It’s Wednesday!

Someone at work compared me, with my new red hair, to this;


I don’t know whether to be insulted or flattered!


In my bedroom I have a sliding glass door that goes to my back yard, and a small casement window that looks onto 4 foot wide stretch of my yard, then my neighbors driveway, then their house and garage.  I have tiger lilies, day lilies and rose bushes planted there.  Good view for them, good view and smell for me in my bedroom.  Plan Foiled.

I was walking through the room yesterday and saw something out the window.  I thought it was a head.  Upon closer inspection it was. 


My lilies and roses are in bloom, but that’s not the smell I’m getting.

View_From_Bedroom View_From_Bedroom1


Okay, honestly I don’t mind.  Tonight is the night garbage goes out, so really no biggie.  But it does make for good blog fodder.


37 days until the mystery train! 

If I were to sneak a small digital recorder into Tai Chi class tonight, just so my sister and I could use it later to learn, not for public viewing, is it wrong?

My sons birthday is Friday.  He’ll be 22.  I told him, since we’ll be gone, I’ll take you anywhere you want for dinner on Thursday.  He wants me to order a pizza. I guess we’ve taken this healthy food a little to far!

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  1. Openly you can be a little miffed in a feminist sort of way but secretly you can be really flattered.  LOL!The garbage is gross.  Sometimes it is really hard to find a good place to put garbage cans.  I try keep my garbage that would get smelly in a bag in the freezer because my cans are close to my house.  Happy Birthday to your son!  Pizza at home sounds pretty nice.

  2. Eeeew icky garbage.  Hmmmmm. Not sure which way to go on the red head.  I guess I’d lean in the flattered direction – depends on who’s saying it.   Pizza – mmmmmmmm.   That’s a good birthday dinner- and cake right?  CAKE!  I miss cake!  I think I NEED CAKE!  Okay – it’s not about me.  Happy birthday to your son!   How will you be able to set up the digital camera w/out anyone noticing?  I don’t think there are laws against it.  I would set it up and it would fall out in front of everyone……

  3. @dkw1965 – Well, see, here’s the thing.  I would just use my regular little digital camera that shoots video as well.  That way I can just pull it out and set it on my purse.  Very small, very unobtrusive No lights.  Looks like I just pulled set it down on my purse.  No sound, we just need the movements anyway.  I’m considering.  My niece had a birthday party and I swear for two days before I just kept thinking about the cake.  It was SOOO good.  I’m not a big sweet eater, but oh, a good birthday cake.  nummy.

  4. It looks like they set their garbage cans in you flowers…..or is it just on the other side? Happy birthday to your son! Pizza sounds good to me!!I don’t know if taping that is illegal or not. Probably nobody would notice anyway???

  5. @jeezelouise101 – It’s on our side and theirs!  It wouldn’t be illegal, just rude. 🙂

  6. Just do what I do… assume that they meant it in the nicest possible way.  Saves wear and tear on your feelings that way! 

  7. You should be flattered!!! 

  8. Aw, go ahead and be flattered, you’re good-lookin’. Titian hair is the bomb. I wish I could do it.Youmight want to ask permission to film the lesson, then sell a copy toeveryone in the class and split the profits with the permission giver. I hope they didnt put the garbage cans on your lillies and roses. That mop head is scary. It needs googly eyes.Happy B-day and enjoy your pizza and mystery train experience! ~Peace

  9. I would be totally flattered!  Boy em I ever glad I live in the country.  Though manure can be pretty darn awful let me tell you!  Specially the liquid stuff.  Nasty!!!  I still want to go on that train ride.  You just have to rub it in!  lol

  10. I’ve been trying to tape my tai chi class for years. The rest of the class just doesn’t want it to happen. On the other hand my class I teach here at the club house wanted me to tape us. I did and it was a hoot. We did a practice and taped it then a run through and finally the actual whole form. The avatar picture is our condo class.

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