I loved my nephrologist!  Yay!  He asked lots of questions.  He was in the room just asking me questions for at least 15 minutes.  And he spent another five just reading all of my tests.
He said when they did the CatScan they did a full blood test on me, and just didn’t tell me.  My kidney chemicals? Enzymes? are well within normal ranges.
The first time he touched me he put his finger on the exact spot I have pain.  This made me inordinately happy!
I said “All of the tests keep finding things wrong, but every doctor says that the issues I’m having should not be causing pain, now that you’ve heard my symptoms and seen my test results do you see anything in there that could relate to my pain?”  and he said……..drumroll, please……. “Oh yes!”  “A couple of different things!”  HOT DAMN!

So, next step had a urinalysis today, and then they gave me a jug.  That’s right, a jug!  I have to pee in a jug for a full 24 hours.  I will be working from home on that day!  My husband thought it sounded much more convenient, just carrying a jug with you.  When I explained you have to keep it refrigerated I swear I could hear the wheels in his head turning, and I got an immediate picture in my head of my husband standing in front of an open fridge peeing in a jug.  After that’s done, more blood tests.  Back to the doc on July 1st.

I also stopped and ordered a pair of prescription sunglasses.  Cause I’m cool like that.  Oh, and because our vision insurance changed and so I’m eligible again and I don’t need new normal glasses. Yay!

And found out that a Gluten Free bakery is opening up next door to my eye-docs.  I know a girl who will be very happy!
Back to work!

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  1. Oh yay!!!!  All the way around yay!  Sounds like you’re moving in the right direction!  And – YES – I’m positive my guy and any other would most definitely pee into the jug in front of the open fridge – that would make complete sense to them.  hahahahahaha  I laughed right out loud here @ work when I read that thought!     I just had a bit of chocolate gluten free pound cake.  Not bad I must say! 

  2. I’ve had to pee into those brown jugs a couple of times.  Yeah, fun times.But can I say how wonderful that the guy knew where your pain was. That is beyond wonderful.  From a gal who still has mysterious pain – yes, that is wonderful that the doc has a clue.  Sometimes I wonder why we bother with general practitioners.Have you ever considered picking up your test results?  When I have something weird or freaky going on, I do that.  It gives me time to look over the results before the appointment so that I know what the doctor is going to say to me.They were talking gluten free on the local morning news.  There are some places like that around Chicago.My fil had to go gluten free when he was in his early 40s.  Pretty hard back then.  Whatever his problem was got better that he was able to eat wheat again years later.  I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to eat a gluten free diet.

  3. Excellant so glad thing went good for ya. My sister had a kidney stone thing and had to do the jug thing. Fun stuff. *laughing at your thought of your hubby. I can see a man thinking like that hehe  Keep smiling!

  4. LOL just doesn’t get it!!! I almost needed that jug just sitting here reading this^^!!!Thanks for the belly laugh and good doctors are wonderful!

  5. 24 hour UA catch….I always get stuck working the nights we have to do that on our clients.  I think they plan to have them done on my nights!  And they don’t want any part of that brown jug!  They just think I am weird wanting to keep their pee.  Ah, good times!  lol  So glad the news was good.  Sounds like this guy knows his stuff.  Hopefully he gets it figured out real quickly. 

  6. Just make sure the jug in the fridge isn’t like any other jug there already I can really relate to your blog.  My bf had a year and a half of pain.  He had his prostate removed (yes the pain was ‘down there’) and it got worse, he had this scan and that scan and a million blood tests and flew to hospitals in Miami and Puerto Rico and no-one but no-one could find what was causing him pain.  But then he went to John Hopkins and four days later… diagnosis, a small procedure and pain-free. (And the follow-up treatment for two months is just pills).   I hope they find the cause of your pain and can treat it as fast as they did him.  I hope you have no pain at all within the week.

  7. @SavonDuJour – your poor BF!  That’s a lot of running around when you’re already not feeling well.  I’m happy that he got his taken care of!  

  8. Look like you are going to find out what causes your pain really soon. Good luck to you.

  9. It is good when a medical provider doesn’t act like we are CRAZY

  10. My hubby would refuse to use the frig ever again… he’s weird about certain things. Glad you finally found a doctor that takes you seriously and is going to help.

  11. Anonymous said:

    TY.  I think walking the Relay fo rLife in memory of my brother will ne comforting to me also.  I am happy you lik the tulip photos.

  12. Great news…the best part is now you know you aren’t crazy…He has had to do that 24 hour test a couple of times before and ya…it has to go in the fridge.  DO NOT buy apple juice!!!!!

  13. I love it when doctors really listen and seem to have ideas about what’s going on that make sense.  That’s great news!  Also, I’m so sad I left toledo before the gluten free bakery opened!  How stinky!  Last night I did go to a great vegan restaurant and saw an organic foods restaurant near by.  So I’m discovering new places! 

  14. @aliashope – It’s even in the swanky part of town. 🙂  Did you ever try the Organic Bliss Deli on Secor?  I keep meaning to but haven’t made it over yet.  I’m glad you’re find nice healthy places to eat!

  15. @tlm0000 – oh, yes!  Organic Bliss is Great!  I only went a couple of times, but our friends in toledo went all the time and my husband used them to cater a work event to great praise.  Very delicious deli items and baked goods.  

  16.  Hmmm… you certainly know how to have fun!!  

  17. @carolinamuscle – If you think that sounds like fun, you should hear about the test they scheduled for me today. Woo! You would be jealous.  I don’t want to make you upset so I’ll just say two words,  Catheter and X-ray.  You’re envious now, aren’t ya?

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