Went to the Dr’s.  I saw my Dr’s partner.  She was very nice.  She’s also the Doc that both of my kids see.  So this is what she told me.

The ultrasound can’t show the artery blockage.  What it did show was that one of my kidneys is now a significantly different size than the other one.  I’m pretty sure she said one is 7x4x4 and the other one is 11x2x1.  It’s also swollen on the inside, so something is quite wrong.  I have all of the symptoms of a Renal Artery blockage but  the only way to know for sure and to see the extent of it, is the MRA which they are getting preapproved right now,  She gave me two anti-anxiety pills to take before it, because my insurance company will not allow Open MRI/MRA’s and the one I had a few years ago was quite traumatic for me.  Apparently I have just enough of a touch of claustrophobia to keep it interesting. 

I will also have a cat scan to rule out any other abdominal problems because one side of me is also quite poofy. 

Gave me a painkiller and said I cannot take ibuprofen anymore.  Sucks for the people around me, because ibuprofen helps, and I won’t take the painkiller during the day. 

Chest & Rib x-ray looked good, which makes me very happy.  I always worry about my lungs (family history) so anytime anyone wants to do a chest x-ray I’m all for it!

I really wanted to go out for dinner tonight.  But my son has school and my daughter has school.   My son doesn’t need my car until 7, but I also have to run to Krogers after work.

Hmmmm.  Maybe I’ll ask my sister if she wants to meet me for Chineese.  It’s only a block away from home so I can probably work out the whole car thing.   When my husband is gone I eat at the places he doesn’t like. So Chineese food and Chilis’.

Off to work now!


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  1. Hope everything works out!!!  The only thing I know about kidneys is that they’re shaped like beans and some swimming pools. 

  2. mmmmm…. Chinese food!!    

  3. Well I have no school today, so that means I have nothing to do. So I thought I would send you a mini that was cute. I think that ones cute. 🙂

  4. Save me a spot at the table for Chinese!!  After three weeks of Weight Watchers and portion control, I want to EAT!! lol

  5. I’m sorry you have to have the MRI.  Have you considered fighting with the insurance company?  Call and ask for a supervisor and see if you can convince them to let you have the open MRI.  Often times insurance companies summarily just say no but if you challenge them you might get what you need.  I suppose that you don’t have the time or the energy to do this right now but in case you need to have another one in the future you may want to look into that possibility.When you go for the MRI let the techs know about your previous experience and that you are really apprehensive so that they be aware of how you feel and do what they can for you.I’m sorry you are in pain and can’t take anything for it.Let me know when you are having the MRI.

  6. I would love to take you to dinner tonight.  And feed you lots of water and cranberry juice and tasty things you like.

  7. mmmm….chinese, I’m so hunnngry!
    I hope you don’t have to wait too long for preapproval. Make sure you tell the ppl doing the mri about your anxiety about it, so they’ll know to check with you as it’s going on, might help a little. Good luck Tracy!

  8. My best friend’s boy doesn’t like Chili’s either.  What’s with that?  The idea of the dog growling at the ceiling is kind of cute.  If I were there, though, I’d feel bad and try to tell my pet it was okay.  “Look, I’m not worried, so you calm down too.”  *imagines cat snuggled in my favorite reading chair; desperately wants a blanket and a book*

  9. I’m glad that things are coming along. Glad to hear that the chest  and rib x-ray came out good. I just hate that the insurance companies get to dictate what you can and cannot have done! That’s just wrong! Here, where hubby has been getting his MRI’s and such have been really good with him….he’s claustrophobic too. I’m lucky…I never had to have that done yet. 🙂 It sounds like they are getting right on this…that’s good. Hang in there….I’ll be thinking about you!

  10. Poor Tracy!  Glad they’re moving in a direction towards solving it though, or so it sounds!  Krogers!  That’s right – you’re out in those parts!  My Grandma worked for Krogers for 30 years.  Have a good night – hope you’re not in too much pain!

  11. RYC:  I liked the book and like the second one.  Quick, easy, fun to read. 

  12. RYC:  AMEN, SISTER!!!  gotta run now to see if I can do the Jeopardy test – working on your preferred pain reliever!!!  Hope things are going well.  Still planning a Mon. visit – depending on Fri’s expected snow storm.  Any suggestions on an eatery just north of the mosque?!?

  13. damn, still have to wait an hour – damn CST…

  14. RYC:  haven’t done Jeopardy yet – still confused with the time change thing and if they’ll let me take the test ‘late.’  Got 20+ minutes to kill – hum, tequila and coke, so, another 18 min?!?

  15. poor kiddleys.  I hope they can heal what ails you without being too invasive.  You must be awfully concerned.  I’m sending new agey healing green light!!!!

  16. God I hope they figure something out and you feel better soon!

  17. Get better! I had to take my sister in law to hospital for pain and dehydration. She had a small 3mm kidney stone. After 5 hours in the ER and finally IV and drugs got to take her home. Hopefull with lots of fluids she will flush it out with out to much pain! Hope your luck is as good as hers has been so far!
    Good wishes coming your way!

  18. Ouch…sounds terribly painful. I hope they figure out how to treat it very soon. I hope you were able to get out to dinner…Chinese sounds lovely an its only 7am!

  19. i HATE insurance companies. You ought to be able to get any damn kind of MRI you need.

  20. I hope everything works out and the MRI goes better than last time.  Looking on the bright side, you have insurance and that’s good, even if it’s not going to pay for what would be best for you.  My husband also doesn’t like Chinese.  I should amend that.  He doesn’t like “cheap” or “take-out” chinese.  So P.F. Chang is good and some other mom and pop places that aren’t at all like take-out places.  Which means generally, I don’t get to eat chinese unless I know for sure that the place meets his specifications….  Or if I go out without him, which does not happen too often!  

  21. Anonymous said:

    I hope the doctors fix you…………Thanks for the love……..

  22. @aliashope – If you had told me this yesterday you could have met us for dinner. 🙂  It was so good.  It ended up being my son & daughter and I.

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