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And I got a feelin,Down in my sho-oo-oo-oes, said,Way down in my sho-oo-oes,Yeah, I got to ramble, w

I love that when I’m having one of those small lightening strikes in the brain days I get such fun comments. It’s nice to know that there are some other looney people out there.

I am typing this with the webcam window open on the same screen and watching strange goings on in my living room. The camera points to the North East Corner of the room. I can see my son every once in awhile walk into the frame and deposit furniture from the South East corner of the room. I’m not sure what he is doing. I can also hear the person in the office to my right as I sit here make loud banging noises, so my brain keeps telling me I’m hearing my son move furniture. I thought about calling home, but then he would turn the camera off. He’s very private, and kind of a snot. I’m not allowed to speak of him to others. (oops).

So far no big plans for the weekend. Little bit of grocery shopping, then on Sunday night we have the Kathy Griffin show. So far, that’s pretty much it. Oh, yes, book store tomorrow. Must remember.

Enjoy your day.

Gah I need a real hobby….

I’m fairly sure this will be long, and equally sure this will be boring. I wish Xanga had a back date feature. That way this would drop to the end of any subscription. Sometimes I just feel the need to type. to feel the click of keys clacking underneath my fingers. Hmm, though as I say that I think how much more satisfying it would be if I got off my ass and picked up a keyboard and attached it to the hub instead of typing on the silly laptop keyboard. I get the same satisfaction from sketching however I cannot locate my sketching pencil. One must have the correct pencil, if one hopes to be happy with ones sketch.

Okay, went and grabbed a keyboard. It’s very quiet though and doesn’t have the same satisfaction. It’s a strange little keyboard, and as I walked down the hall I asked where it had come from. And the answer was, “I don’t know. We seem to have a lot of extras that are odd, I was going to take one home.” That frustrated me. I was doing so well being happy today. And just that one little comment annoyed me. It bothers me when people see things and say, well we’re not using it so I’m taking it. It’s not yours. Don’t take it. Period. And everytime you see something, don’t ask if you can have it. It’s rude. You really don’t need all of the extras in the world. And it forces people to have to say no. I know, some people live with the philosophy of well, it doesn’t hurt to ask. Well, you know what? Sometimes it does. (Ewww, just looked down and there is shit floating in my tea. I think it’s just oil from putting plain old lipton tea into my slightly unwashed coffee cup.) Anywho, I’m terribly frustrated with the world and the people in it lately. I think I just need to be busy again, or perhaps I’m just turning into a bitch. (4)

IAN – I just read your comment about my poetry and it cracked me up. Hey, if your girlfriend works at the restaurant a block from my house, that we go to on a regular basis, why don’t we ever see her?

Damnit, now I’m hungry. Wow, that’s three swear words in one entry. Very unusual for me. Not the swearing part, I love to swear. I just find it difficult to do in writing. My daughter swears up a storm in her blog, and I have to restrain myself from saying something. It’s not the swearing itself, it’s the lack of better words to use that bothers me. Okay, I think I’m done clicking for awhile.

An Ode to a Sprout!

By request:

I’m small and dense
and smell so icky.
you will not like me,
if you are picky.

You can bury me in cheese sauce,
you can drown me goop,
nothing makes me taste better
not even cooking in soup.

That’s right I’m a sprout
the bad tasting cabbage wannabe
from the land knows as brussels
where no one really wanted me

I have only one friend
and his name is Lima Bean
we hang out in the freezer
where we can not be seen.

No one to poke fun
no one to gag
our own little shelter
in this freezer bag.

We’ve been here so long,
we’re probably forgotten
there’s so much freezer burn
looks like we’re swaddled in cotten

but here we will stay,
just us and the fish
to wait for that special moment
of being cooked in a dish

Feeling out of Sorts still!

Know what’s better than hiring or firing someone?

Promoting Someone! That’s just fun.

So now I can officially say that (for you local folks) we’re hiring. 3rd shift, part-time. 3 to 4 nights a week. Basic Tech Support/Customer Service for WiFi.

Very easy if you are at all computer-y. Perfect for you night owls who also need to do homework or study. Bring your own laptop for play, cause you’re only using ours for work. We don’t do call-offs on third shift, so if you’re prone to missing work, don’t bother!

