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winter storm warning?

I mean, come on!  I get on a plane once every two years, and they’re calling for freezing rain overnight.  😦

Wish us luck on the weather.  And you all take care of each other.  See you soon!

This goes out to all you haters out there….

Seriously, I don’t get it.  Why would you go to someones Xanga, just to leave a nasty comment? What’s the point? Are you really that miserable that you have to make other people miserable.  There is the woman who has a Xanga that I read ( yeah, you know who you are!) and someone left a nasty little one-liner in her comments yesterday.  No reason for it.  Just bam, done.  I did the unforgivable.  I clicked on his link to see his site.  I know better.  It was all about belittling and bemoaning.  I hope whatever demons he has inside can be let go of sometime, and he can find peace.  I’ve had a couple of comments like that, and I’ve learned to delete them so no one can click on them.  I just hate catering to that lowest common denominators need to suck people into their cesspool of ugly.

Ms. Travelerblue asked if I had a new diet, so for those of you who weren’t involved in my months of whining, I started counting calories and eating unforgivably healthy a year ago.  Haven’t really lost much weight, but I finally stopped gaining (after quitting smoking,and getting old) and I really am terrifically healthy now.

I love that everyone commented on my Grilled Cheese fantasy.  Try the parmesan, it makes an unbelievable difference!  Though, careful you don’t use to much.  Perhaps today when I get hungry I’ll describe a fried egg sandwich.  Or a meatloaf lunch!  Uh-Oh, already getting hungry.  BRB  – going to grab my yogurt.


Miss me?  Grade A Nonfat, sweetened with Sucralose PinanColada Kroger Brand Yogurt.  Perfect morning snack.


I typed that line so long ago, it's time for lunch.  It'snbeen kind of a hectic day here at work.  Normally I type my entry in notepad asnthe mood hits me, and then I paste it into xanga later.  So sometimes a twonparagraph entry takes 7 hours.  So far this one, has taken about three.




Going out to dinner tomorrow with my sister and whomever ofnher family & mine decides to join us.  The plan is to meat at Outback,nthough ever since that Meatloaf comment I'm thinking Tony Packos.




Well, I guess I'm done.  I'll just wander and comment duringnlunch instead of entry-ing. 











Miss me?  Grade A Nonfat, sweetened with Sucralose Pina Colada Kroger Brand Yogurt.  Perfect morning snack.

I typed that line so long ago, it’s time for lunch.  It’s been kind of a hectic day here at work.  Normally I type my entry in notepad as the mood hits me, and then I paste it into xanga later.  So sometimes a two paragraph entry takes 7 hours.  So far this one, has taken about three.

Going out to dinner tomorrow with my sister and whomever of her family & mine decides to join us.  The plan is to meat at Outback, though ever since that Meatloaf comment I’m thinking Tony Packos.

Well, I guess I’m done since all I’ve done for two days is talk about food!  I guess I’m just hungry this week.

Tut, Tut…

As I sit here eating my healthy healthy soup for lunch, I’m thinking what I really want is a giant grilled cheese.  I want to make it myself.  Using big fresh slices of sourdough, and then butter all four slices of bread with some olivio.  Then shake on a little Kraft parmesean cheese to the outside pieces (adds a nutty tangy flavor and excellent crispness) then use sliced velveeta and american cheese with a dash of yellow mustard..  Fry till golden and delicious!  Yup, this soup sure is good.

I cannot believe I have run out of things to talk about this week.  I have no funny stories.  No interesting stories.  No nothing.  Oh!  Suddenly now I want a big double mocha cappacino with Amertto from starbucks.  Or even a nice cafe mocha from Tim Hortons!  With whip cream and shaved chocolate. 

Really!  I am sadly pathetic and will not shame this screen witih my mindless drivel anymore! Unless of course something pops into my head that I do want to talk about.



Not much to say today. Was ever so busy at work yesterday. We had our new VP of Sales in for the day and was just in general busy. Over the last couple of years I’ve spoken to hundreds of people all over the country from here at work and every once in awhile it stops me while I’m Xanga’ing. I think eventually someone who knows me either from work or life is going to stumble on this. To quote that famous old song, “It’s a small world, after all”.

Trying to get ready for vacation. More getting mentally ready than phsysically. Preparing lists in my head. If I’m lucky (which I’m not) I’ll win tons of money, which will be particularly nice this upcoming month. My husbands employer is switch to a monthly payroll, so no more paychecks until the end of March. So, probably no biggie, just different to plan for. This also means that I’ll be disappearing from my little corner here in Xanga world for about 6 days . So, don’t worry unless you don’t see me for 7. I’m still debating whether to take my laptop with me. Today the answer is No! No laptop. Glad I typed that, it reminds me! Grab the camera docking thingy so I can recharge the camera if I don’t take a laptop.

Ordered two CD’s. I’m getting Jack Johnson because I heard it on another Xanga, and just loved it. And also the sound track for Black Snake moan. The worst looking movie, but with excellent music. I love to order CD’s now from Cheap shipping and really quick. I use to only order from

For some reason my writing today sounds rather simple-minded and stilted! So, Stop I will! I’ll go back to just commenting for the afternoon.

Have a great afternoon.


How do you know when you are watching too much television?  I dreamed that I was hanging out at Brittney Spears house.  We were just sitting around and talking.  It was very strange.  She was vacant.  Her mind was just gone.

anywho…working on a, oh I almost never do this, protected post.  We’ll see if it actually makes it online.  I’m home today and thinking I should really get up and take a shower and get dressed.  Eventually.

