Sick AGAIN! (stupid ass stomach) All day, hurt feel horrible – think I must have exploded some internal organ.  But still, go to dance class.  TANGO!
Daughter decides to drop her car off at shop thursday morning.  I will run over pick her up and bring her to work with me.  Then leave work early to go get CAT scan.  (her, not me)  Husband will pick up eldest child from school thursday night since he normally rides home with his sister who will be skipping school for aforementioned CAT scan.

Thursday Morning;
Daughter wakes up Late.
Sister IM’s – looking for daughter to do an emergency babysit this afternoon, as sister has doctors appointment she cannot cancel and youngest niece woke up sick, can’t go to school.  Sorry, daughter is working and won’t have car.  Aha!  Bring small sick child to my workplace for lunch, sis goes to doc.  Niece is happy.
Daughter finally leaves, I leave immediately after.  Pick her up at car place, go to work.

Mid-morning – Son calls.  He’s sick.(stomach – at least I now I’m not dying from appendicitis, unless it’s contagious)  Coming to my office, can I give him a ride home?  Sure, what time?  Uh-oh..if I take him home, my sister will be dropping my niece off at my office while I’m at home.  Shuffle – call sister.  Sister will now meet me at my house, I’ll drop off son, and pick up my niece.  Done.
Niece is here with me for a while, fun times.  Coloring, lunch, wind up bunny races, made her blow lemon Jello out of her nose. 
Sister shows up, can’t see, haha!  Eyes dilated.  Niece takes away sister.

Waiting for the afternoon to drift away.  Watching my daughter drink the second half of her Redi-Cat.   (mmm, mmm good!, at least it’s not burnt broccoli made with dog water, or purple cauliflower soup)
Then will leave here early, run to bank, drop daughter off to pick up car, run home, meet daughter, go to Hospital, have CAT Scan, go Home!  Survivor night!
Geesh – things feel so disjointed today. Isnt’ it funny, I type it all out and it sounds like I’m whining and complaining, but I’m not.  It’s been a just fine day!  Any day that you can color with an almost 8 year old, while working is an Excellent day!

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  1. I don’t even know what to say.  I was going to say how sucky it all is but then your last paragraph changed my mind.Let’s see what can I say?Hope your tummy feels better!Hope your son feels better!Hope your daughter feels better!Hope your niece feels better!Hope your sis’ eyes undialate quickly (mine take forever).Hope your hubby manages to stay healthy!Have fun watching TV tonight.

  2. not too sick to tango, that is good! I’d love to take a dance class! sounds like quite the day.

  3. New survivor. I haven’t formed any likes yet. You? Maybe tonight will give some insight into personalitites!
    It must be going around. I was up all night. Still have a quizzzy stomach. You’ all get better up there in Buckeye land even though you are sooo close to Mi.

  4. Nah, you don’t sound like your whinning, it just sounds like life happening. But when you write it all out like that it does sound complicated.
    I hope everyone feels better soon tho! Have fun tangoing…(is that a word??) or doing the tango!

  5. I miss actually hearing about these daily adventures! Did you hear anything else about that building you wanted to move into?

  6. I watched a couple new shows and it seems like there were so many commercials.  

  7. Very exciting life you’ve got going on.  Hope you’re feeling better, as well as the other family members.What could be more fun than coloring with a kid who can shoot lemon Jello out of her nose?  Kids make life so much more interesting!Hope you have a good weekend.

  8. Can I come over and play – I have a big box of crayons!!!

  9. Sister shows up, can’t see, haha!
    That’s a great line…

  10. All I can say is, get well all of you!!!!! OMG and guess what I’m listening to? ‘Down with the sickness’ by Disturbed’…hahahaha (sorry….) Ironic!

  11. I hope everything is fine with the sick ones:)  I like Tango.  Watch Shall We Dance, some nice moves.  You are right.  I think too much of silly stuffs.

  12. That’s more crap than I do in a whole MONTH!!!

  13. WOW! Hope you ended up feeling better.  I’m glad the wrestler chick got voted off – I guess.  I don’t think I’m committed yet.  Thanks for your comments.  No, I’m not on the pill – no slapping necessary.  Man – that sounded exhausting!

  14. p.s. It’s lifes illusions I recall.  I really don’t know life….at all…..

  15. Just stopping by to say “hi”. I hope your tummy is feeling better! I’m so glad that you and your hubby are taking the ballroom dancing classes……sounds like a lot of fun to me. My hubby hates dancing but I just love it! Thanks for stopping by and for all your good thoughts!!

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