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We’ve Gone Protected today!

Edit – Just played with this;

it made me mad!





I’m just a mean green mother from outer space and I’m bad!

Went to the dentist yesterday.  I had a cap that was loose and he warned me two weeks ago to be very very careful not to pull it out and lose it before the appointment.  I also had a little tiny cavity in the tooth next to the capped tooth.

I have Horrible teeth!  I swear they are so weak you could stick a pin through one.

Speaking of sticking a pin through one….so the Dentist gives me some nice Novocain, while it’s working it’s magic I say, “hey Doctor, how bad is this going to be, pulling the cap off?”  I hadn’t really thought about it until just then.  And he said it wouldn’t be bad because it was pretty loose.  NOT!

I guess what happened is that the cap was loose are the edges but firmly cemented in the middle.  It took many many minutes with a chisel and hammer to take it off!  Found that somehow a little piece of my tooth had broken so he plucked that tooth piece out.  Which was not all the way broken off!  Oh my it was quite the moment. 

Then he starts drilling on the little bitty cavity while the gum under my cap is clotting, and he keeps drilling and drilling and drilling, and says, hmmm. guess it’s a little deeper than we thought, then BAM!  Hits that nerve!  All in all a normal appointment for me.  Sigh….I do love Novocain.  I, of course, took pictures when they left the room. I’m such a dork.

ViewFromChair Chisels


Moon Over Parma

~Edit – Added Slideshow.  In my own defense, he only takes pictures of me when I’m wearing that outfit, and in an unflattering pose.  I don’t know why.

So on Friday afternoon my husband and I skipped out of town early and headed off to Cleveland.  I don’t want to do a long entry today, so lets do highlights!

  • Uneventful drive up
  • Nice Hotel
  • Two family reunions in hotel, booked to the gills
  • many many unattended children
  • Drove around exploring, found Parma Mall.  Very large, and very empty!
  • Dinner at Red Robin – Fish Burger! Numm!
  • Saturday morning, Cleveland Zoo! 
    • HUGE and HOT!
    • Rainforest Building Pretty damn cool
    • Built on Hills – up and down and up and down and up
    • Bought a Shirt
  • Saturday evening – Racetrack
    • Eh – Let down.  only stayed for a couple of races
  • More roaming around the cities.  Beautiful parks! 
  • Drove down Canal Street – Lots of Deer!
  • Sunday  Checkout at Noon.
  • Drove Home.
  • Saw Hells Angels
  • Good Easy Going weekend! 

Do, Re, Mi, Mi me me me me me me!

I just did one of the job profile assesments.  I think it was pretty damn accurate! Surprised me.  I thought the paragraph in blue was dead on.

See you in a few days!

Theory Profile

People that have this profile are the “Einsteins” of our world, as they understand possibilities, values, and facts, mainly in relation to abstract theory. Sciences, mathematics, and engineering tend to be easy for them. With non-technical topics such as abstract economics, philosophy, psychology, or teaching, they will be more interested in the subject than the students. They likely will have insight, ingenuity, and intellectual curiosity about a variety of subjects. They are more interested in applying theory and reaching abstract solutions than putting them into practice. Routine work that requires long periods of time holds little interest for them. They would rather pay more attention to future possibilities than work on meaningless current problems.

Although they are especially good at theoretical or scientific subjects, they may be found in careers such as computer programming, not writing code, but conceptualizing an innovative approach. They need to find a career where they can develop ideas that will be used or useful. They look for chances for free expression and spontaneous responses rather than structured work environments.

They tend to be quiet, reserved, and non-aggressive. Generally, they do not like to control the actions of others and usually take the role as a follower rather than team leader. They can be very courteous and agreeable while using ironic humor in conversations. They can be so logical that they can split hairs. Making small talk at parties or socializing with new people can be difficult. They come up with unusual scenarios and different combinations of ideas and expressions when with familiar people or comfortable friends. They are very patient with others and are in complete control of their emotions. They do not need encouragement or praise from others, as they are independent thinkers.

They have interest in the arts such as music, literature, plays, and concerts. They have well-organized mind, but their desks tend to be messy and unorganized.

Theoreticians are known to be busy “thinkers” but not physically active. They do not look for immediate results, as they want to think things through. They have a great desire to learn and take any opportunity to explore, observe, and pick up bits of information. They easily learn abstract principles, visual images, and logically sorted information, which they can combine with related experiences and possibilities.