I just saw myself in the mirror, and I look kind of scarey! I’m pale, and my eyes are a little red. And my nose is kinda blotchy and itchy. And my hair, hmmm, not sure what’s going on with my hair today. From the left it’s kind of Mall Hairish, and from the right it’s more mullet. Good Day to hide, but my office is really cold and breezy today, so no fun to hide there. Maybe I should go home? 

I’ve been so uncreative lately. Perhaps I’ll write a poem.

My dog looks like a pillow,

while Devin is watching on the cam

Then she uncurls like a willow

And Emeril likes to say BAM.

Huh, maybe I’ll try painting instead

Whatever it is, it’ll keep till the morning. Haven’t we both got better things to do?

I have been entirely to adult (boring) lately.

I believe stress is causing all of my current health and sleep issues. On the weekends my entire body changes. I feel completely different and I sleep like a rock. This pisses me off to no end. I hate not having control over my own physical well being. Warmer weather will help. I have to start getting outside more.

And to answer everyone, Yes! I am using Mr. T (readmill) every day, twice a day, since the day he came into our house. I do 30 minutes in the morning, before I wake up(At least it feels that way). You can drink coffee while on a treadmill, its just tricky. And then 30 minutes at night. I go between 3 & 3.5 miles an hour. So I’m averaging just under 3 miles a day. Hopefully I’ll be increasing that eventually.

My sister gets her Treadmill this weekend, and I think she should hook up a webcam and turn it on whenever she’s using it. Front view that way you can’t really see anything except that she’s on it. And I’ll do the same of course.

Last night I made szechuan veggies for dinner but I way over did the sauce! It was a good flavor but too hot. I’ll try again tonight. I’ve got half an eggplant left. Before anyone is too impressed with my cooking skill, I made this by cutting up an eggplant, and dumping a can of La Choy chop suey vegetables into a pan with some szechuan sauce. Easy Easy Easy.

I also am going to try to cook up a Portobello mushroom. I’m thinking I’ll fry it with some olive oil, and onions and eat it like a little steak. I’ve never had them at home. The trick for me is food has to be quick and simple at home, or I just won’t bother.

My house is very active today on the webcam. My son keeps walking by, the dogs are all awake and wandering. Very strange.

Off I go.

10 things I hate about….

I don’t really think I have anything that I hate 10 things about.

I can tell you two of the things I’m not fond of currently.  Hiring and Firing.  Anyone want a job?  Just above miminum wage, very easy job, non-flexible part-time hours?  Seriously.  Customer Service/Tech support help desk.  No experience neccessary, but you must be reliable and hopefully a little technical.

To the two people I work with who read this, shhhh.  Private conversation, don’t interupt.

I called our local paper and went through about 5 VM prompts choosing to go to the department that does classified Help Wanted Ads.  The woman answered the phone (her name was Tracy too) and I said, “yes, I need the rates for placing a help wanted ad” and she said, “okay”……….after a very long pause I said, “I need you to tell me the rates”.  Sigh…

I wish my last name were Luna.  You could just have so much fun with that.

I may come back and add more later.  We’ll see.

Very Rare Saturday Post (Not for the squeamish)

Please don’t let the fact that I bought a new deep dish frying pan last week concern you.

Brazilian convicted of frying husband

SAO PAULO, Brazil (AP) — A Brazilian housewife was convicted and sentenced to 19 years in prison Friday for killing her husband, chopping his body into small pieces and frying it. Rosanita Nery dos Santos, 52, drugged her husband in his sleep, then stabbed him to death two years ago in Salvador, about 900 miles northeast of Sao Paulo, said police spokesman Idmar Bonfim.
She then hacked Jose Raimundo Soares dos Santos’ body into more than 100 pieces, which she boiled and fried before hiding in plastic bags beneath a staircase in her house, Bonfim said. He said police discovered the body parts after receiving an anonymous phone call.

Bonfim said the killing was either part of a black magic ritual or an attempt by the wife to collect life insurance worth about $34,000.

Citing testimony from the woman’s relatives, he said she may also have committed the crime “to avenge many years of humiliation from her husband.” He did not provide further details.

