No witty repartee today. Just a quick catch up for any far away friends.
Felt better today, doesn’t hurt quite to so much.  Now I have more of a constant ache than pain.  I noticed this afternoon that the left side is starting to ache now.  My sister said it’s because I’m favoring my right kidney.  She also said I can have one of hers if I need it.  That’s what sisters are for, giggling & organs.

Called the doctors this morning and after a long round of “who’s on first” finally got through to the person answering the phone that I needed someone to tell me what to do next!  Very carefully left my cell phone number so they had a chance at getting hold of me.  No call, got home at 5:30 found a message on my home answering machine letting me know that they really needed me to call them.  ~sigh…..

My husband is at a seminar all week, close enough to drive home if he has to, but he of course called me every couple of hours to make sure I really did call the doctor and was taking care of things.  I’ll kind of enjoy only sharing my bed with the Beagle for a few nights.  So will she.

Work was hectic.  Got home and forgot that my son needed my car, so now I’m stranded at home.  Kinda weird.  It’s been a long time since I’ve been without a car.

I received a catalog in the mail today with samples in it!  I didn’t know anyone still did that!


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  1. Samples are so sexy, sisters full of good stuff, and doctors’ offices consistently illogical.  I know, I worked in one.  *sigh*  Keep up the pep

  2. Beer and Wine samples 

  3. Kidney?  What?  I haven’t been around much and apparently missed something important!!!  I’ve got good blood if you want some, though the doctors are afraid of the possible ‘mad cow.’  I’d be more worried about the general insanity!  I can drive up there if you want!!!

  4. Anonymous said:

    i hope things go well with your drs call and that what you need to happen does. 
    i love samples.
    have a good rest of the week and enjoy sharing your bed with the beagle.  i share mine with fuzz the cat.

  5. RYC:  I approve of the high octane medication!!!  I’ll be avoiding the local news for awhile, but I’m sure it will be front page in the paper until they fry her, if she is found guilty.  (threw that last bit in there so I won’t be sued for libel or slander or whatever!) We may be up in your neck of the woods on Mon.  Trying to work a late lunch with aliashope!  (late, like maybe early bird dinner)

  6. oh they called your home phone, dohhhhh, that kind of stuff really makes me crazy!  I hope it is nothing urgent, even though they said it was…

  7. I hope it is not as serious as it sounds.  Great to have a sister to laugh with.  Good luck.

  8. Sorry that you didn’t get things worked out for the next step today but hopefully tomorrow. I love how you said the long game of “who’s on first”…..made me smile. God knows I’ve been there a few times. It gets frustrating to say the least. It took a month and a half for the medical docs to figure out what to do with hubby next. It seems to be a game of hurry up and wait! 🙂 I haven’t been without a car in a very long time. The last time that happened I said never again but that was when we lived on the farm a million mile from everywhere…..I felt like a trapped rat! I’m glad to hear that the pain has left up a little…..that’s a good thing! Enjoy your evening!! 

  9. I love samples!   There’s a place I order clothes from online and they send product samples with the order – shampoos, etc., – it’s cool.

  10. glad for the update! I hate when the doctor’s office gives me the run around. Sillies! Samples are awesome though…yay for little blessings!

  11. Here’s hoping the doc connection gets resolved! And sisters can be the best! I miss mine. And samples?? Chocolate! would be nice!

  12. Oh – that’s like Christmas – getting catalogs with samples!  Hope your game of tag w/the dr.’s results in some answers and appointments and such.  Sisters are the greatest.  Mine is in in another galaxy far far away – Montana.  It may as well be New Zealnd.  Sad.  But – xanga helps and email and a dozen phone calls a week.  Sisters are exactly what you need when organ issues arise!   take care – thanks for the updates!

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