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Wonky Wednesday

My husband took his car in to get checked, my son took my car.

So no healthy dinner out this evening.  I was forced to peruse my sad cupboards in search of food.  I started out with the best intentions but somewhere went astray.

Last Sunday I made this:


My daughter cannot eat Gluten, so I had plenty of these left over:


So I saw them when I was cooking this:


Yeah, you know where I’m going now don’t you?


Strange noises in the ceiling

Cooking my lunch now.  I’m HUNGRY!

I think I may play with my desktop and see if I can get the webcam up and running this afternoon.

This upcoming trip to Niagara Falls will be the first time I’ve traveled in a car more than 2 hours from home in many, many years.  I have a little issue with car sickness. Our 5-6 hour trip may take 10. 🙂  So, I was also thinking about the benefits of traveling in a car instead of a plane.  I can pack anything I want!  No baggage check!  No worries about carrying things around.  I can pack as much as I want and just leave it in the trunk of the car until I want it. Excellent!

Eating my lunch now.  I kind of wish I had run to McDonalds and gotten a nice fruit & yogurt parfait and a fish sandwich instead. Oh! I should have grabbed some frozen soup before I came in.

In preparaton for the trip my husband made an appointment to get his car checked, it’s been making a funny noise.  He made the apointment yesterday afternoon, when he left work to drive home  his check engine light came on.  Sort of like, it knew….

I just saw a nasty email pop up in my inbox.  There’s something to look forward to when I’m done eating.  Sigh. Perhaps I’ll eat slower!

And that’s all I have to say about that.


Blue Monday

I am Cranky today!  I don’t know why, but I surely surely am.

The lyrics to this song struck me the other day.

“And you say,”Be still, my love
Open up your heart
Let the light shine in”
Don’t you understand?
I already have a plan
I’m waiting for my real life to begin”

So many people (including myself) do this, or have done this (me!) I wasted so many years just sort of treading water, and waiting for something to change. Waiting to see what my life would be.  Then one day it was the proverbial light bulb and I realized this IS my life.  I started to notice what I had, instead of waiting to see what was coming next.  What I have right now is so much more important than what might be coming along next week or next year.  I also stopped saying things like, I’ll wait until the kids are older, or I’ll wait until I have more money, or I’ll wait until …whatever!  It’s not that I did the things, but I stopped making them things on my to do list.  That probably doesn’t make any sense.  I just didn’t want any more things that I was waiting for.  I have what I have, and I am accepting of it.  I have more than I will ever need.

Oh What a Beautiful Morning!

Today is beautiful! Crisp and cool with a healthy wind, but when the wind stops and the sun shines, warm and wonderful. 

It was the perfect day for yard work, and for Corey to work on edging the driveway.



Stopping of course to take pictures of random birds.


Or, as the case may be in the real world, perfect day to go the MetroParks and see the renovation they’re doing on the Manor House.

A few years ago I bought my first new car.  It wasn’t much, just a little KIA Rio.  When it was just a few weeks old my daughter had her first accident. Smash!  We got if fixed, but it seemed like it was a collision magnet.  Not for other cars, but just random things flying into it.

A little while ago I traded in my car full o’dents and got my second brand new car.  Still nothing too special.  KIA Spectre.  This time it was my son.  He scraped one side of it down a big old pole painted bright yellow.  Started keeping my eye out for a body shop that would buff it out and touch up the paint.  Then last month (ish) on his last night of work (he was one of the people I fired) he scraped the other side of my car on another yellow pole.  No little buff out and touch up this time.  Dent and scrape and bare metal showing.  Still, no hurry.  Keeping my eye out for a body shop.

Moved out of DownTown with bad parking garage and worse parking lot, into the suburbs.  The other day my co-worker Alan calls me from the parking lot and says “hey, you know those kids that right their little mini bikes in the parking lot?  One of them just slammed into your car”.  So now I have matching Face, handlebar, front rim dents down the side of my car.

Went to the scarey house where said minors live and met Scarey Scarey MOM!  Wow.  I think I’ve seen lifetime movies about her.  I expected her to spit tobacco and pull out a beer any second.  Then out comes even scarier Dad.  I’m reasonably sure this guy hasn’t cracked a smile except at someone elses expense in a long long time.  But, he owns a body shop!  Hot Damn!  Gave me a great deal on fixing all of the damages both sides.  Easily $2000 less than the dealer would have charged me.  Gonna have it done while I’m on vacation.

La Dee Da…

  Xrays showed nothing.  No problems with my back.  Guess we just wait for the nephrologist appointment and see what he has to say.

