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More Red Fun

I am perhaps the most spoiled person on the planet.

NintendoDS Lite

1 week early anniversary present.  My husband got Season 1 of WKRP in Cinncinati.


2nd Try!

I’m sorry that I was so entranced by the video of my daughter that I did not notice there was an article below it!

If you click on the big blue box it’s a video that they ran on the news.  Silly me!

Today is the final packing day.  Moving on Sunday.  I have high hopes that I will survive this, but if I have any choice in it, we will NEVER move offices again.  We’ll just keep expanding in our new space. 

Woke up to a large white blanket of snow and ice.  Hopefully the last Hurrah of the season.  On a plus side all of this snow will make for beautiful flowers this spring & summer.


an equally wordy & touching follow up

Quick Edit –

One of these people is my daughter. 🙂

It’s &#*%@ SNOWING!

Why Pain can sometimes bring pleasure

I use to work with a man named Matt Fox.  I first met Matt about 7 years ago and I DID NOT like him!  He was rude and arrogant.  Then one day he came to work for the company I was working for.  That’s when I discovered that along with rude and arrogant came a bitingly sarcastic sense of humor and a beautiful soul.  Once I was forced to spend time with him, and started talking to him I came to adore him.  


It all started when he found out I watched Absolutely Fabulous on the BBC.  I then became worthy in his eyes!

He was one of the people that I could be mean and bitchy with, and we just laughed about it.   We disliked the same people, for the same reasons. J  He was the one who first discovered my “tell” during meetings when someone was really starting to irritate me.  Being the rude arrogant person that he was he totally made use of this to laugh at me, and force me to laugh at myself.


He was quite vocal about his thoughts on appropriate work attire, and being the rude arrogant person he was would nail me if I dressed in something unflattering.  So I learned to start paying attention to what I wore, and how I looked and stopped dressing my age.


One time I was in the middle of a sentence and he said – Oh!  Wait! And off he ran. (all 6 foot 3 of him) He came back with a black velvet cloak that use to belong to his great grandmother, and proceeded to dress me.  Because he said that while I was talking he suddenly envisioned me dressed like a person from the 19th Century.


We also discovered a similar love of music, and it was not unusual for me to come into work and find a long voice mail that consisted of a song that he wanted me to hear.  We even had “our” song.  It was “Close to You” by the Carpenters.  Even longer story to explain that!


The reason I’m writing about Matt is because I woke up at 2am with a KICK my ASS headache.  I call these types of headaches my Matt headaches.  It’s one of the headaches caused by a shift in the weather. I use to know that if I had a headache, Matt would also have a worse headache.   (Wait, I just remembered the day Matt left for lunch when I wasn’t’ feeling well, and was gone for 2 hours because he was scouring the city looking for good chicken noodle soup for me!)


Matt suffered horrible migraines.  He also had difficult to control epilepsy.  We had a shake up at work and Matt ended up being fired.  Badly.  He went on to try his hand at few other things, and then a few months later he committed suicide.  I thought my heart was going to break. 


We were only work friends.  But he was one of the few people I could let see the side of me that I don’t normally show at work.  His parents made the choice to have a private funeral.  I don’t know if it’s true, but I was told that this was because they did not want a large gathering of gay men at his funeral.


I was fortunate enough to be included in this group for the service that was held after the official service.  We all piled in cars and went to the cemetery.  It was wickedly cold and rainy and I was the only straight woman surrounded by men.  Matt would have thought that was funny.  Everyone talked, and told Matt stories.


Afterwards we all came back to town and I got my first glimpse into the gay bar scene.  The bar was closed, but still quite entertaining.  One of the companies I worked for 12 years ago was 75% gay employees and so we’ve always joked that if I ever walked into a gay bar in Toledo it would be like the Norm entry in the Cheers bar.  I’ve not been in another one since Matts wake.


There, that’s my story of Matt Fox and why whenever the barometric pressure makes a sudden shift I get a migraine and think of him.  Now it’s on the ‘net and never to be forgotten.

Sometimes I just want to tell the world how wonderful I really am….

My commercial realtor just called me, mostly to say goodbye it was nice working with you.  I told him that I was really enjoying working with the new landlord and I thought it would be a really good fit and he said to me;

“That’s funny, I told the landlord when I met him that I thought it would be a good fit, and that he would enjoy working with you especially.  I said ‘You’ll find she’s very down to earth and unpretentious. No nonsense, she just wants to do things the easiest way to get to the solution'”

Shut Up!  In a professional capacity that’s the kind of compliment I want!

And he did it on a not particularly good day!  Wonderful.

Have a good one!


Ambling along kind of day

I really don’t have anything to say.  I just wanted to type. 🙂

I was sitting here at my desk a couple of hours ago and I just wanted to leave.  So I did!  I grabbed one of my techs and said I should take him over to see the new offices.  The landlord dropped off keys for us last week.  I thought that was pretty great, he came all the way to our existing offices to drop off keys for the new offices.