They are the pure thinkers who are not opinionated as they see the many shades of any controversial subject. They like change and are comfortable with logical changes within society. Being future oriented, they tend to be liberal in their thinking and spending habits. They do not need material possessions to keep up with others. They do not like to join organizations for the sake of belonging, as they do not need such stability. Those in this profile do not go out of their way to do nice things for others, as they would rather spend time with their families and work.


It’s Wednesday!

Someone at work compared me, with my new red hair, to this;


I don’t know whether to be insulted or flattered!


In my bedroom I have a sliding glass door that goes to my back yard, and a small casement window that looks onto 4 foot wide stretch of my yard, then my neighbors driveway, then their house and garage.  I have tiger lilies, day lilies and rose bushes planted there.  Good view for them, good view and smell for me in my bedroom.  Plan Foiled.

I was walking through the room yesterday and saw something out the window.  I thought it was a head.  Upon closer inspection it was. 


My lilies and roses are in bloom, but that’s not the smell I’m getting.

View_From_Bedroom View_From_Bedroom1


Okay, honestly I don’t mind.  Tonight is the night garbage goes out, so really no biggie.  But it does make for good blog fodder.


37 days until the mystery train! 

If I were to sneak a small digital recorder into Tai Chi class tonight, just so my sister and I could use it later to learn, not for public viewing, is it wrong?

My sons birthday is Friday.  He’ll be 22.  I told him, since we’ll be gone, I’ll take you anywhere you want for dinner on Thursday.  He wants me to order a pizza. I guess we’ve taken this healthy food a little to far!

Just a mutter

Saw this on the bottom of a YahooShop web page and it made me laugh.

"UPS, UPS brandmark, and the Color Brown are trademarks of United Parcel Service of America, Inc. All Rights"

Really?  the Color Brown?  Fine.  I want purple.



Oh! And the thing I eluded to last week, I did!  Yesterday I bought two tickets for my darling sister and I to go have a five course meal served aboard a train whilst enjoying a nice murder mystery.   The woman on the phone was about the most unfriendly person I’ve talked to in awhile.  But either way, I have reservations!  August 30th.


Playing with a plug_in.


Do you believe that if people all thought about something at the same time that their power of thought could affect a change?  Or perhaps if everyone thought of the same person at the same time that person could feel it?

I have strong empathy.  Sometimes I read someone’s xanga and I swear I know exactly how they feel.  Even the parts they aren’t saying.  I feel like I really really know them and how they are thinking.  Do you think that’s possible?  I did that once with someone on Xanga and then described what they looked like and what they were like.  I was pretty darn close!  What do you think, communal bond or crazy?

Back to work now.

ah ah ah choo!

I put entirely too much pepper on my lunch!  It’s tasty.  Lean Cuisine Tuscan Chicken and broccoli.

I really don’t have anything to say today.   Hmm, how about another map?


Map image


This is a map showing where my husbands car is parked during the work week.  This is not an exciting picture.


Map image

Just not the same as being there.

Carnivals and Such


I have wine glasses and coffee mugs that are cobalt blue with moons & stars.  I also have wine glasses that match my vase (which you probably can’t see) that are clear glass with swirls of blue. 


This is my collection of glass.  Well, minus a couple of things.  Pictures are not great.  I just didn’t have the patience for it today.   Most of this belonged to my mother.


The platter is absolutely beautiful.  Really, I should have taken everything outside and used my husbands camera.


My sister bought me the Hen Dish, which makes me laugh, and I love it.


She also bought me the candle holders, which I use.  Everything else resides in a small display cabinet.


I wish you could see the colors in this bowls.  Beautiful golds and peaches and oranges.


I bought the bell for my mom the year before she died.  I found it at an antique mall, and it still had the glassmakers sticker.  See the glass bluebird?  That actually came from my husband.  My mom died a few days before my anniversary and my husband had no clue what to do with me, and my grief.  I knew I was in trouble when the day after my mom died he said “cheer up”.  But, he did go and buy a strange assortment of presents for me.  All of them were things that had a weird connection with my mom as well.  He did it purely subconsciously.  Anyway, this bluebird has a tag on the bottom that says bluebird of happines.  I really do like it alot.



A little change will do you good

This morning


This Afternoon 





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