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Wanna guess who’s in bed with me?


That’s right…we’re curled up in bed watching Music & Lyrics.  My son set up my wireless router yesterday, so I brought my work laptop home to test it.  Then I decided I wanted to watch the movie instead of the first two hours of the football game.  So – here we are.  Now, don’t get used to it!  This is a once in awhile thing.  Computers do not belong in bed!  Though, I just realized my webcam is in my bag as well.  Oops!  Lets not go there.

I’m finding typing while lying here very easy.  Perhaps it’s just the timing.  Normally 8:30 at night is not my blogging time.  I feel like I could type for hours, of course it would all turn out to be drivel.  Speaking of the exact opposite of drivel, I wandered onto someones writing blog.  I got totally caught up and read so many little vignettes. Normally I do not like short stories but they were very clever.  She’s not one of those people that I talk to on Xanga so I’m not comfortable tagging her so you can visit for yourself, but I really do have a whole different view of her now.  I found it amazing that she could capture my attention in such a brief time.  I’m amazed at the people that are hanging out on Xanga.

K – done typing.  Night all.

And slowly I turned.

It’s Quiet……Too Quiet.

Ran dry.

I was watching a movie on Sunday when I was sick.  I think it was Sunday.  The movie was American Dreamz.  Fluffy little flick, not to bad, not too good.  One of the lines made me laugh.  Of course I can’t remember what the line was.  Something about most Americans think they are middle class, but really they’re white trash. (that’s not even close, but it’s the same idea)  So I’ve decided I am absolutely definitely White Trash! 
Our yard goes back and forth between being quite nice in spring and summer, and an absolute wreck in the winter (too cold to care) Inside, is a shambles at all times.   I have certainly been known to shuffle out to the mailbox in my robe & jammies.  And!  we don’t have a garage so cars are kept in plain sight.  Definitly, defiantly white trash.

Hey, if you want to read a really well put together Xanga entry check out CaliforniaSnowFlake.  She wrote an nice little article about the Amish way.

I’ve been sitting at my desk waiting for a call that I can’t miss (because I have to conference other people in) for the last 14 minutes.  No word of where the participants have wandered off to, no call. 

My sister found me a Wii! Very excited.  Will be many Wii stories to follow I’m sure.  I’ve also ordered a nice little linksys router for my son to program today and turn us wireless.  You would think having worked for a wireless internet integrator for the last 5 years, it would have happened before this, right?

As I sit here I noticed some blobs of blue ink on some printouts and on my desk.  Oh no, the cherished Fountain Pen leaking?  Looked at the pen, doesn’t appear to be leaking.   Hmmm, perhaps it’s when I take the cap off?  It’s a pretty vigorous pull to get it the cap removed.  So I flick the pen real hard to see if that does it.  Oops.  Yes, that was it.  Ink all over stuff. 🙂  Luckily nothing important or that can’t have it removed with a little lysol.   Silly me.
Back now.  I was gone for 90 minutes!  Long call. 7 of us in three different locations, all on speaker phones (6 of the 7 bad speakers) talking.  I just had to read through a list of about 200 customers and tell everyone what I knew or remembered about each individual one and their business.  Yeah, no pressure there.

On ode to Erin

Did I ever tell you about the meanest person I know?
She buys cruel mean presents
And then to me she does bestow

Twas a pen that was the latest wound
Not a poison or sword
or a harp out of tune

This miraculous pen is so very fine
with blue ink aflowing
and now it is mine

Only someone else who loves pens as I do
Can  understand this
and believe me I know you are few

But to have such a pen of joy and fey
and work only on a computer
for all of the day

Tis torturous meaness to no end I tell you
as mean as can be
with my needs to write on paper being so few

My rhyme’s gone awry while clicking these keys
it’s the curse of the fountain pen
a pad of paper I will seize

To doodle and scroll with abandon I will
no more computering
of work I’ve had my fill.

If you could be invisible for 1 day, what would you do, where would you go, and why that?

I would go to all of the people I loved, I would wait until they were very quiet and still, and then I would place my hand on there shoulder and speak very softly and I would say, “You are fine.  There is nothing wrong with you, you are exactly as you are intended to be and your life will be wonderful and full of love as long as you have faith, and believe in yourself.”.
They would never know it was me, and they would believe.

I just answered this Featured Question, you can answer it too!

Playing with Irfanview

Since I never get to actually SEE my daughter, I thought I would post her picture over and over and over again.

Edit – My favorite Christmas song.

Bumptity Bump Bump

Christmas Eve Day and I believe I am over my sickness. 

Yay!  I just had my first solid food, I nice bowl of oatmeal.  After I type this I’m going to go hit the shower and then off to buy some veggies, and really that’s all I have planned for Christmas Eve. 

I spent all day yesterday in bed, watching TV, assorted movies, assorted TLC shows, and The Stand, Cro-hooking (need a scarf to match my coat) playing Tetris on my Game Boy Advance, and Sleeping.  Not how I wanted to spend it, but considering the Wicked Winds of the West here, it was probably just as well.

My 100 pound dog is trying to get on my lap and put her head on the keyboard so I’ll pet her instead of type.  Not working out real well for either of us.

Off to degerm in the shower.


Warning – TMI about Vomit!

A couple of months ago my Dr asked me if I would like a flu shot.  I said, “no, I haven’t had the flu in years”.  Oops.

Got up yesterday and just felt nauseaus all day.  Sometimes when my eating patterns get screwey that happens, so I tried ignore it and went on with my day as normal.  Didn’t feel very good all day.  By 9 o’clock last night, didn’t feel good At All!  Got the chills and the aches.  2 o’clock this morning saw the onset of the symptom the flu is famous for.  Boo to projectile vomiting!  Better today.  My internal thermostat still seems to be off, and I’m certainly not about to have a big old breakfast, but I’m wandering and typing so that’s a good start.  My husband just told me I look scrawny.  That’s exactly how I feel.

In the midst of feeling blah yesterday we went to Walmarts.  We didn’t really need anything, we just went to watch the chaos.  When we got there a little girl was standing outside the door having vomited all over the sidewalk.  Guess I should have taken it as an omen.

My sister sent me a link on Friday for an exercise plan that’s called Couch to 3K ( I think) So I’m going to try it!  Well, I started yesterday (another oops) made it through the first workout, but I was so achey that it was hard to breathe.  So I think I’ll call that a tester and officially begin on Monday or Tuesday.  We’ll see how the sickness progresses.  I’ve always wanted to be a runner, but I didn’t know how to get myself up to the running portion.  This is a 9 week plan. If I make it all the way through, I’m sure it will take me a little longer.  Maybe by spring?  Be fun to run three miles outside in the spring.

It poured down rain last night, and the temps are in the 50’s today.  Freaky.  Lots of wind though.

Think I’m going back to bed now for a little while, I bet I’m all back to normal by tonight.


Random photo of my baby

This is what my daughter looks like at work. 🙂


One public entry, followed by one private one.

but we’re travelin on, singing our song…


Nope, can’t tell we’re sisters.  If you could read the date you would see that the pictures were taken at the same time, both of us wearing the same outfit (except my sister has a dickie!) both of us with our webcams up.

Thanks for the advice on my angst. I think I’m better now.  I just let go of it. I did what I could, for as long as I could, now I’m done.  Time to move on.

Taking another half day off today!  W00t!




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