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Another Friday night, and I ain’t got….

Drunk Posting just so Kellie doesn’t feel alone! 🙂

Finally got our DSL back at work, I’ll try to remember to post our AT&T horror story next week so I can always remember.  Spent some time with the good looking realtor. (poor me, right?) Had a BAD week with the current landlord. It takes an awful lot to really push me to mad & rude,but I’m there. 
Chipped a tooth on a lifesaver ( I mean, COME ON!)
Had an email from a friend that made me smile, I’ll be planning lunch with him next week.
Took Tuesday and Wednesday off, but have to go in on either Saturday, or Sunday or Monday for a couple of hours.  Ying & Yang.
LOVE my new phone.  Razr! Rocks!  And I’m really liking the whole blue tooth thing.
Oops – pardon my yawn!  One probably shouldn’t mix White Zin & Riesling.
Night all!

(Big Edit) Did I use up all of the Internet in the whole world?

No, just a snaffu with AT & T.  I was without my secondary internet connection today, so my laptop was simply a place to hold my receipts to be expensed in place.  Very Sad.  A day without blogging.

LOVE my new phone!  So many fun new features.  But that’s all I have time for.  I must go find some food.  I am so hungry.
~Edit – I found pictures on my camera from last night that I had forgotten I had taken. These were all taken after dinner with my sister.  We were across the river from Downtown Toledo.  There is a grouping of very nice restaurants and it was a beautiful night to walk the promenade afterwards.


Aimless meanderings today.

When I’m bitching about work, don’t feel too bad for me.  I love what I do, and there are some great perks that most people don’t have.  For instance, having my laptop open next to my work computer all day.  Leaving my trillian open all day to talk to work people, and anyone else I feel like instant messaging.
Or, (drumroll please) being able to stay home and wait for the FedEx guy and just work from home until I’m ready to go in.  Which is of course what I’m doing now.  Got quite a bit done this morning, and now when (if) I ever make it into work, I’m all caught up.  Good thing, I have a huge documentation project to start today which will be pretty consuming.

I woke up sometime in the middle of the night crying like a baby from my dream.  I dreamed that I was typing my Xanga entry and just said to hell with it, and told everyone all my secrets, and all my pains and everything bad about my life.  It was very cathartic.

But what I originally had planned to be blogging about today was a taboo (for me) subject.  Religion.  Sort of.  I won’t talk about religion except in very general terms normally, because I have a deep belief in the live and let live philosophy.  I do not want to ever be judgemental about anyones beliefs, nor do I want their opinion on mine. I don’t need their validation nor support. So I choose not to discuss it.  Because of this, I have an adverse reaction to Xangas that mention their religion on their actual Xanga page, not the entry, and on their profile.  I actually do read peoples profile and it will frequently make me not look at their Xanga.  It’s not their religion that keeps me away, it’s the implied in your faceness of their beliefs.  I’m working on getting over my own judgemental attitude and trying to see the people behind the belief.  So I was curious, does anyone else do this, or the opposite?  If someone mentions their beliefs in their profile, are you more apt to take a look?

~edit – YAY!  The new phone is there!  Of course, by there I mean home, while I am now here.  Here being work.

Why it’s best to stay away from me today.
1.)Someone took my lunch food out of the freezer at work at sometime over the last few days and moved it to the refrigerator.  There is no reason for this.  They were not full, there was not a space issue.  My food was not in the way.  They had not been in there for months as some other food, which remains happily frozen, has.  This has both annoyed and somehow hurt my feelings.  I know it’s stupid.
2.)There is some sort of construction or repair work being done somewhere in this building which is causing all of the heating/AC vents to vibrate.  I have been listening to these vibrations since about 9am, and I believe it is making me very very tense.  Which may explain why number 1 bothered me.

3.) My eyeballs feel funny.  I won’t explain, it’s more fun if I don’t.

I did nothing wildly exciting this weekend.  Good thing since I left my camera at work!  I was almost positive that the aliens would finally touch down and I would not be able to document it.

My husband convinced me that I am in fact worth the money and that I should order a new phone for him to give me for my birthday.  So, order I did.  Should be here today or tomorrow.  Did I already tell anyone that?  This seems vaguely repetitive.  My brain is really short circuiting today.  See #2 above.

Went to grab a quick salad on Sunday and pulled up to our normal Sunday quick salad & veggie burrito place only to find a budget rental truck in the back loading up the food, and a sign on the front door telling the employees their checks would be mailed to them on the 31st of August!  Sucks to be them! What a horrible thing to have happen.  I wish I knew them, I would give them my card and tell them to send me resumes.  You never know when you’re going to be hiring.  Ate instead at Penn Station Subs, I like it there but instead of having them make mine a salad, for some reason I had it on bread instead.  Too doughy for me.

