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PreOrder – BackOrdered?

I preordered something from Best Buy.  Thought this would be a good way to Christmas shop.  I received an email today from Best Buy letting me know that my PreOrder was BackOrdered.  Perhaps there is some misunderstanding as to the intent of a PRE order.

A PREorder means that you should order enough to cover my order, plus any other that you think you may sell.  My order would be filled before an Order.  This would explan the PRE. 

What do you know, it IS available from Amazon.  for the same price.

Bumpity, Bumpity, Bumpity!

I am just tired!  It’s been an incredibly stressful week.  My call yesterday morning went from 9:25 am to 11:40 am.  That is just too long of a time to be talking to a group of people.

I think my husband and I are going to go see Enchanted this weekend.  It’s getting really good reviews, and for some reason I really want to see it.  Not my normal kind of movie, but there you go!  IF (note the if) we do go, I’ll give my beautiful nieces a call and see if they’re available. 

I bought THIS for myself and used it for the first time yesterday.  I tried the mandarin green, it was sooo good!  I bought it so I could make a nice fancy dancy  cup of tea at work, but I really like the infuser so now I want to take it home.  It’s a conundrum.  Good teas.  If anyone wants to try them, send me your email address and I’ll do the thingy that sends you a $5.00 off coupon.  This particular one that I ordered is nice because it has the four little tins of tea.  Each tin makes like 6 cups of tea.

Yesterday when I got into work the bottom edge of a frame had come off of one of my pictures.  It was the weirdest thing.  It’s my print of “The Scream” .  It was just hanging off the bottom, with the large sheet of glass slowly working it’s way down.  I’m going to see if I can get it back into enough shape to hang up today.  My wall looks empty without it.

I overslept again today.  I’m just TIRED! 

Bloggity, Bloggity, Bloggity…

I have so much to say, and unfortunately this is not the venue to say it.  One of you (and you probably know who you are) may be receiving a long message soon detailing my triumps and tibulations of the week.  Very bizarre.

Other than that, I’ve got nothing.  Work,  work, and more work.  I know after the whole webcam on Xanga you won’t believe me.  But if you work at a desk, on the computer & on the phone, seriously how hard is it to do two things at once? 

Did you all see my sisters new kitty cat and her funny looking dog?  Too cute. I’m looking forward to introducing myself to the cat.  I’m not allowed to talk to the dog.

Wow, could I be less exciting.


Whistle while you work..

I have had a blast the last couple of days chatting with people on the whole Xanga TV Thing!  Too much fun.  Especially since I’ve been chained to my desk doing documentation.  I’ve created so many docs and then had to recreate them because I overwrote them with the next version or cleared them and hit save, or saved them under a name I couldn’t remember.  This is what happens when you make to many.

Camera is still at work so I’ll pop it back on again tomorrow, though I am expecting thursday to be a day of on the phones.  We’ll see.  So if you see me there, and I don’t answer you, don’t be offended please!

Back to watching my Wednesday lineup of TV! Night guys.


HEY – If anyone is bored – look at my site and tell me if my webcam is broadcasting?

EDIT – Apparently I should have said go to

You have to use the direct URL rather than clicking Comments to see the module!

Edit Again!  Didn’t bring the camera home!  Sorry.  If it’s a quiet day, I’ll pop it back on tomorrow during the day.

Restaurants in Toledo, Ohio

I apologize right off the bat for anyone who is subscribed to me and not in Toledo.  This will take up too much space in your subscription window and not be of any interest at all to you!

Okay, all of the restaurants that I can think of that we’ve eaten at in Toledo within the last year or so, with what I think of them!  Please excuse the spelling, I didn’t google them.  My husband is a vegetarian who had a heart attack a while ago, so is very conscious of the food he eats.  My daughter is unable to eat Gluten, so if she still hung around with us she could tell you the best places for Gluten free food.  Hey, if you’re in Toledo weigh in with your recommendations for the nice new person I met who is new to Toledo.
Um – did I ever mention that I only cook for fun, not for sustenance?  Sunday night I made homemade Cranberry Sauce.  It is so beyond good! Thanks Erin! 

Abuelas – Briarfield Road – Expensive but wonderful food!  The BEST guacamole I’ve ever had in a restaurant. – Nope, not anymore.  Guacamole has gone mayo’y.

Aladdin – Talmadge & Sylvania – Nice and healthy Mediterranean.  We eat here alot!  Not pricey, casual. 03/13/2011- We stopped eating here.  Got inconsistent and just not as good.

Ansaras /Adams Place–  Small little steak and rib Restaurant. Very good!  Little bit pricey.  Now called Adams.   Since I no longer eat steak, I haven’t been here.03/11/2011 – I went here with the guys from work.  It was fantastic.  Pricey, and very small, but Very good! Oh, and it’s called Adams Place again.

