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Random Likes

Has anyone tried these?

I’m surprised by how much I love them.  There is something terrible satisfying about making yourself a small serving of pudding, just for you.  And then eating it slowly and happily.

It’s the little things, isn’t it?

Nephrologists are Gods!

I loved my nephrologist!  Yay!  He asked lots of questions.  He was in the room just asking me questions for at least 15 minutes.  And he spent another five just reading all of my tests.
He said when they did the CatScan they did a full blood test on me, and just didn’t tell me.  My kidney chemicals? Enzymes? are well within normal ranges.
The first time he touched me he put his finger on the exact spot I have pain.  This made me inordinately happy!
I said “All of the tests keep finding things wrong, but every doctor says that the issues I’m having should not be causing pain, now that you’ve heard my symptoms and seen my test results do you see anything in there that could relate to my pain?”  and he said……..drumroll, please……. “Oh yes!”  “A couple of different things!”  HOT DAMN!

So, next step had a urinalysis today, and then they gave me a jug.  That’s right, a jug!  I have to pee in a jug for a full 24 hours.  I will be working from home on that day!  My husband thought it sounded much more convenient, just carrying a jug with you.  When I explained you have to keep it refrigerated I swear I could hear the wheels in his head turning, and I got an immediate picture in my head of my husband standing in front of an open fridge peeing in a jug.  After that’s done, more blood tests.  Back to the doc on July 1st.

I also stopped and ordered a pair of prescription sunglasses.  Cause I’m cool like that.  Oh, and because our vision insurance changed and so I’m eligible again and I don’t need new normal glasses. Yay!

And found out that a Gluten Free bakery is opening up next door to my eye-docs.  I know a girl who will be very happy!
Back to work!

Never Never on a Tuesday, A Tuesday, A Tuesday, A Tuesday is no good.

Back to work.  It was just me for the first couple of hours this morning.  That always makes it nice to get things accomplished.

Sunday was yard cleaning day.  Not very exciting, but certainly necessary. I’m pretty sure we did something Sunday afternoon/evening.  But I’ll be darned if I can remember what it was!

Monday, the only thing wild and exciting was a trip to finally see Iron Man!  Yay!  Liked it alot, so did my husband. 

I have many of those tall pedestal fans, you know.  White Cheap oscillating?  I keep it pointed at my Treadmill.  I’m not fond of being warm or sweaty.  So yesterday I went to lower it, I unscrewed the ring part at the bottom that holds it up and then gravity took over.  That sucker slid down so fast and pinched the palm of my hand between the base and the fan. OH MY!  That was a fun moment. It’s an inconvenient place to have a mess of broken blood vessels.

Tomorrow is the big day!  Off to the nephrologist.  I swear if he doesn’t order blood tests I’m just gonna scream.  I just want to know if my kidneys are doing what they’re supposed to.  Apparently the blood test is what tells you, and is the one test I haven’t had done!  I also have this totally unfounded hope that the doctor will hear the symptoms and say, No!  the other doctors are wrong! It does cause pain!  Having an undiagnosable pain makes you feel like a hypochondriac.  I guess no matter what it was good to have pain.  The pain sent me to the doctors, and that caused them to run all of the tests that found the mutant organ.  But still.

I am a little whiney today!  I came in and just got slammed with  “why isn’t this done!” emails.   I do not like having to explain to my bosses why things are not done.


First we went to the Zoo. 

No Animals for you though!

Then we went to a fancy schmancy strip mall and bought nothing.

We did however find these nifty statues

Wish I had some for my front yard

Then off to the Races!  First time this year.  I won every race I bet on except one.  We came home with more money than we left with.  That’s always a nice bonus.
Tomorrow is yard cleaning.

Tribute you to Julie Andrews

I keep meaning to do a post of my favorite things, but I haven’t.
So, tonight one of my favorite songs.  At least this year.

Not our best angle

But still..

WorkCam up

Just be careful!  Cause Matt is with me and looking at what you type.

Get thee to a nunnery.

For some reason that sentence has been stuck in my head for two days.  How odd.


I just really love this gate.


Added my 27000 photos as well now. Except of course while batch resizing I hit the wrong button and now they’re all out of order.

Oh Well!

The cat came back……

Yeah, we came home.  Good time was had by all.

Things I wanted to remember;

The lovely woman who actually called me Sug’ (shh-uuu-gggg) in the beautiful southern drawl, and it just sounded right.

The very very strange woman in the lobby.  She was quite large, and very blond, with a voice like mini-mouse and she had an odd looking barefoot child, maybe 2 years old, quite bow-legged, on a harness and leash.  Very bizarre.

We have more pictures than anyone should have.  My husbands can be found here, if you’re brave. There are 98 of his 500 on the site. He only takes pictures of me looking bad.  I don’t know why.

Here are just a few of mine.  Also, if it ever finishes downloading a two minute tour of our hotel room, sans sound.  The hotel room Kicked Ass!


This is the view from our room.


This is the Hill that tried to do us in!  Wicked Wicked Hill.


This is the window washer outside of our window.  We were on the 33rd floor.


This is the view from our room of the set of hotel rooms at the Ramada.  I want to thank them all for the shows they did for us.


This is a beautiful old wrought iron gate I ran across.


This is the dining room that we sat in every morning to have breakfast.

Edit- finally got room video added.

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