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Things, things and more things…

I believe this will be a long entry.  We’ll see.
I don’t remember what we did on Friday.  I’m pretty sure we did something, but I don’t know what it was.
Saturday we took my husbands car in for an oil change, and started talking to the sales kid, and ended up trading in my car and buying a new one.  Went from 2004 Kia Rio, to a 2007 Kia Spectra.  It’s a nice little car.  The 2004 Kia Rios get the worst gas mileage ever for a small car.  The next year they changed something and they started getting better mileage.  New cars are fun.  But it caused an emotional breakdown on my part. 

Which led to a nice conversation with my husband.  I’ve always had many people around me, well, I guess around everyone, that whenever something good happens they have to say something to take away your joy. Rain on your parade, or as my husband said – Piss on your parade, which seems somehow more appropriate.  Even when it’s something small, like getting your hair cut, or losing a few pounds.  People always try to keep me from being to happy about it. I hadn’t realized how bad it had gotten until Saturday. 

We discovered a screw up in the paperwork, that actually raised the price of the car by $555 dollars (which they are sending me, in a check) and my husband called and left them a message and I started having a full blown panic attack.  This is pretty unusual for me.  My heart started racing and wouldn’t stop and I couldn’t breathe very well, and then I started feeling my blood pressure go up.  I just kept trying to relax and BREATHE and I got myself under control and went on with my day. 

My husband and I went to the movies and while we were waiting for it to start we were talking and I apologized for getting so tense, and then I explained to him that I realized I was waiting for him to start yelling.  And then we got to talking about peoples reaction to me whenever I am happy.  And he acknowledged, and agreed.  Which I’m sure most of you know, is an important thing.  To have someone validate what you think really does make a world of difference. I wonder why people react that way to me?  Is it something I do?  Is it some behavior that I have?
Saw the movie Hot Fuzz, which we both really liked.  It was quite funny. 
Also went to Toledo Botanical Gardens for a while.  Very nice place. We’ll need to go back in a month or so when things are blooming.  This was not a good year for spring flowers.  I took pictures of my spring blooming plants, and it’s a sad sight.
Hey – I just noticed I have a swollen and numb spot on my face!  Eww!  So I either have a tooth abscessing (please, no!) or maybe my sinuses?  It’s in the same spot as sinus.  I get the feeling it’s going to be one of those weeks.
My husband got his first Monthly paycheck today.  Just weird to get paid monthly.  Hmm, I guess I should say, I got my husbands first monthly paycheck today.  It’s direct deposit, and I do all of the bank stuff.
Well, that wasn’t too long of an entry.  Off I go.


I hate to look into those eyes, and see an ounce of pain

I just realized today that Daily OM has stopped sending me a daily horoscope.  It’s been a couple of months.  Do you think I should take that personally?
I’m sitting here in my every other friday meeting.  You know, the one that I almost never talk in, I just listen?  Very very exciting I must say.
Supposed to be a nice weekend around here. Saturday morning my husband has to take his car into the dealer for routine maintenance.  We’re going to take my car as well and talk trade in. I have a 2004 Kia Rio.  Which sadly gets about 23 MPG, the new Rios get closer to 33 MPG.  So, we’ll see.  It’s nice to be doing something because you want to, rather than because you have to.  I bought my current RIO because I was out of town and my husband called me and said your Saturn is dead and costs way more to fix than it’s worth, buy a new car.  So I had to buy my car over the phone, fax and internet.  My husband picked me up at the airport, we drove directly to the dealership with my luggage and signed the paperwork and bought it unseen.  Very odd way to do it, but it worked.

When we drink, we get drunk.  When we get drunk, we fall asleep.  When we fall asleep, we commit no sin.

When we commit no sin, we go to heaven.

So let’s all get drunk and go to heaven.




Cheer up sleepy Jean!

Well, I’m announcing it  to the world, I just registered for a Belly Dancing class.  It’s not until July.  My sister and I will be trying it.

For those who asked yesterday.  I’ve had the treadmill for about 2 months.  I started out at 1 mile a day, 2 to 2.5 miles per hour.  I’m now doing 2 miles a day, 3 to 3.5 miles per hour.  I do use an incline and I do not hold on.  I’ve lost about 10 pounds, but I’ve lost alot of inches, and parts of me now are a completely different shape! And I feel GOOD.  I got my Treadmill from Sears.  It’s a very basic model, and it was like $600.00.  Nothing to fancy on it.

I didn’t start really seeing a difference until a couple of weeks ago.  So be patient!  ERIN (my sister, not the photographer in Italy)

Anywho…Lunch is done.  (lean cuisine pot roast) and I’ve got bunches of work today so off I go.


Talk amongst yourselves for a moment..(updated)

Todays creative thinking prompt:

I like being silly because…


I like being silly because I am just way to controlled.  I spend 90% of my day being careful of what I do or say.  When I have those rare moments of being silly I feel so free.  You know as I started typing that I got really sad for a second.  I had a flash to people close to me not allowing me to be silly.  That’s just not right.  I guess I’m still feeling a little gargoyle-y.  Trying to work my way out of it. 

Still loving my Treadmill!  I’ve only missed one day since the day I got it.  And there is a very visible difference in me. 

The other day when I did my private post, the responses I received were so helpful. Sometimes I lose perspective and I forget that it’s not just me.  Other people have the same problems.  And the fact that so many of you all said “me too!” helped. So, thanks my xanga peeps!