Like a Fish out of Water…

Well, this started out as a post to show you what I’ve woken up to the last two mornings, but as I was uploading my pictures I noticed I’ve lost my monitor companion.  After a very long (and wet) life my Betta, Mr. Berry has finally gone to the little fish pond beyond.   Thankfully the real  Mr. Berry (whom my little fishie was named after) is still around and doing fine.  My Betta sat on my office desk for two years, and then last July when I moved to a new building he came home to sit next to my home monitor.  On to the pictures now.

This is what I woke up to Saturday morning.

Saturday Morning.jpg

And this is the view onto my front porch

Saturday Front Door.jpg

And this is what I woke up to this morning.

Sunday Morning.jpg

It would be nice to wake up to no new snowfall tomorrow. Or even better, here’s a picture from last summer.

 Last Summer.jpg

My coffee mug at work says “Big Witch Mug” for a reason.

So, first of all  – that’s just mean with the whole toast thing!  Do you want to know the best toast?  Shared toast.  When someone else makes it, and walks by and says, do you want a piece?  It’s like fast food french fries in the car. My daughter is probably laughing when she sees that line.

I’ve noticed Friday seems to be my day to kind of rant about random things.  If I ever get my own television show (first of all, it would be like The Daily Show, not an afternoon talk show) I’m going to create a segment called The Friday Flush.  That’s where I just get everything out of my system.


We had to drop off my husbands car at the dealer this morning before work.  Why, you ask?  Well, I believe we had to drop it off because there is to much ice and snow underneath it.  Yes, that’s right.  We’re about to pay someone to thaw out a car.  We don’t have a garage, and it is now undrivable over 35 MPH.  Sigh.

Diet – PSYCH!  changed my mind, not going to rant about diets today.  Let’s just say, one size does not fit all, and you need to find the healthy way for yourself.  -Speaking of Psych – does anyone watch that show on USA?  I think it’s hysterical.  I’ve got my husband watching it now as well.

Pretentiousness.  I’m tired of people making me feel bad for liking certain things.  I enjoy reading.  I enjoy reading classic novels.  I also enjoy reading light as fluff murder mysteries.  I enjoy music.  I really enjoy classical music, and opera.  Oh, Opera can bring me to tears.  I also enjoy John Denver, and showtunes.  Pretty much anything I can sing to, I like. I love art.  I love to go to the museum and look at the beautiful things other people have created.  I am very intelligent. Since I read a lot I tend to know bunches of tidbits.  Some of it is worthless trash, some of it is useful knowledge.  I have a well rounded vocabulary.  And I’m quite comfortable using it. A long time ago, a supervisor at a different job threatened to write me up if I didn’t stop using “big words” on my documentation.  So, my point?  Yes, I do have one.  All of these things make me a semi-well rounded person.  I like what I like.  I don’t think I’m better than the someone who likes other things.  I think we’re just different.  And that’s just fine.  My way is not the right way, it’s just my way.  Stop trying to change my way of doing/thinking/being to suit you, and stop putting me into a little niche you have carved out in your brain.  I’m more than that.

Cult – I want to start my own cult.  But I want only women followers.  I want to stand on a stage and preach to you.  And tell you the truth about yourself and your world.  I want you all to call me mother, and I will call you my children.  Okay, mostly I just like to talk with no one arguing with me and with everyone doing what I say.  But, I also wish I could physically lay my hands on some of you, and touch your shoulder and say – It’s okay.  No hugging, I’m not a big hugger.  Just that hand on the shoulder.

Have a most excellent Day!

A Toast, A Toast, my kindgom for A Toast!

Damnit.  Now I want Toast.  Whenever someone mentions bread I want toast.  From now on, I propose a toast mention embargo on Xanga.  You know who you are!  Shame on you. 

Speaking of that, I have to go on a diet rant, but not today.  It’ll be forthcoming.  Oh, and I wanted to go on a word rant as well, ,but I keep delaying.  These things get stuck in my head and there they stay until I get them out by either writing or lecturing.  And believe me, no one wants to hear me lecture.

Finally made it back to my office today.  Worked from home on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Hence the cell phone in my robe pocket.  It was actually kind of amusing yesterday.  At one point both my husband and I were on computers and both talking on our cellphones.  We looked liked the picture of a technology commercial.

Short and sweet, that’s it for me today!  Stay warm.




just a few pictures today.

Wanted to take a couple of quick pictures of the snow this morning, and found some extra on my camera. So, Bonus!

View from my Living Room Window.

View from my LR.jpg

View from my side Window


My experimental coleus


Irony – do you wonder who thought this was a good idea?

Bad Marketing.jpg

~ed – fixed a typo. And wanted to say that I am now at the point in my career that I am walking around the hosue with a cell phone in the pocket of my robe. How sad is that.

Chipping Around, kick my brains round the floor, These are the days..

Sadly, I have nothing to talk about.  We have a large snow storm coming and I must assume that this is why I want to squish the back of my head.  Headaches on a  Monday morning after a new software release. BAH!

This is the forecast tomorrow: 

Tuesday Night: Periods of snow. Low around 11. Wind chill values between -2 and -7. Blustery, with a north wind between 18 and 28 mph, with gusts as high as 38 mph. Chance of precipitation is 90%.

Wednesday: Snow likely, mainly before 11am. Mostly cloudy, with a high near 18. North wind between 14 and18 mph. Chance of precipitation is 60%. 

They’re saying 6 or more inches of snow, but the problem with that is going to be the 18 to 28 miles per hour wind.  I wonder if it’s better if you actually live somewhere with hills? 

So we’re trying to make sure we have a plan in place in case we can’t get people in.  At least with technology now, we can have people answer the phones from home.  Unfortunately you have to have an IP phone to do it well, and we only own three.  And only two of those are set up.  Whine, whine, whine.

Yup – That’s it for me today.  Stay warm.

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