I am not crazy!  If you could hear all of the thoughts in my head, then my blog entries would make perfect sense.  The witch story is one that I’ve had in my head for years, but since I don’t write it’s just in my head. A couple of months ago I posted about the roof laying on the ground that started it all.  But I always wondered, if you found a perfectly preserved house, mostly buried, how would you explain how it got there.  And there you go!  I figured it out.
So I met the realtor again this morning (the good looking one) and this time I had someone else from work meet me there.  I needed a second opinion.  He thinks it’s a really good space too. So now at least I have someone else in my corner. You know, it won’t happen until December so we have alot of months ahead of us of whining and angst on my part.  It’s 3070 square feet, with more offices than we need, more open space than we need, more parking than we need, brand new paint, brand new floors, brand new A/C and best of all our own entry and exit doors!  Four of them!  WOO!!!
Last week I mentioned that my sons 21st birthday was Wednesday.  I guess I should have clarified, it’s this Wednesday, as in Today!  It’s just freaky to me to think that I have 19 and 21 year old children.  I love my babies.  Even after all of these years I am still amazed at the intensity of love that you can feel for your children.  The other day I was remembering some things that happened years ago and I had such a vibrant memory of how the kids looked, and with that came that rush of love and affection and then such sadness realizing that I will never have another small body come hurtling at me with abandon.  Happy to see me, and giving me that unfettered, unequivocal love. And they were small enough that I could engulf them and just hug. Oh, is there any feeling like that?
I use to think I’d never be emotional about anything or anyone, it’s just not in my nature.  And then I had kids.  Talk about mixed emotions.

Hey – one more thing!  I really was listening to the googoo dolls and that’s the icon that my media player was showing as I finished this.  How Appropriate!

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  1. Grandbabies!!!  Don’t have any myself.  But maybe one day.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!  to the young lad!

  2. I was wondering about the house thing but then I forgot to ask.Happy birthday to your son! Where does that time go? It’s kind of hitting me that they are grown (well, I still have a few years with David). It makes me mad that it is gone.When Erik was little he always wanted to be held and cried when he wasn’t and I remember thinking I’ll be so glad when he’s out of this stage. He grew up to be a kid who doesn’t like to be touched. He’s generally a pleasant kid just no hugging allowed. Ugh.The space sounds wonderful. I hope it all works out. Well, maybe you should have the cute realtor take you to a few other places just in case. hehe

  3. Another thing in common….my kids are turning 19 and 21 too!  (or did we already know that?  I bet you are me in some paralell universe  πŸ™‚ t

  4. RYC: It helps immensely!

  5. There are times I can’t look at my kids’ baby pictures cuz it breaks my heart. Once upon a time I could close the door and they were all here safe and sound and I thought it’d last forever.  I miss those days awful.
    But like you, I love the ppl they have become and they still amaze me.
    And then come the grandbabies! And when the first time one comes flying at you, it’s kind of even more amazing cuz you can’t believe it’s happening again!
    Being a mom is truely the hardest and most rewarding thing in the world!

  6. ryc-it’s the drugs. : )

  7. You are so right about missing the little children of years past. My youngest turns 26 in 2 weeks and I have felt that same way. The grandchildren are always in and out of the house now though, and they do come running to me with the same abandon my kids did, so keep the faith, you may yet know that feeling one more time.
    RYC: You can come play with my kitty cats any time.  It’s the other way for me — my dog’s been gone for a few years now and is much missed.

  8. RYC: REALLY excellent point!  I hadn’t thought of that!  πŸ™‚ t

  9. I just read your comment at Darrianne’s site so I decided to breeze by and say hi.
    I have a summer cottage in Port Clinton. Well actually we are in Catawba Island.
    Nice to meet you.

  10. Hi, I’ve added you to my Protected Subscribers list. My latest entry is Protected. When I checked my xanga today, I had to remind myself to go back to my last Public entry and see if there were any new comments. Surprise … there you were!
    Oh yeah, I gotta tell new folks at my site to please PLEASE pardon my typo’s. I never took a typing class in my life, not even in high school. I’m gonna try to clean up this comment right here before I hit the Submit button.
    Thanks for subscribing.

  11. I’m glad you got a giggle out of that protected entry. Any time I write about work (which I title Life on the Assembly Line) I make them Protected, just in case ……….

  12. With this knowledge, I’m going back to you witches house entry. Maybe it will make more sense to me this time round *laughs*

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