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Stolen blog

 This is a link to my daughters blog that’s not on Xanga.  I only put it here because she got a new camera and through all of her life she has had a talent for taking wonderful pictures.  I’m not sure I would read any text you find!



Good Night my someone

I’m wandering aimlessly in my own house tonight.  Just can’t settle on one thing.  Right now I’m on my husbands computer, and I’ve discovered something.  His computer is so so so much faster than mine!  His is fairly new, and my is very old.  Actually the computer I use is one of his old cast-off laptops from work.  It got too old for his fancy dancy workplace.  It’s so heavy.  You wouldn’t really want to carry it around.  I don’t.  It sits on a table and I have a nice monitor hooked up to it.

My television in this room has landed on Are you Smarter than a Fifth Grader which for some reason Regis Philbin is competing on.  I have to assume he is in fact smarter than a fifth grader.  I also bet he will be comfortable enough to not get the in the spotlight brain atrophy that I think probably affects a lot of people on game shows.

Okay, back to wander off.  I think I will wash the kitchen table and then sit at it with a large glass of something.


Tea Damnit! (and squirrel poop)

I keep forgetting to buy tea for work.

Tai Chi last night was fun.  Actually got a little sweaty!  I’m really glad I started it.  I know that at least one day a week I will get out of the house, and be in a room with a bunch of people.  I don’t do a whole lot of interaction with them, but I do some!  And as an added bonus "Crane boy" got snippy with "new teacher".  It’s like a mini soap on Wednesday nights.


All day long my office chair drops about a half an inch an hour.  By 2:45 every day it’s at its lowest point.  It gives me a new perspective when I get to raise it back to it’s highest point!


I drive 3.2 miles to work.  I have to go through 2 school zones, and two different major intersections that have crossing guards and hordes of small children.  On Monday it took me almost 30 minutes to drive 3.2 miles.  Can you imagine?  I’m investigating alternate routes, and I have a dilemma. I think the best route also will take me past a very convenient Tim Hortons drive through.  I’ll have to give myself a limit on how many coffees I can get a week.  I love Tim Hortons coffee.  Donuts, no. Bagels, easy to resist.  Homemade cookies, Please… no problem.  But a large coffee with double cream double sugar, irresistible.

Mystery Train Dinner theater on Saturday!  Two more days! 

My husband got me a new camera for my birthday.  So next week, after I open it and act surprised, expect many pictures.

Fruit Stripe

Found this picture on my sisters flikr account.  I really must stop wearing stripe shirts to places where people are likely to take pictures!  I only own three horizontally striped shirts, but I swear every picture of me I’m wearing one.

Corey and I

This is my husband and I at my nieces birthday party.  Isn’t the porch nice?  My sister has a lovely view in her backyard.  All trees and flowers and such.

Not much work going today.  I worked very hard on Monday and Tuesday and I was very cranky, so I seem to have run out of steam.  I have also completely run out of professionalism.  I am entirely too relaxed on the phone with co-workers and they get my full blown sarcasm.  Have to be careful about that, especially with people who do not have Enlish as their native language.  Hmmm,  I hear paperwork coming in on the fax machine for me as I type.  Technology is grand.

Still having creativity issues these days.  Just feeling flat.  I’ll go back to reading other peoples creativity now!

Nope, Nada, Nothing!

Hey…guess what I did yesterday….


for 2 hours and 20 minutes….argh….one more 20 minute appointment and done for awhile.  I use my time in the chair to create long involved fantasies.  Might as well pass the time pleasurably.  I’m all poofy and bruised again. 

I’m working on an extra computer at work while mine runs a very long virus scan.  I cannot work on a computer that is not my primary computer. It just does not work for me.  So, blog I will.  Though not a long one.  Apparently I can’t even think creatively while on the wrong computer. 

One of my friends just popped into the webcam and let me know that the t-shirt I’m wearing today gives me an “interesting” shape.  That’s code for “Oh, you look BAAAAD!” It’s good to have people around you that will tell you these things.   

Nope…can’t think creatively on here.  Goodbye!


Another Birthday rolls around…

Happy Birthday


This is one of my most favorite people, and today is her birthday.  And for her present I give her this to print out and color!



Friday Foray into Fabulous Facts about fings

Why is it only men who feel the need to recite cartoon, movie and television show dialog?  You very rarely hear a woman bust out with a five minute one person reading from their favorite episode of SNL playing three characters complete with funny motions.  Say Monty Python, Brian, Alms or Grail to any 25 to 45 year old man and they are sure to start giggling like school girls and reciting lines from some Monty Python skit.  Over and over and over again.  Women just don’t do it.