Beaners (for Coffee) New on Sylvania at Talmadge – MMMMMMMM.Nummy.  Expensive, once a week treat for me. Now called Biggbys in an effort to appease the people who thought the name might be offensive to people. 

Biaggis – Levis commons – Read Bravos,  almost the same restaurant

Bob Evans  – We don’t do alot of breakfast out, but this is our breakfast place.

Bravos – Westfield Mall – Nicer restaurant, slightly more expensive, usually pretty darn good. Best Bread & oil with spices for dipping.

The Blarney – Downtown – Monroe St – Good SALAD! Cheap for lunch. I work four blocks from here. – Sadly I no longer work in downtown Toledo.

Café Marie AKA Marie Scramblers – Secor Road – Good breakfast place, though there is always something a little off about it.  I dunno.

Claudaughs – Westfield Mall Gotta try it at least once.  Loud, large Irish restaurant.  Mid Price, decent food, huge portions if you’re into that.  Potato soup is a must.

Carrabas – Briarfield Road – Expensive – Good steak place.

Chipotles – Just like Sol Caliente – but with more people and less good tortilla chips.

Darla’s Thai Pan – Secor & Sylvania – It looks like a Thai Diner!  I really like this place.  The owner is always on site and serving.

Dragonfly Artisian Tea Cottage – Main Street, Sylvania Ohio.  This is a fun place for lunch every once in awhile. Pretty setting with a great selection of Tea. Quirky and cute with a small variety of lunch foods. Be prepared for a long lunch. The quickest I’ve ever been able to make it in and out is 75 minutes.

Don Pablos Airport Highway – Standard party Mexican food.  Pretty darn good.  Reasonably priced.  Good Guac. (my only real criteria)

Easy Street Cafe – Downtown Washington St – Very good place for a nicer lunch downtown.  Mid Price range, good food.06/2011 – Closed.

El Camino Real – Douglas & Sylvania – Strong Drinks – food not so good.

El Vaquero – Secor Road – This is our Mexican restaurant of choice now.  Quick, cheap and decent quacamole.

Fat Fish Blue – Levis Commons – there is nothing except salad here for vegetarians, and they don’t even try.

Fazollis – Cheap Italian.  – All closed up in Toledo

Gino’s – Alexis Road  – Cheap pizza and subs.  Good food, but known for their terrible service.  Just know that going in and have a sense of humor about it.

Ground Round – Alexis and Telegrah.  Standard family fare.  Little pricey / 06-2011 – Different Restuarant now!

Hot Sizzling Wok – Laskey Road between Douglas & Jackman  – Best Chinese food in Toledo. Cheap, family owned, big portions.  I live a couple of blocks from here.

The Inn Season Cafe – this restaurant is in Royal Oak, Michigan.  SO GOOD!  Again makes me want to bang my head against the wall in frustration at the lack of healthy vegetarian restaurants in Toledo. Organic, vegetarian with Vegan & gluten free options. Wonderful food.

Johnny Rockets – Levis Commons – One of those things you have to try so you can tell people you’ve been to a Johnny Rockets.  But, it’s just sandwiches and fries.

Mancys Italian – Monroe St. Over Priced food, not impressed

Mancys Steak House – Phillips & Sylvania This is a Toledo landmark.  Expensive and pretty and filled with good food, if you’re NOT a vegetarian. 

Max & Ermas – Blech.  Use to be good.  For some reason not lately.

Michaels Bar – Downtown Monroe St – Cheap good lunch food!  Looks like a dive, but it’s not.

Navy Bistro – The Docks Expensive, but good food. – Last two times we went there the food was only so so, and both times it was also only lukewarm!  Like all good restaurants in Toledo, it’s gone downhill. / 03/13/2011 – CLOSED

Noodles – This is chain restaurant.  The closest one is 45 minutes away in Ann Arbor, MI.  I love it!

Olive Garden – Monroe & Talmadge – Standard fare.  Good for Soup & Salad. – I had foreign objects in my food the last two visits.  I just can’t go back.

Outback – Bad the last couple of times, so they’re off our list for awhile.

Panera – Talmadge & Sylvania – Nice standard sandwich & coffee place, Love the new Mediterranean Vegetarian sandwich.

Penn Stations Subs Monroe St (at Harvest)Big old Messy, good subs! Any subs can be made as salad which is what I do.  French Fries are made to order from a newly cut potato.  Very good. Ask for them well done. Inexpensive.

P.F. Changs – Good Food!   A little pricey and very loud!  I think they do appetizers and sides best!

Poco Piatti – Levis Commons (also Monroe St, but haven’t tried that one) Loved this.  Nice combination of food types.  Little more pricey, but not outrageous.

