Blue Monday

I am Cranky today!  I don’t know why, but I surely surely am.

The lyrics to this song struck me the other day.

“And you say,”Be still, my love
Open up your heart
Let the light shine in”
Don’t you understand?
I already have a plan
I’m waiting for my real life to begin”

So many people (including myself) do this, or have done this (me!) I wasted so many years just sort of treading water, and waiting for something to change. Waiting to see what my life would be.  Then one day it was the proverbial light bulb and I realized this IS my life.  I started to notice what I had, instead of waiting to see what was coming next.  What I have right now is so much more important than what might be coming along next week or next year.  I also stopped saying things like, I’ll wait until the kids are older, or I’ll wait until I have more money, or I’ll wait until …whatever!  It’s not that I did the things, but I stopped making them things on my to do list.  That probably doesn’t make any sense.  I just didn’t want any more things that I was waiting for.  I have what I have, and I am accepting of it.  I have more than I will ever need.

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  1. Anonymous said:

    I guess it is all about the moment. And remembering that we are our own magician.Regards,

  2. I think too many of us live for the future or are mired in the past. Living in the here and now just doesn’t seem to come naturally to many of us. I did something today that I haven’t done in years…. I took and walk in the rain, on purpose, and smiled the whole way. The dogs think I’m insane, but who cares? It was great to feel like a kid again.Loved the post!

  3. @Dagon2099 – That was so sweet of you to go get that done just for me!  Hurts, doesn’t it?

  4. I wish I had that tattoo.  I should get a vonnegut tattoo.

  5. Sure that thinking works unless you’re thinking romantic vacation for two, that seems to have to wait till the kids are older. Darn I miss them not having grandparents. 

  6. @irishis63 – Well, yes.  I was thinking more generally.  Freak.

  7. @Dagon2099 – I have to say, I just went and learned more about Vonnegut than I ever knew before.  Thanks!

  8. nice post.  You’re right!  

  9. It’s a good lesson.  Keeping me on track

  10. Anonymous said:

    I hear you loud and clear.I stopped waiting for life to happen and began to accept who I am and where I am at in life, and my life has improved 100%.  I live today with what there is to live with and find beauty in my sourroundings.  I have more than I want or need today.  I am blessed.

  11. I’m cranky today also!  :(This is true but I can’t help myself.  I have a wonderful life but I am always thinging about whats to come.  Or when it is coming!

  12. @stixandstonz – Hey!  That’s my favorite sentance that I repeat to myself  on a regular basis.  I have more than I want, or need. I leave off the today. @GrannyHappyNanny – Maybe it’s in the weather?  I just feel mean. 

  13. Sometimes it’s so easy to point out everything wrong and think if I had more money abigger house etc etc……I’m horrible about saying when we get past this or this then we willspend time as a family and we willdo this and in the process I end up missing the things I want most to remember. So I’m getting better at it, it just takes practice and thepay off is worth it..

  14. It seems life just slips up on you when you don’t expect it. I use to say I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. Now I’m just to old to say that and it was a kicker to realize it! I have to start thinking everyday is a blessing to be savored and enjoyed. That is harder than you think sometimes. I look forward to the sun shine and seeing lovely things mother nature has given us.Peace

  15. Awesome song, awesome reminder and I knew I recognized his voice form Men At Work!

  16. Oh my, if this is my life, I better start getting grateful!

  17. Anonymous said:

    This is my life?Oh shit!

  18. @butshebites – @OldHippyChick – My spidey sense detects a note of Sarcasm!

  19. Anonymous said:

    Who?  Me?  Never!

  20. The first time I heard that song was on an episode of “Scrubs”.  It is powerful!  Thanks for your reminder — of the song, and of an attitude we should all take to heart.Pretty good job, for a crabby person!

  21. are you reading A NEW EARTH, too ??! thanks for sharing the song…yummy!!! SOOOOO true…gratitude just for today…

  22. Great song, and even better post! Thanks for sharing!

  23. Great post. I like it. And good song too.

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