Can you tell I work with no women?  Well, my boss is a woman.  But she is in Stockholm and I only talk to her on the phone once or twice a month.  Everyone else, all men.  Normally I’m in favor of working with all men.  Frankly, I think it gives me an edge.  But some days it can get very tiring.  Like today, like right this second.  As one of them is explaining a song and a video, in great detail. 

Oh – or how about that thing when they say, hey – did you see that one movie where..and you say yes, and they keep telling you about it, and you say, I’ve seen it, and they keep telling you!

My husband tends to tell me stories about things that have happened to him, while I was with him.  Then he usually tells me again in a week or so.

My sister on Instant Messenger just said to me “breathe monkey breathe”  Cracked me up. 

So I’ve been doing about 250 minutes a week on a treadmill for oh, I dunno two years?  Is that right, was it last year or two years ago that I was talking to you?

So where was I?  Oh, been on that treadmill, backwards and forwards for 30 minutes at a crack 6 days a week, always on an incline at a decent clip, and it’s not lost one pound.  I think it’s improved my stamina and my ass a lot, but not my weight.  So last weekend, I got a WiiFit.  5 days, 30 minutes a day, nothing too excessive, just figuring it out, and enjoying it.  Lots more fun, lost two more pounds.  I don’t know.  Maybe just coincidence.  We’ll see.  Gotta stay on the treadmill too though. Only place I get to listen to music for 30 minutes uninterrupted.  I also do resistance bands 3 to 5 nights a week for about 15 minutes.

Off to cook up my lunch. 

congealing brain matter

Sometimes I feel like a balloon filled with whipped cream, on a warm sunny day, and the whip cream is going bad.  And someday it’s going to explode.  And it’s going to be messy.




Paint – When google image search just won’t do.

Pieces of Posts.


Posts I’ve been doing in my head this week that never made it online.


Sharing – Share something you love with me, and then let me enjoy it!

When I find something I love, I have to share it with people.  If I read a really good book, I have to find the right person to pass it on to.  If I find a movie that I love, I’ll buy the DVD and send it to someone so they can love it to.  I even do this with food, I’ll buy extra boxes/jars/bags and give them to someone at work.   I’ve had to mellow out on this recently because I was starting to get resentful.  I kept giving people things, for years, but no one ever gave me things.  So then, I started feeling a little mean about it, and then I started feeling selfish for feeling mean, and then I said ENOUGH!  Doing it to myself.

But my office mate is sharing music with me currently, he loves music and loves to share it.  I love music so I’m good with this, except – he turns something on for me to hear and then keeps talking or singing, or making drum noises.  Then I can’t hear it, so I can’t enjoy it at all. 😦


I ran out of patience a couple of weeks ago, but I seem to be getting it back.

I know the above paragraph belies that statement but it’s true.  Suddenly I couldn’t cope with people talking about their problems or their lives.  I don’t know why.  I just wanted to yell at everyone to stop being stupid and do what they needed to do.  Not really like me.  I think I’m better now.


Breeder / Animal Rescue

There is a woman who lives in the house next to my office parking lot.  It took me awhile to realize that this is the same woman who owned a creepy creepy pet shop that we bought our beagle from.  We do not normally condone buying animals from that kind of situation but there were special circumstances and we couldn’t leave the beagle there.  So then a few months ago I met this woman at her house and realized she is now breeding and selling from her house.  Signs always up in the yard and on her van. 

This morning the sign now says she is an animal "rescue". Bullshit!  I bet she thinks people will be more willing to buy a rescue puppy than a breeder puppy, and she is right.  Very sad.

Oh!  This was not a very positive sounding post!   Maybe it’s cause I’m hungry and I haven’t had enough coffee today. :)  I shall go fix that problem poste haste!

What’s the Deal with these kids today…

I don’t know.  I just don’t understand what is happening to the youth of America.  They’re always flitting about in their whirlwind jet set ways.  Not like us normal people.  Me?  I go to Cleveland for a little break.  Them?  They fly to Europe.  And the whole dating courtship, marriage thing where did we go wrong?  Back in my day you moved in with guy, got pregnant and then when you were bored on a Wednesday you just went downtown and got married.  No big huffily puffily deal going on.  But now?  No, they have to all extreme and wait until they’re in some romantic French capital.  Whatever!

I would like to point out as an example a fellow Xanga blogger. 

Dagon2099 - Click ME to Read all About it!

You may have seen this persons Icon show up in my comments.  Every once in awhile he pops in with a witty retort, or a friendly acknowledgement of something I’m talking about doing that he’s ALREADY done at least once. He has certainly gone me one better this time.  Luckily for him he and his new fiancee have been vouched for by one of my favorite ex-employee, current email friends.  I bet getting engaged in such grand style will ultimately lead to a wonderful life full of joy.

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