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congealing brain matter

Sometimes I feel like a balloon filled with whipped cream, on a warm sunny day, and the whip cream is going bad.  And someday it’s going to explode.  And it’s going to be messy.




Paint – When google image search just won’t do.

Pieces of Posts.


Posts I’ve been doing in my head this week that never made it online.


Sharing – Share something you love with me, and then let me enjoy it!

When I find something I love, I have to share it with people.  If I read a really good book, I have to find the right person to pass it on to.  If I find a movie that I love, I’ll buy the DVD and send it to someone so they can love it to.  I even do this with food, I’ll buy extra boxes/jars/bags and give them to someone at work.   I’ve had to mellow out on this recently because I was starting to get resentful.  I kept giving people things, for years, but no one ever gave me things.  So then, I started feeling a little mean about it, and then I started feeling selfish for feeling mean, and then I said ENOUGH!  Doing it to myself.

But my office mate is sharing music with me currently, he loves music and loves to share it.  I love music so I’m good with this, except – he turns something on for me to hear and then keeps talking or singing, or making drum noises.  Then I can’t hear it, so I can’t enjoy it at all. 😦


I ran out of patience a couple of weeks ago, but I seem to be getting it back.

I know the above paragraph belies that statement but it’s true.  Suddenly I couldn’t cope with people talking about their problems or their lives.  I don’t know why.  I just wanted to yell at everyone to stop being stupid and do what they needed to do.  Not really like me.  I think I’m better now.


Breeder / Animal Rescue

There is a woman who lives in the house next to my office parking lot.  It took me awhile to realize that this is the same woman who owned a creepy creepy pet shop that we bought our beagle from.  We do not normally condone buying animals from that kind of situation but there were special circumstances and we couldn’t leave the beagle there.  So then a few months ago I met this woman at her house and realized she is now breeding and selling from her house.  Signs always up in the yard and on her van. 

This morning the sign now says she is an animal "rescue". Bullshit!  I bet she thinks people will be more willing to buy a rescue puppy than a breeder puppy, and she is right.  Very sad.

Oh!  This was not a very positive sounding post!   Maybe it’s cause I’m hungry and I haven’t had enough coffee today. :)  I shall go fix that problem poste haste!

What’s the Deal with these kids today…

I don’t know.  I just don’t understand what is happening to the youth of America.  They’re always flitting about in their whirlwind jet set ways.  Not like us normal people.  Me?  I go to Cleveland for a little break.  Them?  They fly to Europe.  And the whole dating courtship, marriage thing where did we go wrong?  Back in my day you moved in with guy, got pregnant and then when you were bored on a Wednesday you just went downtown and got married.  No big huffily puffily deal going on.  But now?  No, they have to all extreme and wait until they’re in some romantic French capital.  Whatever!

I would like to point out as an example a fellow Xanga blogger. 

Dagon2099 - Click ME to Read all About it!

You may have seen this persons Icon show up in my comments.  Every once in awhile he pops in with a witty retort, or a friendly acknowledgement of something I’m talking about doing that he’s ALREADY done at least once. He has certainly gone me one better this time.  Luckily for him he and his new fiancee have been vouched for by one of my favorite ex-employee, current email friends.  I bet getting engaged in such grand style will ultimately lead to a wonderful life full of joy.


When will the paparazzi leave me in peace?



Bought me a Wii Fit today.

Not as exciting as what these guys got!

Georgia men claim hairy, frozen

corpse is Bigfoot

Updated document.write(niceDate(‘8/15/2008 7:43 PM’)); 1h 56m ago | Comments404 | Recommend80E-mail | Save | Print | <!–var tempshowReprintSSI = "";if(window.showReprintSSI){tempshowReprintSSI = showReprintSSI;} if ((navigator.os.indexOf("Mac")==1) && (navigator.type==2)) { // macIE if((document.forms.hiddenValForm.hiddenMacPrintValue.value == "0") || (document.forms.hiddenValForm.hiddenMacPrintValue.value=="2")) { if(document.forms.hiddenValForm.hiddenMacPrintValue.value == "2"){ document.forms.hiddenValForm.hiddenMacPrintValue.value = "0"; } else{ document.forms.hiddenValForm.hiddenMacPrintValue.value = "1"; } if(tempshowReprintSSI == 'showReprintSSI'){ writeReprintLink(); } writeSubscribeToLink(); } else { document.forms.hiddenValForm.hiddenMacPrintValue.value = "2"; } } else {// non macIE – write top and bottom if(tempshowReprintSSI == 'showReprintSSI'){ writeReprintLink(); } writeSubscribeToLink(); } function writeReprintLink(){ document.write('Reprints & Permissions | ‘); } function writeSubscribeToLink(){ var url = .toString(); var urlArray = url.split(“/”) var nurl = “”; for (i = 3; i < urlArray.length – 1; i++) { if(i<urlArray.length-2){ nurl += urlArray[i] + "|"; } else { nurl += urlArray[i]; } } document.write('Subscribe to stories like this‘); }//–> Subscribe to stories like this
One well-known alleged image of Bigfoot: this shot from a 1977 film that claims to show the creature cavorting in the hills of northern California.
AP file photo
One well-known alleged image of Bigfoot: this shot from a 1977 film that claims to show the creature cavorting in the hills of northern California.
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ATLANTA (AP) — Bigfoot or big fat lie?

Whenever someone reports sighting the hairy beast of yore (details always fuzzy) or capturing the hirsute humanoid on film (images always grainy), it scares up a dubious debate of international proportions. Friday was just the latest episode in the Sasquatch show, as unreal as it may be.

Two men who claim to have stumbled across a Bigfoot corpse in the woods of northern Georgia indignantly stood by their story at a news conference in Palo Alto during which they offered an e-mail from an entomologist as evidence and acknowledged they wouldn’t mind making a few bucks from the “find” they have kept stuffed in a freezer for over a month.

“Everyone who has talked down to us is going to eat their words,” predicted Matt Whitton, an officer on medical leave from the Clayton County Police Department.

More W00t Shipping Hilarity.

As a follow-up to the Random Box of Garbage that I received from W00t last month, I would like to share with you the story of today’s package.


The mailman delivered this box today;


It’s a rather large box as you can see!  It was however very light.  It was addressed to my co-worker that you see cowering (working) behind the box.

I said – MIKE!  What the heck did you order from W00t?  He said, "the only thing I ordered was a keyboard, I thought".  He was pretty excited to open it!

It was in fact a little tiny keyboard in a box big enough for me to get into!


This was not the funny part.  The funny part was the writing on the flap;


Wait!  Look a little closer;


No?  Here you go.


Hmmm, still not clear enough?  Here is the part that made me laugh.

"A Word About Our Packaging Material….

We have a strong commitment to the natural world and all its resources.  "


My Sarcasm filter is malfunctioning today.

I think it’s my sisters fault

I had a dream about an abusive man and he threw two little kittens and one of them was hurt.  I woke up and was so sad and now can’t shake it!

Is algae created by bottled water bad for you?  I have a Hot & Cold bottled water dispenser here at the office.  We’ve had the same one for five years (3 office moves) and last week I noticed that the holding tank has algae in it.  I called the people we lease it from and they were unconcerned.  Said during our normal delivery this week they guy would “just wipe it out”.  I’m pretty sure I’m annoyed enough by that response that if he just wipes it out, he’ll also be taking it and the coffee maker with him and I’ll have a new company taking care of our water & coffee needs.

I bought a new shirt last night.  It’s an olive green t-shirt type shirt, and it has a square neckline. I love square necklines.  I don’t know why.


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