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Things I plan in my head

I would like to buy one of the empty grocery store buildings in my neighborhood.  I would make sure that it was the one that is all windows in the front.  Now I’ve had a long standing dream of making one of these buildings into a home, but for the purposes of this blog I will share my other fantasy.

I will decorate the interior in a a palette of beige, wine and cream.   To start I will erect some temporary walls to make the space small and cozy, but with the ability to expand out.  I will buy 10 sets of outdoor tables & chairs.  Probably a nice wickery thing.  Natural color of course.  I will have as many plants as I can find.  I will set up a couple of long tables and put out coffee urns, and tea.  I will set aside an area and fill it with toys from the children’s resale shop.

Then the marketing will begin.  I will put up on my old grocery store sign – Coming Soon! Neighborhood meeting hall!

Then I will print out flyers and randomly drop them off where ever the mood strikes me.  I will do this for at least a month in advance. 




(psst – it says – "New Neighborhood Meeting Hall Opening – Come for our Open House-Friday the 27th 6pm to 7:30 pm
Coffee and Tea provided-Open to the public during our initial phase.-Invitations will be sent privately at a later date.
Stop in, Bring a friend, have a cup of coffee, meet your neighbors.")


I will make sure that everywhere I go I talk to people and hand them a flyer.  I will explain to them when they ask that it is going to be a meeting hall, a place to use for parties, something along those lines, and that I’ve heard that it’s going to be by private membership only.  I will also make sure to keep the interior lit and well decorated until our open house.  This will pique peoples interest. In truth, there will be no membership.  This is my place. 

On my first night open I will stand up and say thank you to all of the people who came.  I will tell them all how lucky I am to live in a place where we can all sit together and have a cup of coffee and just say hi.  I will point them to the bulletin board at the back and say, if you want to advertise there is the perfect place for your flyers and your business cards.  I will tell them they should relax and hang out and meet each other, and that there are board games and cards if anyone needs to keep their kids entertained.  (you know what will happen then, right?) And finally I will tell them that I’ve been told there will be an open house every two weeks until the membership committee has the opportunity to finalize all the requirements.  Then I will go get a glass of water and walk around and around meeting everyone.  I will shake everyones hand.

I will do this every two weeks, until people stop asking.  Every two weeks I will stand up and say thank you for being wonderful people.  Thank you for being kind to each other and thank you for stopping by to say hello.

And this is my cathedral.

Quick and Dirty


My husband took this picture of me. (I’m the one on the right)  It’s pretty nice as a desktop background.

Can you tell I had my hair in middle aged hippy fashion? Probably not on that photo.  You can on the my monitor. I can’t believe it’s long enough to do that.

I think we may be out of day trips.  I’ll have to think of something else now.  The problem is once I think of it, I immediately want to go!  I should get a real map and just draw a circle around everything that is within three hours then start looking city by city.   Almost snow time, so that will be the end of driving trips.  Maybe I’ll stay home and plan for a flying trip in February!  Gotta plan early so I can find all sorts of ways to make it cheap.  Maybe back to Vegas.

Have a Marching band concert & dinner for a fund raiser for the marching band for my niece tonight. (something very wrong in the wording of that sentence). And then on to Monday night Television.  Last night I watched Amazing Race, True Blood and Mad Men.  Excellent.



Text Now

So, on Friday I’m happy to say I felt better.  Drove up to Cedar Point at about 2pm, check-in wasn’t until 4 so we wanted to time this correctly.  I used the GPS even though we know how to get there, we weren’t sure how specifically to get to the Hotel.  My GPS didn’t show Cedar Point, so I had to do it by the address for the hotel.  Just so you know, there is also a One Cedar Point Road, and it is not by One Cedar Point Drive.  Is it however an unbelievably beautiful place.  Gorgeous houses, with fantastic Views.  If you see some grey condos in the pictures, that was the place we went by accident. 

