I have been busy, busy busy.  I haven’t really done anything, but still busy.  Working, working, working.  Living, Living, Living.  Singing, singing, singing.  So a couple of things I must point out that have occurred or happened to me in the last few days.
I love Musicals.  Not all musicals, but many musicals.  My favorites are, Godspell, Jesus Christ Superstar and A Chorus Line.  In that order.  The other night we noticed Godspell was on Turner Classic Movies, and I recorded it.  I watched it in bits and pieces yesterday (having seen it a quazillion times, I can tell you that it really should only be watched once) and it suddenly dawned on my why I love these musicals so much.  I want to “be” these musicals.  I want to be walking along and suddenly break out in joyous song and dance around. Even more accurate is I want to be Godspell (not the religious part).  I want to wear crazy clothes that don’t match and paint random sunshines & moons on my face and have my hair long and flowing and dance and laugh and be joyous.  So There!
I have gained 8 pounds in a week.  I really really hope this is a weird water rebound effect from the diuretics that I have been on for four weeks now, or I’m going to be very annoyed.
While at dinner tonight with my Son and Daughter, the waitress, her name is Amal, isn’t that a pretty name? So Amal had perfect lips.  I know that’s a really odd thing to notice, and I certainly didn’t say anything, she would have thought I was a freak.  So, one of the times she came to our table, she said, (to my daughter) I hope you don’t mind me asking, but where are you from?  I love your accent!.  Cracked me up since my daughter was born and raised right here in Toledo, same as Amal.  I’m guessing it has more to do with my daughters voice, and the fact that she talks about a mile a minute.
Someone in my house appears to be very cranky, and he’s sitting in the room with me.  Ah well, that will make for a fun evening won’t it.
I had another story about my boss and a strange conversation about $67,000, but somehow I can’t make it soudn funny when I type it up, so I’ll just leave it at that!
Have a good night!

Comments on: "You can’t knock ’em out, you can’t walk away" (0)

  1. OK, I actually DO sing and dance as I walk down the street, shop,…  Really, I do!!!  Musicals (love Godspell, etc. ), Jackson Browne, Willie, John Denver, Melloncamp, whatever is playing in the store.  (No Black Sabbath, etc. – might ‘scare’ people)  I have the long hair and ‘weird’ clothes.  BTW – the store/shop you, sister, and I are ‘planning.’  I’ve unilaterally decided it needs a restaurant to go with the coffee shop.  Chalkboard menu – depends on what is fresh and what the chef wants to make.  The chef changes weekly or monthly!  Give those new guys a chance!!!

  2. RYC:  I’m one who ‘can’t get over’ because I haven’t seen any in 26 flipping years!!!  God, how I’ve tried!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Our ‘shop’ – I’d love to be the ‘chef in residence’ with others doing the real work.  (damn I need to cut my nails – can’t type worth, well, you know…)  I continue to try!!!  But he’s in ‘the book.’ (but you didn’t hear that from me – all characters are fictional…any resemblance to real characters…)

  3. I think I could use some singing and dancing and weird clothes as a release right now. I think I’ve mentioned before that I’ve seen JC Superstar twice. First time I saw it I was in grade school and I wanted to sing and dance on the stage – thank goodness I grew out of that because I can’t do either.Hmmm…you’re right I don’t think you can say the lip thing but I have told women that they have pretty hair. I think they think I’m weird but I think it still brightens their day. Did you ever see the movie Ground Hog Day with Bill Murray? While Craig, the boys and I were walking in that square (but not while they were filming the movie) a kind of crazy woman came up to me and told me I have beautiful hair and walked away. I think she was a little different and it made me feel a little weird at the time but I still remember it and think it was one of the most genuine compliment I have ever received.

  4. I never thought Toledo’ans had accents! See, I learn something new every day.

  5. That would be really cool to be singing and dancing all the time./…have you seen hairspray?  I lked the music  šŸ™‚ t

  6. It will be fun to have long hair flowing and dance and laugh.  Be joyous!  Thanks for visiting!

  7. I think the great great grandmas might think that I didn’t actually do any work. No kids, no plowing the back 40, no washing with a board and a hand cranked wringer. They’d think I was pretty lazy and wicked. Those would be the Lutherns. The Catholics on my father’s side of the family would have been Irish and crazy as loons, no telling what they would think. I’d pour them a full one and might be alright with them.Sometimes I think I’m in a musical, usually when I’m alone. It’s always a Cole Porter musical. You’re the tops, pass the martinis.

  8. Correct me if I’m wrong but I thought diuretics were supposed to expel water, not retain it? I love old musicals, used to watch them every Sunday afternoon while my mum ironed the weeks worth of clothes we’d gone through.

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