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My quarterly cooking attempt.

I made flan.  It was kind of a sad first attempt.  Edible, but certainly not what I was looking for.  I had some incredibly good custard in the Puerto Rican restaurant last week, and I will be needing to duplicate it.  I found another recipe that I think will be closer, and next week I will buy custard dishes.


I don’t really want to blog right now, I have stuff I need to take care of, but I wanted to post this just so you could see the tunnels at DTW.  Sorry, they’re toward the end.  If you’ve never been to Detroit Airport, this is a large tunnel with moving walkways and music and lights.  Photos are not retouched, straight off the phone.

Have a good Saturday!



What would you do if a zombie outbreak occured?

Oh Please!  Like there is any other answer.



I just answered this Featured Question, you can answer it too!

Because I said So!

 My sister just IM”d me and said I should blog so she can hear about my day.  Not much to tell today.

Got up, ate a granola bar, worked out, went to the exhibit hall.  Exhibited.  Ate Lunch, came back, exhibited.  Spilled coffee all down the front of my white shirt, which was on exhibit. Good networking opportunity with the three people I’m here with.  Two of them are head people in the company that I never get face time with, so I’m totally taking advantage of it.  It’s exhausting!

Finished exhibiting, came back to the hotel.  Worked for a couple of hours, ran next door to the restaurant The Village Inn, ate, came back.  Ironed my un-coffee’d shirt,  worked out, and bam…here I am.

I just now after three months figured out how to get the pictures off of my work phone. Oh you guys are gonna be seeing lots of pictures over the next few months.  Starting  now!

Cookies!!! I only ate one, but OH They were good!



Giant CiscoLive Logo.  I guess in case you forgot where you were.



These were the lunch tables.  Hundreds of them.  There was alot of food at this trade show.



That’s our booth, and Prasanna, Reinaldo & Christer in our lovely white shirts. 


What can I say but, BEER!

BarCart_next to Us

Orlando, Day 2

The rest of the group arrived today, so me, Reinaldo who is from Puerto Rico, Christer who is from Stockholm, and Prasanna who is from Sri Lanka.  We are truly a multi-national group.
Worked the show from 11am to 7pm. Came back to my room for half an hour and then we all went out to a Puerto Rican Restaurant.  I’m pooped!
This who is unbelievable.  People have to pay between $20,000 and $100,000 to be exhibitors, and I think the lowest cost for attendance is $1200.  Not your run  of the mill trade show.  There is an unbelievable amount of food and drink, including a free bar from 5pm to 7pm.  Our booth happens to be right next to the coffee during the day/Bar at night.  Handy!
Oh!  The long sleeved shirt is not as bad as I thought.  It’s fairly cool.  But sadly we all look like blackjack dealers. 
Last night I bought an apple, a bag of combos and a bottle of White Zin for dinner.  I was really tired and it was as far as I could walk!  Then I discovered ….no corkscrew.  The bartender next to our booth was kind enough to go find me a corkscrew to bring back with me.
So, now off I go!  Bed and wine.
Random pictures.

Little lizard on the wall of my hotel.

Our booth.oops – dark.

If you could see this, it would be a shot of the bar and food.

BAD BAD Hotel breakfast! 

Pretty clouds last night.

Hot & sticky!

Well I made it to Orlando.  Nothing went horribly wrong, which is always good!
I was going to post a quick pic but nothing seems to be downloading.
Off to work I go.  Have fun.

~edi t- Oops!  Got it.

Just another day at the office

~Stolen from HIM

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