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How funny is this!  If you search for Ambrosia Apple on Google,  my entry shows on the 2nd page. 🙂 It cracks me up when that happens.

Product Review

This + Cajun Version = Icky

Here I go, singing low….

I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to mislead anyone with my post yesterday. I am fine and dandy.  I frequently see the darkness in my life, or in others, as visual representations.  The current one that I see is the wave.  My inclusion of the text was just to show you the part that I was trying to visualize.  Does that make any sense?

(Good Looking man just walked by my window! – My office windows are tinted, so if it’s bright outside, I can     look out without anyone seeing me.  It’s quite fun.)

Fall for me is usually a time of introspection and change.  I don’t know why, but it’s the time when many things in my past have happened.  I think it has more to do with me causing changes at this time of year. So, if you see a lot of moody posts, don’t fret, it’s just my brain tossing out everything for a nice cleaning, and then I’ll take back the stuff I want to keep.  My neighbor calls me a ground hog because I retreat back into my house and myself as the weather gets colder and I don’t turn friendly again until the Spring.
I bought candy for the trick or treaters. The nicest day of the week is supposed to be Wednesday.  That makes me happy!  I have to sit outside to hand out candy because of the dogs.  If I try to stay inside and open and close the door, the dogs will get out, small children (and parents) will scream.  One of them is very large, and two of them are just very loud.
Back to work.

Paint in my head.

Sometimes I paint in my head.  I own paints, and canvases and brushes, but most of the time I just paint in my head.  Right now I’m painting a picture of a wave.  A very large wave, almost tidal type.  The ocean surrounding it will be all in Emeralds and blacks. The sky dark royal blues with some light blue added in.  The largest part of the wave will be in all Dark purples and blacks.  And then the crest of the wave will start tying in some Lavenders, with  some lighter greens, and peach.  This is a symbolic wave to show darkness and hope.  Where the wave is breaking, the part that will actually touch the shore at some time, you can see it lightening.  Those little glimmers of hope and light.
I’m painting it to match this text. 

Can a soul be broken, can you hurt so bad that it can’t ever be whole again.
once read a story about a boy who was put in a well, the lid was shut
with just the tiniest glimmer of light.  And I thought to myself,
that’s me.  That’s my life.  I saw no way out, no hope of ever climbing
up that ladder.
They rescued the boy, they pulled his white and bloated body out and breathed new life into it.
I’m getting glimmers of hope, like those breaths of air pushed into my soul.  I think there is a chance now.

Every once in awhile I think I may have to break out the paints again and actually do it, or it will get stuck in my head forever.

Edit – You guys are all so nice!  I’m Fine! 

What happens when you play word Association with Josh

Fall has Arrived, summer has left the building

Have you ever known anyone who couldn’t do something that might be perceived as doing something nice for someone?  Not because they’re not nice, but because for some reason they don’t want anyone to ever know that they’re making the effort to do something for someone.  Did that make any sense at all?

I was watching the office, and NBC ran a commercial with Jerry Seinfeld talking about his upcoming movie and the commercial was sponsored by Ford.   How can that make sense? How can a company sponsor a commercial, bad deal for them.

Just a thought for the evening.

I am always humbled by the caring of the people that I have met here in this corner of the internet.  If you had asked me two years ago, I never ever, EVER, would have thought that my life could be as enriched as it has been.
Thank you.


My loveliest youngest child did this in her art class, and I think it’s wonderful.


Went to the Dr this morning and she very happily told me my BP was the lowest it’s been in over a year.  WooHoo!  Still a little high, but tolerable.  When Tasha my favorite RN took my pulse I said, “78 as usual”, and she said “no, it’s 80 but it was weird it kept stopping” and she looked confused. I have some weird neck/shoulder/back issue and when it’s bad and I turn my head wrong it actually stops the blood flow.  Oops, guess she shouldn’t have been on that side of me!

I just ate a GIANT sandwich from Jimmy Johns for lunch. Oh, so good, but now I’m Oh so FULL!

If you would like see some beautiful graphics go to  Stick with it for a few moments while it changes scenes. 

Givin’ the props where the props is due.

 Last month one of the people who used to work here was IM’ing with me and he told me that he had just picked up a part time job as a Sample Queen.  You know, stand in the grocery and say – would you like to try our “Insert product name here”.  He told me about the product and I of course wandered over to their website.

It’s an Energy Drink called ZipFizz.  While there, I saw a link where you could enter to win a months supply, so I entered.  Last week I got an email saying I won.  I adopted a “I’ll believe it when I see it” attitude, as I do with most emails proclaiming – You’re a Winner! – but lo and behold got home yesterday and found a big old box full of ZipFizz. (Oh, Their website says current winner is Theresa from AZ, that’s not me!) 

Maybe it’s kinda weird to get excited about it, but seriously, I’m just not one of those people who win things.
It’s pretty good!  I like the Citrus.  Though, I think their marketing may be flawed.  Guess they’ll know better than me, but it’s a little pricey, and their packaging looks like it’s aimed at teenagers.  I think they should go after the (ahem) older market, and push it as a Healthy alternative to sports drinks.  Especially for us on the go, over a certain age women. They also have an immunity formula and a weight loss formula.  I would like to try those too.  We’ll see.  Looks like it’s only available online & at Costco.  And I’m not buying a Costco membership just to get a drink mix, no matter how cool the packaging.  (it is pretty nifty individual packaging)


I’m listening to Highlights from Turnadot that one of my bosses sent me yesterday.  It is wonderful, but for some reason I feel slightly embarrassed to be listening to Opera.  Why?  I don’t know. 

Have a great day all, and keep on entering those internet contests and some day your dreams may come true too!

Well, it finally happened.

I finally found something I can’t find the answer to on the Internet.

How much does John Cusack make for a doing a movie?  I need to know because I’ve let my husband know that I think John will be my next husband.

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