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Red Letter Day! It’s a TwoFer!

I was at dinner with my husband and he said “I see you’re wearing your red shoes.  You should, you deserve it”.
It’s a funny thing to say, but somehow I understood exactly what he meant. 
Sometimes being married for this long pays off.

Quick and Dirty!

Here is my drive into work today:


And here is my feet at work!  If I had taken some more time I would have pulled up the legs of my pants so you could see, today I am wearing my supergirl socks as well!  Somedays you need to feel like a superhero.


Apparently Xanga is still having picture upload problems.  Sorry if my pictures make your screen load slow.

Prankster Foxy Red!

I bought these:

online a few days ago.  If you know me, you know I would never ever wear them. But I’ve always wanted to wear red shoes.  Though I pictured stiletto.  And I found them cheap.($25.00 off total!)  And I am middle-aged and should be doing whatever I want to, right?  They came today.  So I’m wearing them! HA!  And they’re kick your ass slippery!  I’ll be wearing them to work tomorrow too.

Snubbing you all!

No, I’m not!  I’ve just been busy the last couple of days.

I’m good!  I feel good. Thanks for your concern.   All of the kidney pain is gone for now.  I’ve got some residual pain from the angio, and a bruise that is freakishcool!  Doctors appointment next week, and then we’ll go from there.

I’m snowed in today, so working from home and listening to my son say odd things.  Work is really really busy and stressful right now, and I figure it will stay this way until the first week in April, at which time I will take a breath.
Back to work, I leave you with pictures of my front and side yard.

EDIT ! Click here and leave this guy a comment.  You can just say hi.  He’s collecting credits, and he’s funny

Big things do come in small packages.

We have three dog beds. A small one for the small dog, a big one for the big dog and a Queen size that the beagle allows us to share.
For some reason  the big dog likes to curl up (and she really has to curl) and only sleep in the smallest one.   When she sleeps she manages to make herself so small that not a piece of her touches the floor.
It took me months to get this picture.  I never had the camera, and the dog, and the lights on all at the same time.  Until today!


Home now! 

Thank you all so much for all of the good wishes.  It went well, I’ll post tomorrow.

~Ilona, yes my husband did take pictures.  I had to stop him from taking a picture when they were checking my dressing!  ick.

Just F

I posted the link to the work webcam because I won’t be there for three days. 🙂

I’m just the tiniest bit nervous about tomorrow.  It’s not the procedure I’m nervous about, I have no control over that.  It’s the whole thing.  The uprooting of my schedule, no coffee or tea in the morning, hospital at 10:30, the discomfort of people poking at me and pushing me around, and feeling drugged and being naked in strange places.  Just uck. 
Had a good meeting at work.  People were very complimentary about me to the other people in the meeting.  It’s always nice to get that validation.
I’m tired. 

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