeting at a restaurant close to my house so I’ll probably swing by home just because I can. That’ll scare the little bums that will still be lazing around. Unless of course they read this…..

Found a fun diet / exercise tracking website.  Once you create an account you fill in all the food you eat, and all the exercise you get and it tracks things for you. Handy. And, the listing of exercises is quite amusing! Sometimes I wish my blog were a little less G rated so I could get really bawdy here.

I think I need someone new to talk to online during the day. My sister use to talk to me, but now she works all day. Bah. My daughter use to talk to me, but now she sleeps all day. Bah. I can’t really talk to the people I work with anymore because I’m their boss and it’s too hard to be that careful during IM’ing. So double BAH! Anyone want to volunteer? Just someone I can send bad jokes to occasionally, or say – HEY – I just talked to the meanest person! Or hey the ugliest man just walked by! I guess I just need someone to trash talk with. But since I’m working, I tend to send a sentence, then walk away and come back in five minutes and read the response. So, it’s not like a real conversation. See this subject keeps coming up in my Xanga so I must be lonely and it’s just starting to pop out. Maybe a bulletin board would be a good idea. Or a chat room. Anyone go to one on a regular basis that they can recommend?

I just realized that on my Xanga here, I actually am writing the same stuff that I’m talking about to myself.  So, it’s not a journal, it’s just me, talking to myself in writing.  I believe that may also be a bit loony!

Allright, back to work!

Ebb and Flow

I read an entry about squirrels stealing stuff on another Xanga, and it made me hungry and it reminded me of a squirrel story.

One of my favorite outdoor ornaments was a giant cowbell. I loved the sound it made when it moved. I hung it from a maple tree in our front yard. Every morning I would find it laying on the ground in various places around the front yard. This went on for weeks. Eventually one day we saw a squirrel dragging it across the yard. Luckily it was too heavy for him to lift so he could never get it across the fence. The bell was almost as big as the squirrel. I can’t tell you how much it amused me. Speaking of my front yard….

We use to have an old octagonal picnic table in the front yard. ( I recommend that everyone do that) Quite a few years ago I was sitting on the table with my daughter, who was probably about 10, and one of her friends waiting for a fence salesman to arrive and measure our front yard and give me an estimate. When he arrived he walked up to the three of us, and smiled and said ”is your mother here?” I loved that man, and I love that fence. Speaking of love for inanimate objects…..

I love the Green Giant Simply Steamed vegetables. Cheap, easy and make a great one dish lunch for me! I wish they had more varieties. Oh yeah speaking of sitting at my desk eating lunch….

Had a really interesting IM conversation with someone today about the morality of my speeding ticket. Apparently it is very easy to get out of it, but my thought was, I did it, I got caught, I should suck it up, take responsibility and pay the fine. His argument was in a simplified way if they didn’t catch you in person it doesn’t count. It’s so easy to get out of paying because it’s a stupid way to catch someone. I won’t go further into this because it’s a whole long discussion that you can have. But my conclusion was, yup we all have our lines of morality, and mine like everyone elses can be crossed under the right circumstances.

And that’s the way my minds works. Does everyones? Flows from one random topic to the next. I use to find myself thinking of something and then spend time tracing back my thought pattern to see what got me thinking of it. Little mind games I use to play to amuse myself.

Have a great day.

Did you know…..

That you can get a speeding ticket from a camera?  I thought you could only get tickets for running red lights from cameras.  I received my very first ticket.  Not bad for 20 some years of driving.

For Coffee IV

See…..2 out 3.  They like to guard the window when no one is up and about.

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