I accidentally have two lunches here at work.  What to do.  I have a nice Tomato Basil schwanns pizza, and I also have a nice lean cuisine pot roast and potatos.  BRB – gonna go preheat the toaster over for the pizza.  Okay, pizza is cooking, I scheduled my pizza removal in outlook so it will remind me.
I’m having a “need to turn into a Bitch” day at work.  I wish I could afford to hire someone, train them and keep them on standbye in case. 🙂  Or,if people would just do exactly like I say, ALL THE TIME!

I never went shopping for new Bedroom furniture.  But it’s still on my list.
Allright, off to eat and work on writing some manuals.


Too much too little too late

Todays Creativity inducing thought:

Why do you feel like you do right now?
Because allergies are kicking my ass today and making me sleepy and bloated.  Because I’m letting other peoples attitude and actions affect my peace of mind.

I wrote the question on our employee white board and it’s been fun watching people.  If it gets filled up, I’ll take a picture of it tomorrow morning.  Sort of like Blog in bulk.

I’m sorry to all of the people who I read today and yesterday and didn’t leave a comment.  I seem to have run out of words!  Don’t take it personally please.


But long as there are stars above you..

My sister pointed me to this link:

It’s pretty cool. I think I’ll try and use it every once in awhile. Like today!

Make a list of five ways you’ve changed n the last five years.

1. I have much more confidence professionally, but much less personally.

2. I am much healthier physically. I eat better, I live better, I sleep better. But I think I am less healthy mentally. I deal with less and less as I get older, and bury more an more.

3. There is much more of me.

4. I am less patient. My tolerance for people is sadly not what it used to be.

5. I make a whole lot more money.

I have a very nice weekend. I had dinner with my stepson, my husband, my sister, my nieces and my sisters friend on Saturday. It was disappointing that my kids couldn’t be there. It was just a nice casual dinner. (I have to break a rule. So I apologize to my son and stepson right now. But I must discuss them specifically and personally) I noticed on Saturday that my stepson has the same smile as my son. There is something very distinctive about their smiles. You can’t not smile back when they give you an honest smile. It just lights up their faces. It’s always been that way with my son, even as a baby. But I don’t remember my SS having it. He sure does now. Wonderful. I don’t really know what it is. My husband doesn’t have it, nor do my daughter or I. Dunno.

As you see, I have been forced back into my happy lavender Glinda world. It was the garbage can talk that put me back into my normal happy state.

That and Josh’s Adams family picture. That was so funny, I may have to see if I can put my families faces on the picture. That would be da bomb. 🙂 Difficult since we don’t really have that many pictures of our faces.

I think that’s about it for me today. I took some nice blooming plum tree pictures, but since I don’t have the cable here, doesn’t do me much good.




You know if we’ve switched to the troll you’ll only find me P.P.


I forgot to turn the Murray webcam on before I left the house this morning.  It’s amazing the habits you get in.  I’m so used to clicking it every once in while and seeing the puppies. 

Been working all day again.  I don’t get it.  They pay me, and somehow they think that somehow entitles them to my time. 

Last night I did something I very rarely do, I got angry.  So I hopped on my TM and ran away for 20 minutes. Pretty good way to release some tension.

YES!  I will ask the doctor.  I have a list of things which most of you will NOT want to hear about, but on that list is stomach. So I will make an appointment soon, and get it all out of the way.

Yesterday I was gloating.  I admit it.  I was feeling fit, and trim and healthy and my pants were too big!  So apparently I was a little too happy with myself.  Today I feel, bloated and fat and fluffy.

Shoot!  more work.


For you many legions of fans that wait so impatiently for my updates, sorry. Been a hectic couple of days. Nothing major, just life.

Josh – I promise to take a beautiful portrait of my new garbage Can.

CoffeeIV, I never thought about the smell absorbing into the wood. Luckily, MY garbage doesn’t stink. :).I couldn’t find a downloadable version either, I stole my ribbon from IC1950 site, and then uploaded it as a picture onto my Xanga and then added it to my page.

I want to talk briefly about cascade affects. How one action can cause another, and another, and another. On Saturday we met my Stepson and his Girlfriend for lunch. We haven’t seen him in many years, and he’s now 23. He’s just as cute as he ever was, however now he’s turned into an intelligent, brooding man. He has excellent taste in, Girlfriends, television, and clothing. Most especially T-shirts. Most of that sentence will only make sense to 2 people. Lunch was uncomfortable but wonderful. As a direct result of that lunch, my husband and daughter planned a dinner last night with my daughter and her “friend”. This will only be newsworthy for those of you with long memories and access to my protected posts. Dinner was wonderful. Life is good.  Remember your little actions, can have a huge reaction.

Since my life got hectic for a few days, I fell off of the keeping food in my stomach pattern, and I can say without a doubt that keeping food in my stomach kept the pain away. I felt so bad by yesterday that it made me cranky all day. Today, I’ve eaten every two hours, and am about to eat again! BRB.

Okay, have my oatmeal. I really do find it bizarre that keeping food in my stomach is making that big of a difference. Once my stomach is empty, it’s too late, I’m feeling bad for a couple of days. It would make more sense to me if I felt bad until I got food in my stomach.

I love the TLC show, Little People, Big World. I’m just putting it out there, telling you a little secret of my life. My son gave me an old book to read, it was Arthur C Clark, Childhoods End.

Very good. The book was written in the 50’s and one paragraph talks about this future society and the changes that took place when two things happened, One was the creation of a safe and effective oral contraceptive, and the other was a fool proof paternity test. Made me laugh.

I must stop writing. I keep having to go back and insert words. It could be that I’m having a rather stupid day, but I prefer to think that it’s that my brain is going so much faster than I can type. And I can type FAST!

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