Hey, guess what I just did.  Seriously, go ahead guess….give up?  I’ll give you a hint.


That’s right!  Niagara Falls Baby!  Since we had to cancel our vacation in February we decided to do Niagara Falls in May.  The canadian side.  It’s close enough to drive.  It’s about four hours from our house.  Booked the rooms just a few minutes ago. Right there in that hotel up there.

I’ ve never been there, have you?

Operating System Blues


Reinaldo from the Dallas office and Per from Stockholm.

6 hours of training today.  Learning new software and systems.  That’ll make you feel old and slow!  I was working with some ugly ugly ccomannds and felt so stupid that I just wasn’t catching on,   then I asked the question that revealed the root cause.  I saw a word and I said, What the heck does  Bash mean?  And the answer was, it’s the type of Linux you are using.  LINUX!! What the Hell!  I don’t want to learn Linux.  Damn you inux users!  Use Microsoft programs and codes like the rest of the world!  Anyway.  Still don’t understand the programs, but I’m getting closer to understanding what I need to learn to understand.

It feels like it should be Friday tomorrow.  Long week.

Tomorrow more meetings in the morning, then I’m taking my boss out to lunch at Aladins because she really liked it there last time, and then Shoe Shopping, then we’ll go hang out in the coffee house and have a good chat away from the office about work related things.  I hope the weather stays nice.  The last two days have been beautiful.  She brought an empty suitcase with her for all of the shopping she wants to do.  Her boss did the same thing.

Oh, and Doctors office called today and said “we need you to call regarding the x-rays you had done last week”  Of course they called home instead of my cell phone that I have repeatedly asked them to call! So, I’ll try to call them in the morning. 


Swedish invasion

So me in my little ball of Tracy anxiety, I’m bopping around this morning making sure everything is all nice and wonderful for my boss and my bosses boss, and then they came in behind me and I didn’t hear them and what’s the first thing they did?  Hug me! LOL!  I’m not a big hugger but it certainly does set the tone for the week.

If I’m on here whining about my job, ever, feel free to swear at me and tell me to shut up!  I have it good.

Maybe it’s just me

I don’t find the fact that they stole terribly shocking. It happens.  Temptation is there.  The fact that a little league has an annual fund raiser selling fireworks, in a desert town in California no less, I find just bizarre.

Mayor, wife go to jail for Little League theft

Couple pleaded guilty to embezzling $20,000 from annual fireworks sales

ADELANTO, Calif. – A former mayor of a California high desert town and his wife have been sentenced to 6 months in jail for the theft of more than $20,000 from Little League coffers.

Jim Nehmens, 50, and Kelly Nehmens, 44, pleaded guilty to grand theft by embezzlement and perjury on Thursday.

The councilman and Adelanto mayor had resigned from his post on March 31, about a week before he and his wife were arrested.

The former mayor was president of the Adelanto Little League, and his wife was a board member during the years the money from the league’s annual fireworks sales went missing. The money was taken over three years starting in 2004.

Nehmens attorney Grover Porter did not immediately return a call seeking comment Saturday.

Stop, Drop and roll!

Good Morning!

I’m very sorry that I haven’t been writing to you lately.  I hope that everything is wonderful in your world.  I’ve just been so busy.  I can’t believe how all encompassing this job has turned.  I’m still hoping it’s not permanent.  I decided to take a few minutes this morning to catch up.  I even spent a few minutes throwing together a batch of lentil soup to cook in the crockpot today.  Nothing like a nice steaming bowl of soup on the first 80 degree day of the season.   I hope it turns out edible, I’ve never made lentil soup before!  It’s certainly very healthy.

Last week I finally went for the followup doctors appointment.  I have the referral to the nephrologist, I’ll see him in about three weeks, and she also sent me in for spine xrays.  They still think there must be something else going on because the pain is atypical of kidney problems.  So yesterday I took the afternoon off.  Met my wonderful son & daughter, and her boyfriend for lunch.  It was nice.  I like to laugh.  Why does it bother people if you’re almost always happy?  Then went and got my xrays done.  Xrays took 10 minutes.  Waiting was 60 minutes.  But at least it’s done!

I am very happy to say that this week my husband was informed that he is not one of the people to be laid off this year!  It’s a nice reprieve, but it certainly does shake your world a little to know that it’s possible.

Next week it another busy one.  I have two people in from Sweden and one person in from Massachusetts for the week, and one from Texas for a day or two.  So again, all about work next week.  I’m warning everyone loudly, a vacation is in my near future!

I guess that’s it for me.  Time to get to work.

Hope we get to touch base again soon!


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