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It just took me seven minutes to eat one stolen Totinos pizza roll.

Three days worth of entry in one…Beware..

A brief Recap.

Went to Cedar Point on Wednesday.  It was 90 degrees, without even a tiny little cloud in the sky.  Absolutely beautiful, but oh so hot!  Yes, I did burn the heck out of my shoulders, and yes I am too stupid to think of sunblock.  It’s been years since I have gotten sunburnt so I didn’t even think of it.

We had much fun.  Rode some rides, nothing to scary.  Didn’t want to make my husband cry.  I took a hundred pictures, but whittled it down to 25. And not going to upload any of them to Xanga! 🙂  Only because I uploaded them to my other site, and now I’m at work so not easily transferrable.  And I would paste the link in right here, except I posted it the other day, well, I don’t want to! (did I mention I’m a little cranky?)
The drive was pretty quick, but also very boring.  The turnpike in Ohio is not the most scenic drive.  We stopped at a rest stop and it made me laugh.  I guess I haven’t been to a turnpike rest stop in a long time.  They look like little Airport terminals!  All those restaurants. 

Cedar Point was also different, for the same reason. Suddenly there are restaurants.  We ate lunch at a Johnny Rockets.  Just don’t plan on buying a Pepsi!  $3.85 anywhere in the park for Pepsi, or Bottled water.  And there were only two visible water-fountains if you didn’t want bottled.  We went on the Space Needle, and the Giant Ferris wheel first to get a good look at the park.  Strangely the Giant Ferris wheel was no longer in the same place.  I bet that was exciting to move.  I have  a picture in my head of them rolling it off of it’s base and over to it’s new home.  Sort of like putting the giant metal pods into their bases in Atlasphere on American Gladiator! 

BRB – gotta reboot!  Back!  While I was gone I heated up some Campbells broccoli and cheese soup.  It’s not too bad.  I added some Mrs. Dash table blend.  I wonder how long before they come out with Mr. Dash.

Every time I’ve gone to Cedar Point in the past I’ve noticed a couple of people dressed completely inappropriately.  Usually it’s women.  And by inappropriately I don’t mean scantily.  There is a waterpark at cedar point so you quickly realize that half the people are wearing parts of bikinis. What I”m talking about are the women, normally in their 30’s (late) wearing sparkly clothing, poofed & heavily sprayed hair, drag queen makeup and high heeled shoes.  So this was my first trip to CP with a camera in tow, I stalked.  I just wanted to find those high heeled shoes.  I did not find any real high heels, and believe me I tried.  However, after a long 6 hours or so, I finally managed to spot a pair of Pink Platform Sandals!  They were amazing!  Easily four inches.  I am pleasantly spruced that in general women seem to have smartened up.

I also noticed that as the styles and norms have changed, you can no longer always tell a 20 something woman from a 50 something woman by walking behind them!  You use to be able to.  Not neccessarily by body, but by walk and by clothing.  There are such huge fashion choices now that you really can’t judge a woman by her clothing.  This was also a pleasant suprise.

I almost forgot!  I took my pedometer to Cedar Point.  19,758 steps. Which with my stride comes out to approximately 8.5 miles. No guilt for skipping the treadmill that day.

My new bike that I thought might be cursed and trying to kill me, has been redeemed.  I forgot to check the tires.  Instead of 50 pounds of pressure, I had under 20 in both.  And in case you don’t know, very hard to ride a bike with only 20 pounds of pressure in the tires!


Edit~ The shoes!  And I prefer to think they are on the feet of a tourist.  Luckily most of the cars in the parking lot are not from Ohio!

ar the Shoes

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