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Ebb and Flow

I read an entry about squirrels stealing stuff on another Xanga, and it made me hungry and it reminded me of a squirrel story.

One of my favorite outdoor ornaments was a giant cowbell. I loved the sound it made when it moved. I hung it from a maple tree in our front yard. Every morning I would find it laying on the ground in various places around the front yard. This went on for weeks. Eventually one day we saw a squirrel dragging it across the yard. Luckily it was too heavy for him to lift so he could never get it across the fence. The bell was almost as big as the squirrel. I can’t tell you how much it amused me. Speaking of my front yard….

We use to have an old octagonal picnic table in the front yard. ( I recommend that everyone do that) Quite a few years ago I was sitting on the table with my daughter, who was probably about 10, and one of her friends waiting for a fence salesman to arrive and measure our front yard and give me an estimate. When he arrived he walked up to the three of us, and smiled and said ”is your mother here?” I loved that man, and I love that fence. Speaking of love for inanimate objects…..

I love the Green Giant Simply Steamed vegetables. Cheap, easy and make a great one dish lunch for me! I wish they had more varieties. Oh yeah speaking of sitting at my desk eating lunch….

Had a really interesting IM conversation with someone today about the morality of my speeding ticket. Apparently it is very easy to get out of it, but my thought was, I did it, I got caught, I should suck it up, take responsibility and pay the fine. His argument was in a simplified way if they didn’t catch you in person it doesn’t count. It’s so easy to get out of paying because it’s a stupid way to catch someone. I won’t go further into this because it’s a whole long discussion that you can have. But my conclusion was, yup we all have our lines of morality, and mine like everyone elses can be crossed under the right circumstances.

And that’s the way my minds works. Does everyones? Flows from one random topic to the next. I use to find myself thinking of something and then spend time tracing back my thought pattern to see what got me thinking of it. Little mind games I use to play to amuse myself.

Have a great day.

Did you know…..

That you can get a speeding ticket from a camera?  I thought you could only get tickets for running red lights from cameras.  I received my very first ticket.  Not bad for 20 some years of driving.

For Coffee IV

See…..2 out 3.  They like to guard the window when no one is up and about.

My Puppies


A title, A title. My kingdom for a funny title.

Does anyone else out there subscribe to or visit TopFive or Ruminations?  It’s little bits of bad humor delivered daily.  It is all sarcasm and mean.

I believe I may be the most sarcastic person on the planet.  It’s caused me problems before and I’ve really had to struggle to control it, both at work and here on Xanga.  Not on my entries, but on my comments.

Have you been enjoying my briefer entries lately?  I’ve been feeling like I’m babbling to much so I tried to cut back for a bit.  It won’t last.  I love to hear the sound of my own clicking.

I had an brainstorm.  We should create a secret society. And in order to join you have to agree to tell one really embarrasing story about yourself.  And the hook is, that story will get posted on some other members site, without your name on it.  This way you get to document your embarassing, but hopefully funny story, and read peoples comments, but no one will know it’s you. (yeah, I had one of those weekends)

Have a great night!

For Future reference:


~Edit – shoot.  bought five more boxes today.

Hatton vs Urango match

Fun fight to watch. He seems like such a normal fun guy. Someone you would meet for a beer and dinner.  But I really don’t like the ref that was in that fight though.  Weeks?  Weeds? I’ve seen him before and just dont’ like his style. Enjoy your Sunday.

To my beautiful baby girl,

Happy Birthday Katy!

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