People who are dramatic drive me crazy.  Especially when it interferes with my ability to figure out if I have a real issue at work to deal with, or if it’s just someone being dramatic.  Give me facts first, and editorial later.  Or even better, when it’s work related, just give me facts. ~sigh.

My dogs were restless last night.  I don’t know what was going on but they just kept wandering around the house.  It would have been a good morning to sleep in, but sadly I had to be at work on time. 

I was in the restroom at work this morning washing my hands when my daughter came in.  I looked in the mirror and noticed a big glop of something on my shirt, and said “Damnit, I have shit on my shirt” my daughter laughed at my choice of venue for using that particular word.

I had a plan for my day tomorrow, unfortunately I forgot to mention it to my social director and he also made a plan for my day tomorrow.  So now our plans are, Saturday morning Tracy bullies her husband into going to an Art fest.  Saturday night, horse races.  Sunday Wildlife preserve & beach.  As a general rule if I type out my plans here, I end up doing none of them.  But if not, then I will have a very busy weekend.

I had a dream that my neighbor (clown man) cut down my tree.  I was so happy.

Ah, what an exciting blog I write! 🙂

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  1. Remember Dragnet and Joe Friday, “I just want the facts mam.”Hehe – shit on the shirt!Well, I hope you get to do some of those fun things over the weekend. I have no idea what we are doing this weekend. Something fun I hope!Is your mouth getting any better?

  2. “People who are dramatic drive me crazy. ” Word holmes.Also, art fest? You going to the botanical garden? My mother, brother and his girlfriend are going there tomorrow.

  3. Drama queens (or kings as the case may be) should be flogged publicly.  That way they really have something to get excited about.

  4. I’ve had a tendency to be dramatic in my past. I’ve worked on it, and improved muchly!
    So, how do you know your dogs were restless? Were you restless, or did you review the webcam?
    I thought you had shit on your shirt, not shit! I went “ew!” myself, then figured it out.
    I find it best not to make plans, then they don’t get broken, and then I’m not disappointed. In fact, if anything happens at all, I am pleasently surprised!!!
    Thank you for all your comments. I haven’t been very good in return, but life’s been strange for the last month or so.

  5. dramaaaaaaaa. so much drama…anyway, art fest! enjoy i cause i wont be going. 

  6. Dogs seem to know when somethings up…..was it raining or storming? Thank you so much for your heartfelt comment. It helps to know that I can count on all of you!! I hope your mouth is feeling better!!

  7. When I look at them I wonder was I ever that young and where did the time go???Glad to hear that you are feeling better!

  8. Anonymous said:

    “…gets dashed against the Co-opTo either cut down on beer or the kids new gearIt’s a big decision in a town called malice. ”

    ( I love trying to figure out your titles… )

  9. Sounds as though you will have a fun weekend if your plans hold.  Take care and enjoy your weekend!

  10. Sadly, for some people (8-year-old girls especially) the facts and the drama cannot be separated.  Alas.

  11. amusing tho.
    I sometimes work with this one woman who cries all the time. Over Nothing. She says “look this over and see if it’s ok.” So somebody looks and says, “you spelled that wrong” and Off she goes. After awhile you just roll your eyes and go the other way.  It’s damned annoying tho.

  12. RYC–I’m 21 in your head?? That’s sooo cool. I love you I love you I love you!!! *smiling smiling smiling…hehe

  13. Sounds like a fun filled week-end. I get to see grand kids play T-ball. It is a cute and fun thing to watch.

  14. Your weekend sounds fabulous.  And it’s just nice to read about what you are up to.  It doesn’t have to be a pulitzer winner…

  15. Hope you do manage to do those things, they sound interesting. We don’t have any plans, lots needs doing but it’s just getting started is the thing that’s not easy.

  16. ‘shit on my shirt’ good one!!  Things never work out as I plan – so today I plan on doing nothing!!!  Have fun!!!

  17. Hey you! Hope you were able to get out and do some fun stuff today. RYC: You know, I love all of what is available online and what you can do online. I know so many women my age who don’t get the internet at all except for doing email. What an amzing world we have at our fingertips with the internet.I just hope I haven’t come off as an annoying, bragging mom. I have just enough long-time, far away pals who Xanga that I decided to put that stuff up.If I did sorry!

  18. Your dream was bettern’ mine. I dreamed that a moose died outside our back door,and buzzards were feasting on the carcass. Then I went up and ate a piece! It was cooked and tasted like- no, not chicken – a turkey thigh.You’ve been tagged to blog 7 random facts about yourself and then tag 7 others. If you break the chain, then Paris Hilton,Lindsey Lohan, and Britney Spears will all come to your house and whine.

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