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Thursday ~new & improved with Edit!

Nothing new and exciting on the kidney front!   I feel kind of bad that you all are so sympathetic.  It really doesn’t hurt that bad anymore.  It’s sort of like a really sore muscle that you hurt from working out way to hard.  It’s always there as kind of an ache, but it only hurts a lot when you move wrong.    So, I’m fine.  Haven’t even taken any of the pain pills since that first day.

I’ll call the Doctors office tomorrow to see if they’ve heard from the insurance company.

Ended up meeting my daughter and son for dinner last night at our favorite Chineese restaurant.  It was ridiculously good.  Something weird going on with my appetite.  I’m either ravenously hungry, or not hungry at all.  I ate a TON.

I love my kids. 

When I got home my new electric teapot was there as well as my order of tea!  Wonderfully coincidental timing. 

Sending a notice to our current landlord tomorrow letting him know we’re moving.  YAY!

Haven’t signed a lease on a new place yet. That might be a problem.

~Edit – I know have the actual Diagnostic report from the UltraSound.  It says’ – Grossly abnormal appearance to the right kidney which is quite small and heterogeneous ( I had to go look up the word in this context and it just means very different, I think).  I had the sizes all wrong – my right kidney is “quite small and measures 7cm x 4cm x 4.8 cm the left kidney measures 11 cm x 6.1 cm x 5.8 cm (though the doc said my right is also swollen?).”   “There is also mile hydronephrosis (yeah, looked that one up, just means a little back up of urine – TMI?) I do not feel that I can exclude the possibility of a small mass in this type of kidney by ultrasound.  With this patients history of hypertension, renal artery stenosis should be a diagnostic consideration.”

Everyone is now caught up on Thursdays Kidney report.  Let the saga continue.


Went to the Dr’s.  I saw my Dr’s partner.  She was very nice.  She’s also the Doc that both of my kids see.  So this is what she told me.

The ultrasound can’t show the artery blockage.  What it did show was that one of my kidneys is now a significantly different size than the other one.  I’m pretty sure she said one is 7x4x4 and the other one is 11x2x1.  It’s also swollen on the inside, so something is quite wrong.  I have all of the symptoms of a Renal Artery blockage but  the only way to know for sure and to see the extent of it, is the MRA which they are getting preapproved right now,  She gave me two anti-anxiety pills to take before it, because my insurance company will not allow Open MRI/MRA’s and the one I had a few years ago was quite traumatic for me.  Apparently I have just enough of a touch of claustrophobia to keep it interesting. 

I will also have a cat scan to rule out any other abdominal problems because one side of me is also quite poofy. 

Gave me a painkiller and said I cannot take ibuprofen anymore.  Sucks for the people around me, because ibuprofen helps, and I won’t take the painkiller during the day. 

Chest & Rib x-ray looked good, which makes me very happy.  I always worry about my lungs (family history) so anytime anyone wants to do a chest x-ray I’m all for it!

I really wanted to go out for dinner tonight.  But my son has school and my daughter has school.   My son doesn’t need my car until 7, but I also have to run to Krogers after work.

Hmmmm.  Maybe I’ll ask my sister if she wants to meet me for Chineese.  It’s only a block away from home so I can probably work out the whole car thing.   When my husband is gone I eat at the places he doesn’t like. So Chineese food and Chilis’.

Off to work now!


Moved my Camera

to  HERE


I can feel myself getting tense and whiney.  I hate being whiney.  I wish it would stop hurting.  It’s not bad, it’s not like I’m sitting here with a knife wound, but it’s constant.  When I sit still it’s an ache, when I move it becomes sharp. 

Going to the doctor at 2:45 today, I won todays game of phone tag.

My camera is on, but it fell over, so I left it.  I may take it home and set it up on the other computer for the week.  We’ll see. 

Okay, back to work! Busy, Busy, Busy.


No witty repartee today. Just a quick catch up for any far away friends.
Felt better today, doesn’t hurt quite to so much.  Now I have more of a constant ache than pain.  I noticed this afternoon that the left side is starting to ache now.  My sister said it’s because I’m favoring my right kidney.  She also said I can have one of hers if I need it.  That’s what sisters are for, giggling & organs.

Called the doctors this morning and after a long round of “who’s on first” finally got through to the person answering the phone that I needed someone to tell me what to do next!  Very carefully left my cell phone number so they had a chance at getting hold of me.  No call, got home at 5:30 found a message on my home answering machine letting me know that they really needed me to call them.  ~sigh…..

My husband is at a seminar all week, close enough to drive home if he has to, but he of course called me every couple of hours to make sure I really did call the doctor and was taking care of things.  I’ll kind of enjoy only sharing my bed with the Beagle for a few nights.  So will she.