Back on track found the hotel.  To get to the hotel you take a road that goes around the amusement park.  It’s pretty cool to see everything from the back.  Hotel was pretty cool, room was very small, and in the section of the hotel that has not really been updated in 60 years, except for a few odd things.  Our room was on the first floor, looking out onto the pool and Lake Erie.  Fan – freakin – tastic!  And the Window opened!! Of course this meant everyone coming out of the hotel looked directly into our room.  Oops.   But the sound was so nice.  There was also a great breeze  coming off the water which made the accoustic ceiling tiles ruffle.  It was really funny.

The amusement park was a two minute walk along the boardwalk next to the water.  The park was so cool!  First time I’ve ever been there with so few people.  There are huge coasters there (that we don’t ride) but normally the lines are two and three hour waits.  They were running them Not Full!  The whole halloween theme was really fun, lots of fog and lights and scarey people  jumping out at us.  Good times.

Saturday was kind of a bust!  It was rainy and dreary.  We drove to Port Clinton, ohio to go through the African Safari but decided not to when we got there.  To much water coming out of the sky.  We did however have lunch a place called Dianas Restaurant and Deli where I had a fantastic breakfast and oogled good looking young men.

So we drove around Port Clinton, then headed home.  On the way home we stopped at Magee Marsh wildlife preserve and went to the beach there.  They closed the beach so it’s kind of interesting to see it reverting back to a non-human beach.  No garbage, no cleaned sand.

And home.

More Pictures


I don’t feel very good, and I am so so tired, and so so busy at work. (on a conference call right now).

Yesterday at work was horrible!  I ended up working until about 9:30 because of problems.  I’m hoping that this caused the sick, and by tomorrow I’ll feel better.  Not working tomorrow.. Yay!  Long weekend of playtime.


I have

spent three days painting pictures in my head of what a cathedral of my design would look like

spent three days writing a story in my head of a woman who starts finding flowers that she didn’t plant in her yard.  It all started with some Moss Roses that showed up in my front yard last month.

Spent three hours learning the rules of Bunco (thanks for that idea to bounce around and stick in my head MB, like I don’t have enough!)

spent three minutes typing this.



Half a thumb

Saw Burn After Reading Yesterday

I did not like it as much as I wanted to.  It was still a good movie, but I wanted more.  I thought the first 45 minutes dragged.  I thought John Malkovich was great, well, everyone was pretty darn good.  Just something missing for me.  So mixed reveiews from me, go see it for yourself.

I had a dream that I went to a church.  It was a church in a gymnasium.  The bleachers were kind of scary but the people were so nice.  I worry sometimes that I might fake religion just to attend a church and have that community. 

Off to shop for veggies!



Identify please?

Does anyone know what will come out of here eventually?



Not my fault, she started it.


I wonder if it would look more like me if I let someone else create it?

Gonna go see Burn After Reading today.

Three Minutes till I must go home.

you know…There is nothing like a quiet, empty office to make you want to stay at work.

I’m all alone, and suddenly I’m in no hurry to go home.  I want to turn on my music and work on projects that need to be completed.  But of course, I’ll be leaving in a few moments.  My husband called me today which is very unusual.  He was in his office, and me in mine, and we did the chitty chat thing for a moment and then he said, “When I walk through the hall, I smell pizza.  I tried to figure out where it was coming from but I couldn’t find it.  I just kept smelling pizza.  It was like a childhood memory”.

I have drawn a few conclusions from these sentences. 

1.  My husband has very odd childhood memories

2. His brain is getting a little gray right along with his hair

2. We’ll probably be going out for pizza tonight.

I think I may have forgotten to say that I made reservations at This historic Hotel  for next weekend.  And that we’ll be spending an evening at Cedar Point Amusement park doing the HallowWeekend thing.  Well, mostly just taking pictures I’m sure.  Suddenly I’m thinking maybe I did blog about this.  Geesh, I’m going to have to start reading my own stuff.


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