Well, we accomplished all of our plans, though none of them were quite what we hoped for.

Arts festival we had to park elsewhere and take a shuttle bus to the gardens.  This was my first experience on a charter bus.  Those things are Huge! We found out that this particular charter service runs a bus from Toledo up to the Detroit casinos regularly.  Something to think about. 

a Shuttlebus.jpg

Arts festival had so many beautiful things, unfortunately it also had so many people!  I was trying to find some people to snag a picture of but sadly I didn’t see them, Sorry Mr. Ian.

There was no good vantage point to get a view of the crowds so you will just have to believe me.  It was a crush of people. 

c crowds.jpg

 I was entranced by this womans art. She did glass sculpture and there were layers and layers of detail imbedded into the glass.

B glass sculptures.jpg

Everyone send me a thank you for forgetting my camera at the harness races.  It’s this wonderfully seedy place, filled with an amazing assortment of humanity.  One older gentleman was exactly what you would expect to see at a very seedy racetrack, with the added bonus of pants that rode about 6 inches below where they should have.  I saw much more of this man, than I would ever for any reason want to.  I would not have been able to resist a picture.

Sadly Crane Creek was also kind of a bust.  First picture is my favorite view from the wildlife reserve.  I find it ironic. 

g Best View from Crane Creek.jpg

i Crane Creek Rocks.jpg f corey on the beach.jpg h marshland.jpg
No sun, but in place of sun we had millions of MayFlies.  If you’ve never experienced mayflies, they are truly disgusting to walk through.  Once they land on you, they want to stay. ICK.  The car below parked directly under a tree they were hovering in.  Look closely at it, and the ground around it.

K MayFlies

Check out the traffic in the left lane of the bridge.  It’s a new bridge and this weekend was the grand opening, complete with Blimp.  I took blimp pictures, and realized without anything else in the frame, they are unimpressive and boring.

j bridge traffic.jpg


Comments on: "Sorry – Lots of pictures, and one is big." (0)

  1. The art show looks pretty cool, love things like that. The ironical pic-hate things like that. Kinda ruins the whole vibe.  When we camped on Lake Ontario, those stupid smokestacks were within view. And cynic that I am, I wasn’t comfortable swimming there. I thought, there’ll be a leak and the government being the government will tell us in 10 years that on such and such a date there was a leak. And who the hell will remember what the date was when they were there. -& yes, I do realize that I’m nuts.
    And yep, Thank God for small favors. Really really didn’t want to see some old fart’s hairy butt. (and yet would’ve looked had you posted it–Ewwww!) lol

  2. Oh man those charter buses can be really nice or awful. Our kids visit our state capital in 4th grade for a one day field trip. It’s about a 4 hour ride each way. I went with Erik when he was in 4th grade and Craig went with David when it was his turn. Apparently, the bus reeked of bathroom odors when Craig went. Ugh he said it was awful. 8 hours of that smell.The art fair looks fun. The crowds do make it a bit more of an ordeal though. The gardens were really crowded today, too. It’s hard to linger and take it all in when hordes of people are trying to push their way through.I think those flies are worse than the cicadas – yucky!The bridge looks fun! Love bridges!Looks like you had a fun and interesting weekend!

  3. We took a charter bus from Mustang Island Texas to Mexico.  It was a blast!  The art festival look like loads of fun.  I would have loved the glass sculptures also.  But I hate crowds!  Mayflies………yuck!

  4. RYC:  Yikes!!!  Do you have Brio’s?  The smoked chicken salad is good!  (at least the leftovers were)
    Was the art festival in Detroit?  My cousin was probably there with her own booth – she’s doing mosiacs and tiles at the moment.  (she lives in GR, but travels around for the festivals.)  Yeah, I know about MayFlies!  Maybe that’s why I like flannel?!?  Reading and writing today!!!  (but that’s not a ‘plan’ or it won’t happen)  Have fun!!!

  5. Too bad for the blimp pictures.  By remarkable coincidence, just two days ago I drew a picture about how much I like blimps.
    They are high on my list.