Sakura – Wonderful HIbachi restaurant. Expensive, and a must have reservations on a busy night kind of place. 

Schlotzkys – Central Avenue – WAY OUT! – I can’t help it.  I love their soups & Sandwiches.  This location is fun, because they’re always out of stuff.  You never know what you’ll be able to get. – Closed.

Sebastiano’s – Heatherdowns – family owned Italian in the same strip mall as the DMV.  Very good food!  You will probably need reservations, or a lot of patience.

Sevas This is a vegetarian restaurant in Ann Arbor, Mi. If it were in Toledo I would eat there at least once a week.  The French fries alone are worth the drive.

Red Robin – Monroe Street – Good Veggie Burgers! But OH SO LOUD.(did I mention we’re old?) Little Pricey if you’re not a big eater.

Red Wells – Landmark Toledo Restaurant on Sylvania Avenue, by Jackman.  Horrible food!

Rudys HotDog – Monroe Street or Alexis – The best Chili Dogs anywhere.  Add cheese, worth the grease.  Cheap!

Salsaritas – Out in Maumee somewhere – Had high hopes for this place!  Healthy Mexican food, with some extra options that Chipotle didn’t have.  Every time we went in there they were out of something I wanted, like vegetables!  We decided not to go back anymore, not worth the heartache.

Sol Caliente – Talmadge & Sylvania – Healthy Fresh Mexican. For some reason always empty.  THE best tortilla chips on the planet.  Very similar to Chipotles.Not pricey <Edit 12/1/07 – Went by today and it’s closed down, so sad>

Tangos – The Docks – More expensive Mexican Restaurant.  More for Atmosphere than food.  – Had a small fight with their inability to provide accurate information on their website and vegetarian options.  Haven’t been there in ages now. / Closed….

Tony Packos Front Street or Monroe St in Sylvania.Try the Front Street one for it’s history,   Chicken Paprikash or Hungarian HotDog.  Not Expensive…

Texas RoadHouse Good Steak!  Best Croutons vote goes here.

Ya Halla – Alexis Road.  Locally owned Mediterranean.  My daughter and I love it, my husband not so much.  It’s just never easy is it?  Good Food, and inexpensive.

Zia’s – The Docks  – Ate there for the first time a couple of months ago, very good!  Sangria is a must! Expensive.

Zoup – I don’t know.  Out that way somewhere.  – I really liked place at first, but now, I dunno.


Footprints in the sand?

NO!! In my Xanga. I popped into my footprints to look for someone in particular and I saw a referred by from a LiveJournal account.  So I went to the liveJournal account, because I didn’t recognize it.  I still don’t know who it is, ((but thank you for agreeing with me that it’s a sad thing)  but they have on their friends list someone else who I talk to on Xanga, who when I looked at their LiveJournal account,they use it like I do! To post comments and keep track of friends.  Crazy Crazy Crazyness!  I wonder if it’s a six degrees of separation type of thing,can I track my Xanga back to anyone else I choose on LiveJournal in less than six links?  I’ll have to try it someday.

And that is all for today, I’m under a deluge of minutia at work.  But I’m hoping that tomorrow I have time to do an entry of what will surely be the most boring entry in the world to anyone who doesn’t live in Toledo!  Restaurants that newbie Toledoeans should try!


Drew Carey is funny!

Nieces and a husband (mine, not my nieces) at my sisters table. The food was so good that I had my niece go grab me a ziploc so I could sneak leftovers.  Nummy.

I have now experienced a Wii.  I WANT ONE!  So much fun.  I bowled, played baseball, jumped cows, Ping Pong’d, and boxed.   We have multiple gaming systems in my house, but I have a small problem.  When I play any RPG games, I get sick.  I get a horrible headache and nauseated.   Can’t even watch someone else play them for more than a couple of minutes.  It’s a great sadness in my life because I love games.  However, with the Wii sports, it’s not the same.  I can play and play!  I may actually have to start visiting my sister more than once every six months! 

My husband has requested I not purchase a Wii, so I think I will keep my eye out for a used one after Christmas.  For those of you who know me, and are right now saying, what? You’re not going to buy it just because your husband said so?  Well, Yeah..  There is a little bit (really a teeny tiny bit) of compromise in me.

Going to go for a late lunch, early dinner later at Abuelas.  We’ve never eaten there.  I didn’t realize it was a chain until today.  Hope it’s good!

Speaking of Food?

What did you have for Breakfast today? 

I had a fried egg sandwich.

Two pieces of Beefsteak Rye, toasted with a little I can’t believe it’s not butter light, 1 slice of Kraft Sliced 2% Cheddar, a little ketchup and one egg fried over medium.  Reasonably healthy, but solid enough to get me to an early dinner.
Have a wonderful day!

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