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You can’t knock ’em out, you can’t walk away

I have been busy, busy busy.  I haven’t really done anything, but still busy.  Working, working, working.  Living, Living, Living.  Singing, singing, singing.  So a couple of things I must point out that have occurred or happened to me in the last few days.
I love Musicals.  Not all musicals, but many musicals.  My favorites are, Godspell, Jesus Christ Superstar and A Chorus Line.  In that order.  The other night we noticed Godspell was on Turner Classic Movies, and I recorded it.  I watched it in bits and pieces yesterday (having seen it a quazillion times, I can tell you that it really should only be watched once) and it suddenly dawned on my why I love these musicals so much.  I want to “be” these musicals.  I want to be walking along and suddenly break out in joyous song and dance around. Even more accurate is I want to be Godspell (not the religious part).  I want to wear crazy clothes that don’t match and paint random sunshines & moons on my face and have my hair long and flowing and dance and laugh and be joyous.  So There!
I have gained 8 pounds in a week.  I really really hope this is a weird water rebound effect from the diuretics that I have been on for four weeks now, or I’m going to be very annoyed.
While at dinner tonight with my Son and Daughter, the waitress, her name is Amal, isn’t that a pretty name? So Amal had perfect lips.  I know that’s a really odd thing to notice, and I certainly didn’t say anything, she would have thought I was a freak.  So, one of the times she came to our table, she said, (to my daughter) I hope you don’t mind me asking, but where are you from?  I love your accent!.  Cracked me up since my daughter was born and raised right here in Toledo, same as Amal.  I’m guessing it has more to do with my daughters voice, and the fact that she talks about a mile a minute.
Someone in my house appears to be very cranky, and he’s sitting in the room with me.  Ah well, that will make for a fun evening won’t it.
I had another story about my boss and a strange conversation about $67,000, but somehow I can’t make it soudn funny when I type it up, so I’ll just leave it at that!
Have a good night!

Wow these onions are strong.

Last night at class we learned Hip lifts, and Hip drops.  I believe these would be more accurately named, Ass clench, and Ass release, but of course I’m not a professional.  She also added in bizarre hand movements to accompany these, but after almost poking my own eye I’ve opted to add those in after I get the foot movements in.  No class next tuesday so I have two weeks to forget everything I learned.

Today I keep finding myself giving people a look that could only be described as my “who are you, and why the hell are you talking to me” look.  I’m not sure why though!  I didn’t know I was in a bad mood, but I’m thinking maybe I am.  It’s been a tricky week at work.   I’ve had to do and say a couple of things that were not particularly pleasant, without explaining why.  I guess it comes with the job.

Perhaps today we need a poem to lighten the mood.
    Roses are Red
    My car is Blue
    If I don’t get to sing and spin soon
    I don’t know what I shall do
If the sickness is brought on by stress
sometimes the only cure is to fly
close your eyes and let the music swirl
until you feel your feet and spirits touch the sky
    Run around in a tiny little circle
    faster and faster as fast as you can
    your body becomes fluid you swim in the air
    look down and see how far you ran.
Music is motion and swirling colors
Motion and colors give you swirling joyful
the blues the greens the water the sun
bathe yourself in them until you have a brain full.

Oh, and I was wrong when I said something to the other “t” in the parallel universe a few months ago.  It’s not Find Joy.  Its find joy, and keep following it. (I do realize only one person is going to understand that, I swear, I’m not losing it)

You give them wings, you teach them to fly and then they soar.

This is one of my guys doing an interview for the local news show.  The link opens to the story, and then there is a video in the left corner.  For any of you who have suffered through any of my pictures, the office (what little you can see of it) may look familiar.  I told him he could use my office for the filming. What fun!

Class tonight, and now I’ve added another dance class to start when Belly Dancing is over.  My husband and I are going to take a nice little intro to ballroom dancing.  The older we get, the weirder we get.

Good Day to you all!

Years go falling in the fading light…..

I am not crazy!  If you could hear all of the thoughts in my head, then my blog entries would make perfect sense.  The witch story is one that I’ve had in my head for years, but since I don’t write it’s just in my head. A couple of months ago I posted about the roof laying on the ground that started it all.  But I always wondered, if you found a perfectly preserved house, mostly buried, how would you explain how it got there.  And there you go!  I figured it out.
So I met the realtor again this morning (the good looking one) and this time I had someone else from work meet me there.  I needed a second opinion.  He thinks it’s a really good space too. So now at least I have someone else in my corner. You know, it won’t happen until December so we have alot of months ahead of us of whining and angst on my part.  It’s 3070 square feet, with more offices than we need, more open space than we need, more parking than we need, brand new paint, brand new floors, brand new A/C and best of all our own entry and exit doors!  Four of them!  WOO!!!
Last week I mentioned that my sons 21st birthday was Wednesday.  I guess I should have clarified, it’s this Wednesday, as in Today!  It’s just freaky to me to think that I have 19 and 21 year old children.  I love my babies.  Even after all of these years I am still amazed at the intensity of love that you can feel for your children.  The other day I was remembering some things that happened years ago and I had such a vibrant memory of how the kids looked, and with that came that rush of love and affection and then such sadness realizing that I will never have another small body come hurtling at me with abandon.  Happy to see me, and giving me that unfettered, unequivocal love. And they were small enough that I could engulf them and just hug. Oh, is there any feeling like that?
I use to think I’d never be emotional about anything or anyone, it’s just not in my nature.  And then I had kids.  Talk about mixed emotions.

