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I’ve got plenty of nothing….

My husband and I have gotten so lazy that we never have any new arguments, but we repeat the same old ones on a very regular basis.  One of the arguments is over…Oprah.  He has the instant dislike of her that so many people seem to get.  I think it’s based on the fact that she gets publicity for doing good things.  So because she gets publicity for it, it’s no longer a good thing.  I hear this argument (though not in those words) from other people as well.  You know, she gave away 100 cars,  – well yeah, but she didn’t buy those cars, they were given to her, yeah…but Ford wouldn’t have gone to those 100 peoples houses and said hey, here’s you new car, if it wasn’t for the Oprah show and the publicity. ( I don’t know how many cars it was, or who the manufacturer was)

Sure she got all sorts of press for opening a school in a poverty stricken country that doesn’t educate their girl children.  But those children are still going to get educated even if she did get publicity.  Then the next arguement is that she has so much money, that what she gave is nothing, she could do more.  And again, I respond so, at least she’s doing something. My final argument is always, what have you done for someone recently.    I say Oprah, but I hear it all the time about other people who have alot of money and do something for people less fortunate, and it’s reported.  I think it’s an envy thing.  I think people hear the stories, and just don’t want to hear anything good about someone who has that much money. 

I wish I was able to fix things.  Wallpaper, paint, tile, drywall; all of those things.  Life would be so much simpler.  I just can’t though.  I don’t have the gene. I’ve tried.  It always ends badly.

Uh-oh!  BRB – the person who keeps standing me up for lunch is IM”ing me! – nothing imperative.  Just chit-chat.

I woke up an hour early this morning and could not fall back to sleep.  Now I’m a little sleepy.  Maybe I’ll go find some tea.  Just plain old Lipton tea to add some spark.

Oh WAIT!  Bought my gazillionth pair of shoes on Friday.  I believe they are borderline ugly.  BUT! they are little strappy heals AND they are very very comfortable. Dressier, but still casual.  Perfect for a denim skirt,which is my summer must.

All right, off I go.

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