Santos denied killing her husband but said she chopped up his body, Bonfim said.

“She claims masked assailants entered her house, killed her husband and then forced her to cut up the body and fry it because that would prevent the stench of a decomposing body from alerting neighbors,” he said.

Copyright 2007 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. 

Stolen Very cool Quiz from viadolorosa

The secret of getting ahead is getting started. “Agatha Christie”

Do you ever try to track your behavior backwards to it’s original source? For instance, I just had to correct my spelling. I tend to spell things with an extra u. Behaviour, colour and such. It’s Agatha Christies fault. I believe I’ve read all of the Agatha Christie books. I started reading them at a very young age and they influenced my spelling. But, what I was actually thinking about was behavior patterns. I have certain peculiarities. None of which we need to go into too much detail about, but I every once in awhile I think to myself, why do I do that, or feel that? And it always traces backwards to some event in my childhood. I also think about the behaviors I may be causing in my own childrens lives. Now there is a guilt trip waiting to pounce.

I’m happy that it’s Friday. It’s been a long week. Not feeling up to par, and then work. That damn work. I almost had to have my first firing this week. Luckily the person didn’t come back to work, and instead quit. I think the first week of Spring makes people off balance. Things are just not quite right.

Because of my strange substances in my hair this week, It has caused me to notice that I am suddenly getting many gray hairs. For some reason I didn’t go gray as early as everyone else in my family. But I guess it’s my turn. I also noticed that my hair is very very dark. Time for some highlighting. Luckily I’ll have some nice silver to make it even shinier now.

Every time I type the word shiny, I think of the movie Firefly. I bet I’ve watched that movie at least a dozen times in it’s entirety, and 6 more in bits and pieces.

I watched the pilot episode of Big Love last night. I’d forgotten how much I liked that show. I wish they hadn’t taken such a long hiatus. I am fascinated by the concept of plural marriage. However, not any of the religious aspects of it, just the plural marriage part. I think that whole concept of a communal house is intriguing. I can’t imagine how much my kids would have benefited by having another adult in the house that nurtured and cared about them. Especially because both my husband and I have always worked full time, plus some usually. If you take religion out of the equation, can love and commitment only exist between two people?

I’ve got plenty of nothing.

Every couple of weeks I make a rather large pot of vegetable soup with cabbage.  It’s very healthy.  I then cool it and put it in freezer bags in invidividual servings.  Every weekday morning my husband pulls a bag out, heats it up and puts it in a thermos for lunch.  We are creatures of habit.  He must have his soup and I must make it.  I’m not particularly fond of tomato based soup, so I always only have one serving.  (which I’m eating as I type ths).  Lately my husband has been sneaking things into the pot.  My soup is no longer good enough for him so he’s adding his own ingredients.  This time he put in frozen green beans and Jalepeno peppers. I’m not fond of Jalepeno peppers.  If he keeps this up, he better learn to make his own soup.

Went to bed just before 10 last night.  Woke up at 3, BUT fell back asleep pretty quickly.  Also this morning I managed to get up, grab a cup of coffee and get on the treadmill.  I’m very happy about that.  I want to add it to my morning routine, but I’m not really a quick and alert riser.  We’ll see.

Yesterday I followed my morning pattern even though I was exhausted and drugged.  One little hitch was my hair.  I dry my hair as almost the last step in the morning process.  When I dried my hair yesterday I discovered oil.  A big clump of some oily substance on my head that spread as I applied heat with the blow dryer.  Had to stop and actually rewash my hair at the last minute.  I assumed something had gotten on the towel that I was using on my hair.  This has happened before.  No biggie.  Grabbed new towel for todays hair extravaganza. 

Got up today, did the treadmill thing.  Got really sweaty, took a shower, hair up in new towel, did my makeup, took hair out of towel, applied blow dryer.  DAMN!  it was the comb.  Rewashed hair, mostly dried hair, said to hell with it and left.  Will be washing all hair combing/brushing equipment tonight when I get home.

Have you ever put the tops of celery in soup?  The leafy part?   I did.  It’s a very nice taste.  I will be doing that again.  However the big old chunk of pepper that I just ate does not taste very good.  And now my nose is running. 

Back to work!



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