Work was hectic.  Got home and forgot that my son needed my car, so now I’m stranded at home.  Kinda weird.  It’s been a long time since I’ve been without a car.

I received a catalog in the mail today with samples in it!  I didn’t know anyone still did that!



Thanks guys I feel heady with the good wishes. 🙂  I’m sure everything will be just fine and dandy!  Never know, I may go in for the additional tests and they’ll say Oops!  Ultrasound people were wrong.

Took care of puppy to the vet – Just remembered I took a picture. I’ll have to go download in a sec.  Went to pharmacy and now waiting for movie time!
Good days.
Got it!

Where’s House when you need him?

So this is what happened.

A couple of weeks ago I got a pain.  It was on my right side under my ribs almost to the bottom, a little to the left.  It was pretty persistantly painful for a week.  Then it really got bad.  It started shooting to my back, and sometimes it felt like my entire right side was filled with needles.  If you even touched my skin when it was like that it hurt very badly.  Ibuprofen helped.  So I dealt with it all last week.  This week I got to learn that it could get worse.  Very bad pain, lots of Ibuprofen.  Much conversation about what it could possibly be.

On Monday my husband said, “hey, instead of you sitting here guessing all the things it might be, we have a doctor who actually does this for a living.”  So on Wednesday I could barely move without making funny noises and I swear it had been 6 days since I got a good deep breath, so I thought, hmmm, maybe I’ll call that doctor!

8:15 am appointment this morning, go to Doctor.  She pokes and prods and says a lot of hmmms.  Nothing in her Dr repetoire seems to match my places of pain, then she says “hey, can you pee in a cup?” and I say, “woo boy!  Can I!”  She comes back in a little bit and says, “hey here’s an idea!  off to the hospital with you for some tests!” Apparently a little bit of blood in the urine gets you some unwanted attention.  She wrote me orders for ultra-sound and rib & chest x-ray.  Go in, get an ultrasound.  Takes for freaking ever, and it hurts!  Then the very nice ultrasound person says – “um, will you wait here for a minute, I want to get the other ultra-sound person” Ultrasound person number 2 comes in and does it all over again.  I’m thinking, this might not be a good sign.  But, finally done, off to X-ray!

Gnomish little man and I chit chat while he’s taking picture of my innards, and then this woman comes in while I’m lying on the table dressed in my finest hospital gown and says “hey, are you Tracy??” I say, “I AM!”  She says, Dr. A wants you to call her as soon as you’re done with this x-ray.  I say “OH SHIT!” how bad must the ultra-sound have been for them to have already called her and her to call the Hospital to track me down?

Finish up, find my shirt walk down 27 hallways until I find a place with a cell signal and call the doctor.  Doc tells me the ultrasound tech (who happened to be a newbie) noticed something odd on the ultrasound, called the next chickie and they agreed.  They saw a blockage on my Renal Artery.  It’s never anything normal with me.  So, next week MRA & CatScan (meow), and then unless they’re both wrong I’m guessing a little tiny surgery will be in the works.  But, maybe not!  Since it’s me, it may actually be that I’ve swallowed a small eraser and it’s showing up there. 

Happily, it’s nothing worse, sadly, still hurts.  I’ve never had surgery except for my two c-sections, I’m not thrilled at the whole catheter up my thigh and then getting yanked out later when I’m awake to enjoy it. I am however happy they caught it and with any luck I’ll be keeping both of my kidneys for a good long time!  I like a matched pair.

There! Got it out of my system. (had to wait until I told my husband today)

Life is ____________! (you pick)

I had a dream that an airplane crashed, and a man wearing yellow (emergency worker?) was hurt and lying on the ground. Woke up, unhappy.  Then at 4:30 the dog started whining, not sure why, probably because she hates us.

Then I was in pain (long story, I’ll explain next entry) couldn’t go back to sleep.  Got up, went to Dr’s for an 8:15 am appointment, and the day went down hill from there!   Finally got to work at 11, and my office is still full of Swedes.  I have every intention of leaving as soon as they do, but I don’t think they’re leaving until like 4.

I will then go to dinner with my husband and tell him of my day, and then come home and start drinking!

Tomorrow, I will tell you the details of my day today, and then I will go to a movie with my husband and my sister and the world will be all good again.  I think I will eat dinner at Ruby Tuesdays afterwards.

Edit ~I forgot!  I have a vet appointment at 9am tomorrow, so that’s first. 😉

I Miss you!

I Miss the sound of my fingers clicking on the keyboard and the look of the black letters on the screen and then the comments passing back and forth!
I think I will miss you most of all Scarecrow!

Happy Birthday to

my little Girl!


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