Back to work I go!

And on that note…

A couple of days ago my husband decided I should dye my hair red, or at the very least Strawberry blond. (I’m a dark blond now) so this evening after dinner at the Olive Garden, then caught in a storm,  then caught in another storm, I came home and took a not very attractive picture of myself and went to clairols website and tried on different haircolors. 
(Don’t ask, I won’t show you, I looked Really Bad!) But I digress.
I put five pictures into a collage with the all the different colors and from across the room my husband said, Oh! I like the one in the middle!  Wanna guess?  Yup, it was the dark blond one.  He then exclaimed  – “I am an idiot!”  I guess there is a reason I’ve been a blond for so long.

Stay away from the storms tonight guys!

The Aliens are upon us.

Skipped my last BellyDancing class last night.  I know, I know.  But, really it was ugly hot out.  Instead went out for a nice enchilada and Corona with my Husband.
Later we went to pick my son up.  Unfortunately he didn’t need us to pick him up, so then it was just a nice drive.  Great sunset last night through the clouds.
Watched Big Brother.  It was uncomfortable.

Went to the Doctor this morning.  BP still too high.  Much better than the 165 over 95, but too high nonetheless.  So, dropping the Diuretic, which I don’t like to take, and upping the dosage on the Verelan.  Which I do like.  Hopefully it will balance out well.  Though I expect to swell up like a water balloon for a couple of days while I adjust to no diuretic.

I don’t believe I have any plans for the weekend.  I find that in itself difficult  to believe but, hmm.  There you go.

I feel sorry for people with no imagination. People who can’t see what the world should be, or see the tiny people who could possibly be living inside of the miniature jungle of the backyard.  Or the spaceship sitting just there, behind the clouds. Just because you allow yourself to see what you want to see, or to let your imagination run wild for awhile, doesn’t mean you can’t also live in the real world, and deal with real issues.  It just means you choose to keep your mind free and open.
Best Excel Command sequence ever created.  Copy – Paste Special – Transpose.

Stuff and Nonsense!

Spent two hours in an outdoor sauna last night with my incredibly smart, witty and oh so attractive sister and her little brood.  But DANG it was hot.
Took some pictures, and when I downloaded them, I found this one that I had forgotten I took.

I love the way shadows look, and I found this one particularly attractive. I think it would be fun to paint shadows on a wall.
I’m having one of those I know big corporate things, that I’m not allowed to talk about or even think about, and it’s driving me crazy.  The only thing worse than knowing potentially great news, is knowing when people are going to be fired.
Last BellyDance class tonight.  Which will be Here:

Then in September I start Ballroom.  This is the same campus that both of my children, and my stepson go to.  So that’s kind of fun.
Last but not least!  At my sisters little pond next to the house last night, I saw a Momma frog, and 5 Babies. Sadly they blend and the weather was too humid for good pictures. But if you feel like doing one of those hidden picture things.  Here you go!


Wait! Did I ever tell you my sisters name?  It’s Erin.  I believe all of the Erins in the world are of above average intelligence and creativity.  I bet if you know an Erin, you’ll agree.

all cracked up…don’t know what to do…

It’s gray, it’s gloomy.  It’s going to be warm and stormy.  I wouldn’t mind except I have after work plans, that I’m pretty sure involve me being on a football field, or some sort of outdoor venue.

I had a dream that some random psycho kept sneaking up on me and hitting me in the back of the head with a pale yellow cinder block.  I had a concussion.  How’s that for a testament to the week so far!

I think I’ll go eat some tuna on crackers (sadly without avocado) for my 2nd breakfast.

“With friends like you two, who needs enemies?”….Witchiepoo – 1969

Sorry – Publicly posted, private message!
I saw you, and out of respect for your privacy, I didn’t say anything.  But it was very nice to see you’re still kicking. Thank you, I won’t worry anymore.

There is not enough avocado in my life.  I really like avocados.

On July 24, 1986 I spent all day with my sister trying to do anything that would induce labor in my overdue body. Yes, I was overdue in JULY!  It was miserable.  Nothing worked.  Went home, curled up on the couch while my husband was at work, and watched TV.  During The Cosby Show, I laughed at something and my water broke.
So then I was curious what episode it was that I had been watching.  Very difficult, but I have not given up yet..

Josh – I don’t think I can assume the counting method is correct.  I think the likelyhood of it being off by an episode or two is pretty great.  What with pre-empting stuff and such.

That’s it, nothing else to see here…move along.

Plea to the internet – Cosby Show

Trying to find out what episode of The Cosby Show NBC aired on July 24, 1986.  It was in repeats so I cannot find it in the episode guide.

Please don’t make me email Bill Cosby.

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