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From win or lose, and still some how.

Sick AGAIN! (stupid ass stomach) All day, hurt feel horrible – think I must have exploded some internal organ.  But still, go to dance class.  TANGO!
Daughter decides to drop her car off at shop thursday morning.  I will run over pick her up and bring her to work with me.  Then leave work early to go get CAT scan.  (her, not me)  Husband will pick up eldest child from school thursday night since he normally rides home with his sister who will be skipping school for aforementioned CAT scan.

Thursday Morning;
Daughter wakes up Late.
Sister IM’s – looking for daughter to do an emergency babysit this afternoon, as sister has doctors appointment she cannot cancel and youngest niece woke up sick, can’t go to school.  Sorry, daughter is working and won’t have car.  Aha!  Bring small sick child to my workplace for lunch, sis goes to doc.  Niece is happy.
Daughter finally leaves, I leave immediately after.  Pick her up at car place, go to work.

Mid-morning – Son calls.  He’s sick.(stomach – at least I now I’m not dying from appendicitis, unless it’s contagious)  Coming to my office, can I give him a ride home?  Sure, what time?  Uh-oh..if I take him home, my sister will be dropping my niece off at my office while I’m at home.  Shuffle – call sister.  Sister will now meet me at my house, I’ll drop off son, and pick up my niece.  Done.
Niece is here with me for a while, fun times.  Coloring, lunch, wind up bunny races, made her blow lemon Jello out of her nose. 
Sister shows up, can’t see, haha!  Eyes dilated.  Niece takes away sister.

Waiting for the afternoon to drift away.  Watching my daughter drink the second half of her Redi-Cat.   (mmm, mmm good!, at least it’s not burnt broccoli made with dog water, or purple cauliflower soup)
Then will leave here early, run to bank, drop daughter off to pick up car, run home, meet daughter, go to Hospital, have CAT Scan, go Home!  Survivor night!
Geesh – things feel so disjointed today. Isnt’ it funny, I type it all out and it sounds like I’m whining and complaining, but I’m not.  It’s been a just fine day!  Any day that you can color with an almost 8 year old, while working is an Excellent day!

Christmas List time?

I love these.

For the person who thinks open/close, open/close, open/close, open/close is too much work.

Legends of the Fall

Hi, my name is Tracy and I like; Opera Music, impressionist paintings, Musicals, books by Tom Clancy, Agatha Christie, and well pretty much any other author I run across, oh, and Fall TV! 
Yay for sitcoms, and reality TV and fun smarmy people, and wicked fun sci-fi!
How I met your Mother
Dancing with the Stars (on and off)
Two and a Half Men
I’ll try to stop back before Christmas. 🙂

Sunday Snaps

I realized today that I had stopped taking quick little pictures of things that caught my attention.  I thought about it and realized it was because of my new phone.  Because my phone fits in my pocket so easily I rarely take my purse on my weekend adventures, it usually stays locked in the car trunk.  So, here are a couple of things that caught my attention in my front yard today.

My morning glories.  I love them, but I understand why some people consider them weeds.  I haven’t planted Morning Glories in four years.  They just keep reseeding.
Our favorite beagle Jesse, blending in with the yard.

Our favorite husband doing what husbands should be doing on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.  His car first, then mine. 🙂  I swear if someone parked their car in our driveway on a Sunday he wouldn’t even think about it, he would just wash it.
Have a great Sunday world.

I was dancin’ with my darlin’, To the Tennessee Waltz

Last night we learned The Waltz.

There were four couples, and one instructor.  The had the wrong room numbers on the registration forms, so after we got to the correct place, it was wonderful. I swayed and I swirled, and even had a little twirl in there.  I was a beautiful antebellum debutante.  Graceful (well mostly) and fluid.  Seriously!  I surprised myself with how well I did.  Of course it was the easiest dance.  The instructor who was maybe an inch or so taller than me, kept using me to demonstrate. So it was fun!

Did I mention my husband was an engineer?  I think he had fun, but boy was he struggling.  He wanted to stay in one exact spot, and not move off of his little piece of the floor.  He found a spot on the wall behind me and lined himself up with that, and then stared at it.  And if we moved out of the correct line, he would stop and move us back.  Sometimes by dragging me!   He was so worried about doing the steps that he didn’t hear the music. But there was much much laughter!  I love to laugh.  Next week is The Tango (said with an appropriate dramatic flourish please)  I can’t wait to see what he does with a dance that you have to cover ground in!
I think Ballroom dancing will be very good exercise if you did it alot.  My arms are sore from having them up for so long, and my inner thighs are sore, from the side stepping I would assume.  I’ll have to start finding ways to sidestep.  No Erin, I’m not going to try doing them on the Treadmill.  That’s crazy!

So, the verdict is, ballroom, much better than belly dancing, and much easier.  I strongly encourage you to give it a try!

The man in the back, as a matter of fact.

1st Ballroom dance class was tonight.  Details tomorrow.

I believe

I am nonsensical today.

Blankity, blank blank

I am defrosting one of the freezers at work.  Oh, what a glamorous life I lead.

I found a little tiny martini glass at the GlassOutlet store yesterday.  Sadly my husband pulled it out of the bag and dropped it.

At 3:43 am one of my dogs decided that she wanted to sleep in the dog bed in our bedroom. It was unfortunately already occupied by a different dog.  So she just stood there growling until the other one started growling.  Then they both growled for awhile.  Until I got up and chased one of them out.  The third time I chased her out, she got the idea.  Silly puppies.

The new office space I found has been rejected by the people who sign the checks. Back to the drawing board.

My new Birdie Drinking

For anyone who hasn’t seen one in action.  Watch the blue in the neck.

Yeah, I know.  I”m a goof this weekend. Off to the Libby Glass
Outlet to see if I can find a suitable cordial glass for my birdie to
drink out of on my desk.  Enjoy your day.

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