He called me today too, just to double check the spelling on our Company name.  So, I digress.  I grabbed Matt and we drove over to the new office.  It takes about 3 minutes to get there from here.  Our company name is already on a sign and already on our office door.  Everytime I go it seems a little smaller.  It will be difficult to go from 2100 square feet down to 1400 square feet. I come back to my office here and look at all of our stuff and think, nope.  No way!  it’s just not gonna fit.  I have tons to get rid of.   Move is next Sunday. I think tomorrow will be go around and sticker things day. 

This is the new Office building. 

New Office Inside Lobby

Is anyone watching “I can Make you Thin” on TLC? I think most of what he has said so far is common sense, but sometimes you need someone to tell you the things you already knew.

Back to task at hand.

Spot On

Stolen From

edit- Oops took out the link – becuase I just realized maybe she doesn’t want people directed over!


What American accent do you have? (Best version so far)


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Got Up, did my taxes.  I owe the state of Ohio $1.00.  Come On!  I’ll give them $2.00 if they come plow me out this morning.

I don’t know if you can see it, but the wind caused a strange effect on the back of Coreys car.  Like it has wings.


You can tell how much snow there really is by looking at the front bumper of my car.    Sun is coming out now.  Good thing.  My car isn’t getting out of the driveway until it melts a little.  There’s a bunch of ice under our snow.

Does anyone out there watch the reality show “Newlyweds”?  It’s a average show, but I really like the host.  He makes me laugh.  For all you haters out there,  leave me alone.  I like reality shows!

I had a craving for lasagna last night.  We ended up at Bravo’s.  Oh, the lasagna is good.  I brought half of it home.  Lunch! 

The book below is a book I found in my house.  No one claims it, but it’s marked as a book from the kids high school.  It’s nice.  I just started reading it, but I care about the about people in it now.

Last night I had a dream that my daughter was crying. Just crying and crying, I ended up curling up with her on the floor until she fell asleep, and then my husband came and sat with us.  It was disturbing, and has left me feeling very melancholy today.

I have my MP3 player on right now, and it went from Eminem (The Way I Am) to Queen (Radio GaGa) to Green Day (Boulevard of Broken Dreams) to John Denver (Annies Song).  No one can say that my taste in music is pigeon holed. Oh – Just went to The Jam (A Town Called Malice)

Off to the shower. 

Idle ramblings..

Last night I had a long and involved dream about a night that I couldn’t sleep.  I woke up very confused. Did I sleep, did I not sleep.  It wasn’t until I remembered the part about my son shrinking to a three year old and climbing onto the TV that I realized I must have been asleep.

As punishment for my decadent lunch yesterday I forced myself to eat healthy lentil soup & salad from Aladdins last night. It was so good that I got a second bowl to go for lunch today!  I of course forgot to grab it when I left the house today but I decided that the extra time to go back and get it was well Worth it.

Recently (the last couple of weeks) I find myself frequently typing or saying the completely wrong word.  (Just this minute I typed work instead of word!) For instance up there where I typed Second Bowl , I had to go back and fix it because first I typed Send bowl.  What’s up with that?

As I was rushing this morning I realized in two weeks my commute will be approximately 5 minutes.  YAY!

My poor older sister has bronchitis for the first time in her life.  I of course was able to diagnose it BEFORE she went to the doctor just by IM”ing with her.  It really is a wicked wicked flu going around.  I’m glad I went on anti-biotics when I did.  I know it didn’t help with my flu, but I am very prone to bronchial infections and sinus infections and I bet it helped with that!

Haven’t taken my BP pills for two days.  Why, you ask?  Because sometimes I’m an idiot. I will be picking them up today, and I be tomorrow I’m a little less puffy and headachy.  Doh.

I’m feeling a little anti-social these days.  Not really in a bad way, just kind of hermity.  I think it’s just because I’ve been so busy with work that I need some alone time.  I’m watching my home webcam and the beagle is all curled up her chair, and my husband is in his chair (can’t really seem him, just the chair leaning back) I wish I had closed the curtains a little so that the light wasn’t screwing with the camera.

Winter Storm warning tonight.

I’m feeling creatively stilted by the entertainment industry.

Sometimes I think in rhyme.  Well really almost all of the time. 

When it gets to be too much, (you’re expecting a rhyme here aren’t you?) I’ll post some weird rhyming entry.  Not a poem by any means, just a rhyming entry.  I’ve been rhyming in my head for the last couple of days, but here’s the problem.  Horton.  My rhymes are definitely Dr. Seuss influenced.  But now with the new popularity of the Horton Hears a Who movie, how can I post?    I cannot compete.  I am sad.

You know how sometimes you get a bad feeling?  I have a bad feeling that there is a shit-storm on the way.  I don’t know why, but I feel like something is going to blow up at work.  Today I think.  I would hide under my desk if I had one.  That’s why I decided to post.  Kind of balancing myself, getting ready.  Just in case.

I re-installed my work camera onto another computer so it’s up today.  Stop and say Hi.  But as always, don’t be insulted if I don’t’ answer you.  Sometimes my screen saver pops up and I don’t see the camera screen.

But, I have it pointed out the window so you can see the blue sky.  Oh, and my fingers typing right now.   There are only two of us in the office for the next two days.  He just asked me if I started smoking again.  As IF!  Just the weather shift making me sinusy and gaggy.

Have a good one!


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