Hey – one more thing!  I really was listening to the googoo dolls and that’s the icon that my media player was showing as I finished this.  How Appropriate!

They Made a Statue of us.

I realized today how the house got buried.  It sat at the bottom of the large hill.  And the day the witch was killed half of the hill collapsed and buried the house.  Maybe there is a big wind storm or tornado that unearths the first few feet in the first few paragraphs.

I’ve noticed over the last year an abundance of cats that seem to be living on the grassy areas around the highway I drive.  I don’t know if this is specific to here or if it’s common.  Today it dawned on me that I”ve only seen black cats along this particular stretch of highway.  Which of course immediately sent my mind flying.  Why are all of these black cats living along this 15 mile stretch.  Are they organized?  Do they have their own society out their on the highway?  Are they really only cats?  My turn of imagination this morning may have something to do with the dream last night about all of our pet dogs suddenly experiencing a mass evolution and building space ships and attempting to take over our society.  I think I must stop using any and all cold medicine, immediately.

I worked very hard yesterday and got a lot accomplished so I’m feeling pretty good today at work.  Hoping it’s a nice smooth day.  I have my mass email set to go out at noon.  So I’ll do one more  – Speak now or forever hold your peace – email out to the big boys and then that will to out and hopefully have a good response. 

One new guy started yesterday, and we’ve got a whole handful of other very qualified people, so staffing wise we look good!  Meeting the realtor tomorrow with one of my co-workers to look again at the place I want to move to, and make sure I’m not seeing more than is really there. Then the great campaign will really start.  Moving an office is tough.  Moving a call center, if VERY tough.  Moving a call center, on a very tight budget is almost impossible.  I hope things work out the way I want them too.
Okay  – Off I go.

here I am, stuck in the middle with you.

Why Yes!  I did read Harry Potter this weekend.  And last weekend I saw Harry Potter at the theater.  And ever since then every time I turn on HBO, they are running a Harry Potter movie.  It is any wonder then that the other evening I had an inappropriate dream about a certain your Brit?   I have so many lines running through my head, none of which can I say because of just a couple of under-age readers I have.  I don’t mind the occasional swear word, but I don’t want to scar anyone.  I very much enjoyed the book. 
This weekend was not particularly nice.   What with not feeling good (I’m better now), and my snappy husband (he’s better now). I have hopes for it being a better week.

I just spent the last 3 and a half hours working on a document that is only 377 words long.  And it’s still not done.  It’s out for editing and approval before I turn it into an email out to our customers.  That’s a long time to spend on that  short of an email.  I probably could have called them all.

Go look out your window and stare up at the sky.  This may only work for people in my half of the country, I’m not sure.  When you look up and watch the clouds, do they look funny?  Something you can’t quite put your finger on?  They’re moving the wrong direction.
Oops – sidetracked by my doc again.  Thankfully other people are proofing it.  I just keep making mistake after mistake today!  I changed Fran to Frank, which is not good.  I swapped numbers around on a contact phone number, so even though they were all there it wouldn’t have been to helpful!  I think it’s just about ready to go.

I just remembered my one and only weekend story!  I was happily putting in a few minutes on my elliptical on Sunday getting my groove on to the songs playing on my MP3 player, when BAM!  out of nowhere, and directly into my poor unsuspecting ears, came “the humpty dance”  One just does not expect such a thing when listening to a privately owned mp3 player.  Each of the 200+ songs on it lovingly chosen!  It took some tracking down but by process of elimination I finally concluded that it had to have come from one of the guys I work with.  I had lent him my player the week before to snag some songs.  Being the mean spiteful person with a fairly large amount of access to our work webservers, I did the only thing that seemed fitting. 

I went to his wifi access point sign in page which is an homage to OSU Football, and changed it to a beautiful advertisement for Notre Dame.  Killed two birds with one stone, as this made my husband smile every time he walked by and saw the ND logos.  Then I added a small line “this page sponsored by the makers of “the humpty dance” and then I waited, knowing that there was only one person who would read it and understand what it was all about.  Sure enough, 11:30 this morning into my office he comes trumpeting, “What?  You don’t like the humpty dance?”  It is good to work with people who have a sense of humor!

And another thing!

30 minutes on the treadmill, LOUD FAST MUSIC, sweating like a pig,  Feeling great!

I love those endorphins!

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