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Food & Fury

Quick food note. 
Last night I made:
Couple of tablespoons of EVOO into a pan with a thinly sliced shallot.  Med-High heat until brown & squishy, throw in Thinly sliced Summer Squash and Thinly sliced Zuchinni.  A dash of red pepper, a heaping schmaltz of coarse black pepper and stir.  Medium Heat, cover.  Every once in awhile stir or swish or however you choose to do it.  Cook until the vegies are the way you like them.  I like mine limp and squishy.  Then!  turn the heat back up to med-high and squeeze in a half a limes worth of juice.  Stir, swish, flip, whatever to coat and pull all the shallots off the bottom.  pop on a plate, throw on some Kosher salt. OH!  So Good!  It was the lime juice that was new for me. Sooo good! Really bounces off of the Salt & Pepper. If I liked spicey; instead of a miniscule amount of Red Pepper, I would slice up a fresh jalepeno into it.

Here is the Bread my sister made:
Hunza Diet Bread

Hunza Diet Bread is a delicious, dense, chewy bread that’s very nutritious and is almost impervious to spoilage. The following recipe makes a huge batch of approximately 60 (sixty) x 2 inch squares, high in protein, vitamins and minerals. Keeps weeks at room temperature, even longer in the fridge and indefinitely in the freezer.  The recipe for this wonderful bread is as follows:

Recipe One

4 cups of water
3.5 (three & one half) to 4 pounds of natural buckwheat or millet flour
1.5 (one & one half) cups of canola oil
1.5 (one & one half) cups of natural unrefined sugar
16 ounces of honey
16 ounces of molasses
4 ounces of powdered soya milk (half cup)
1 teaspoon sea salt
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1 teaspoon ground nutmeg
2 teaspoons baking powder (non aluminium)
Hunza Diet Bread has a taste that is very satisfying and chewy all on its own, but you may also add if required, apricots, raisins, chopped walnuts, almonds, sliced dates to the above ingredients. Mix ingredients. Grease and lightly flour cooking pan(s). Ideally use baking trays with about 1 inch high sides. Pour batter in pan(s) half an inch thick over the base. Bake at about 300 degrees farenheit (150 C.) for 1 hour. After cooking, dry the bread in the oven for two (2) hours at a very low heat – 90 degrees farenheit (50 C). After it is cooled tip out and cut into approx 2 inch x 2 inch squares. Store it wrapped in cloth in a container.

You may need to repeat the baking depending on the size of your baking pan, and oven, until all the mixture has been used. Hunza Diet Bread is made from natural buckwheat or millet flour. It is rich in phosphorous, potassium, iron, calcium, manganese and other minerals, as nothing has been destroyed in the preparation from the wheat. Thus it contains the essential nourishment of the grain. This is why you must ONLY use natural buckwheat or millet flour to make your own Hunza Diet Bread….. Good luck and good health .. bon appetite!

Jobo: [to the MO group members] Come on sisters. We’re getting nowhere.
Jobo: My name is Jobo, and I’m happy to be having the menopause.
[group members clap for her]
Jobo: I have hot flashes and cramps, and sometimes when I sneeze, I pee.
Beth De Woodi: [stands up] Beth De Woodi. The sands of time are trickling through my hour glass!
Patsy Stone: [raising her hand] Patsy Stone. I hope you’re wearing thick underpants!


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