  6. Snickering over your *Eagle*
    sounds like something I’d do.
    I despise bugs..when hot and sweaty and they buzz around your ears etc, it’s enough to dive a person {even more} batty!
    Have an awesome day T.

  7. We have an energy plant on the edge of a Wildlife Reserve? Who planned that one? I’d like to go to some of the art shows, but, we don’t like big crowds. James’ girlfriend Laura posted some nice pics from the show.

  8. I love your photos – and your random facts. My best friend’s hair is fine like yours. Mine is a bushy jungle – everywhere. It’s craziness! (and TMI, I’m sure) I saw you on me mum’s site talking about indoor activities and had to mention how muggy it is today. I rode my bike 5 miles roundtrip visiting my husband for dinner at his store. The funny/interesting part was getting hit in the eye by a large bug as I was riding at about 20mph down a hill. It didn’t cause any damage, so it’s kind of funny looking back on it. I know you and missed you Gorgeous glass stuff. *is giddy*

  9. I think I would like the glass sculptures too. We have may flies too, but not that bad. We live fairly close to the river…..I always thought that’s what drew them. I don’t like them either. Did you know they only live for 24 hours??
    ryc: I enjoyed my shower and the tequila! Thanks!!!!

  10. They put ceilings on four teeth. and then I have to go back before school starts and get my two front teeth fixed because the stuff they put over to fix them before is starting to chip away, which is not good.
    So you don’t have to bite him this time, but I’ll let you know when you can bite him. Unless biting him gives you a certain happiness, then go right ahead.

  11. Beauty pics, eh? I got that from Canada. It means “Those are really nice pictures.” We have an arts fest every year called Kentuck. I think it’s on the web at Flies aplenty. You need the mesh thingys we use for hiking. Well, I use them just to take the dogs across the creek so I won’t return minus an appendage from the deer and horse flies.Pics and descrip tomorrow. SO tired. I am in charge of uniforms at the office and despite the girls all saying it doesn’t really matter what they wear, when I try to pick them (Hubs says they ALL have to look the same but we have some XS and some 4X), they really DO care. Making planets out of pebbles, really.Maybe when your daughter is sleeping you can take it for a spin. Wake up early in the AM and go. Fill it back up afterwards. Generally,they don’t notice small differences in the mileage. Just don’t take it to Vegas.

  12. I”m not sure even I would like all those bugs!

  13. Just thought I’d stop by and say hello!Hope you have a good day!

  14. RYC: All of them, thank you. My ‘pup’ is a year old this month but he’s still my baby and crawls on my lap and stretches out, wanting cuddling to prove it. Gotta love him though.
    Great pictures. The glass sculptures are very unusual…me like! I see what you mean about the irony of the wildlife reserve pic and the May flies urgh! We went to the coast once and I reckon a whole swarm of some kind of flies had flown in with the tide, they were so gross and got absolutely everywhere.

  15. Yep, we do have nuclear reactors and powerplants. They are usually situated on the coast, near to marine preserves. The folly.
    I remember a simple power station being built near my home in Wales. When it belched thick, yellow smoke at dawn and local residents lobbied local members of parliament airing their concerns, the company who owned it released a statement saying the smoke was actually steam and was nothing to worry about…yeah RIGHT! I fought the urge to do a Wacko Jacko and wear a surgical mask at all times.

  16. Mayflies, I thought the car just had polka-dots or the measles or something. Our Elkhorn Slew nature reserve has a similar facility by it. I pretend that it’s making clouds, not nuclear waste. But then, you know I’m an idiot that way.

  17. RYC: I added it earlier, that’s why you couldn’t see it. Can they kick my arse? Physically, maybe soon *laughs* emotionally, all the damn time! LOL

  18. Stopping in to say hello!  I’ll catch up with you when we return.  Take care!

  19. Still trying to plug away, but you know how life seems to get in the way.  So I’m planning on getting nothing done this weekend – I’ve been thinking it’s Friday all morning (just had to check the clock to see that it IS morning).  With planning nothing, I should be able to not write while my companion is golfing! (hoping several pages!)

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