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Identify please?

Does anyone know what will come out of here eventually?



Not my fault, she started it.


I wonder if it would look more like me if I let someone else create it?

Gonna go see Burn After Reading today.

Three Minutes till I must go home.

you know…There is nothing like a quiet, empty office to make you want to stay at work.

I’m all alone, and suddenly I’m in no hurry to go home.  I want to turn on my music and work on projects that need to be completed.  But of course, I’ll be leaving in a few moments.  My husband called me today which is very unusual.  He was in his office, and me in mine, and we did the chitty chat thing for a moment and then he said, “When I walk through the hall, I smell pizza.  I tried to figure out where it was coming from but I couldn’t find it.  I just kept smelling pizza.  It was like a childhood memory”.

I have drawn a few conclusions from these sentences. 

1.  My husband has very odd childhood memories

2. His brain is getting a little gray right along with his hair

2. We’ll probably be going out for pizza tonight.

I think I may have forgotten to say that I made reservations at This historic Hotel  for next weekend.  And that we’ll be spending an evening at Cedar Point Amusement park doing the HallowWeekend thing.  Well, mostly just taking pictures I’m sure.  Suddenly I’m thinking maybe I did blog about this.  Geesh, I’m going to have to start reading my own stuff.


in brief…

I really need to stand up and go for a long walk today.  My ass is starting to feel like it’s the shape of my chair.  Some days are just not meant to spend working on a computer.  And some days are not meant to be spent with an office mate.  My tolerance is low today.  Probably the fact that my kidney is particularly painin’ me today is not helping.


I think I must go private….  Goodbye!

More Weekend Stuff

So Extreme Makeover Home Edition is doing the big reveal tonight about a mile and a half from my house. and it’s just pouring outside.  You know how they also frequently do side projects for the community but somehow connected to the family?  Well the guy is a firefighter, and I have a firestation about a half mile from my house.  I realized on Saturday morning that there was stuff going on their too.  Every time we drive by I try to snap a picture.  Sadly, the speed limit is 45 so I haven’t been too successful. 🙂


I was cleaning last night and as I polished my shelf I was marveling on the workmanship.  I know I blogged about this when I got it, but it deserves a remention. 

I came up with the design and dimensions and then my sisters beau made it for me.  He of course way improved on my design, and just created a thing of beauty.  Do you know what it’s for?  I thought it was ingenious, even if I do say so myself.


Fits perfectly on top of my microwave, and it sits at a slant so you can see the boxes and have easy access.



We ate at a nice fun restaurant on Saturday.  Fairly chichi and I love the decor.  Because it was only the two of us, it was also inexpensive.


It’s a tapas restaurant that has Italian, spanish and mediterranean.  Fun combinations we had. 

Photo of my Kates stolen from her blog.


Have a good night!


It’s a rare bird!

As I read this I am laying in bed drinking my coffee, while eating my breakfast, while watching the movie No Reservations.  Perfect rainy saturday.

I realized today that I am subscribed to two blogs written by people in New Jersey.  I think they may even be close cities in New Jersey.  They both really couldn’t be more different than me.  And from a distance more different from each other.  I don’t know if it’s polite for me to write any details because so much is conjecture on my part and they both seem to be such private people, so I won’t.  Except to say that they both seem so intelligent and so .hmm I’m missing a word here.  So deep maybe?  So intellectual?  So old soul’ish.  I dunno.  It just struck me that somehow I stumbled upon both of them at different times and it stuck.

I adore noticing details about people.  And the similarities stacked up next to the differences to see what they look like.  What makes this person interesting, compared to what makes this person interesting.  In what way are they similar to me, and to each other.  I can spend hours (days) watching people and looking for their details.  Do you think that’s odd?  Sometimes it makes me feel like I’m a little odd.  Probably because I do it with some detachment.  I struggle with giving myself boundaries so I don’t spend too much time in my own head.

The other day I said to my husband that I should get involved with local theater.  Start auditioning for plays or something.  My kind of people, well at least for that side of my personality.  He said no, I should start auditioning for musicals, which I thought was the nicest compliment. 

Oh!  Did I blog about what my sister got me for my birthday?  I don’t think I did, but too lazy to go back and look.  She got me Mighty Putty!  Though I usually call it Magic Putty.  I know it seems like an odd gift, but oh!  so perfect.  I’ve been obsessed with it since the first commercial.  I love it!  I’ve already fixed my cabinet.  Yay!  I don’t know how I got so weird.

I think I”ll get out of bed now, my pillow is too hot from the laptop!


Fabulous Friday Foray in fantastical feats of fantasy and foolery.

 Back to the dentist again yesterday.  Woo Hoo Last one.  At least till the next cleaning when they say – “oh we’re a thousand short on payroll this month, lets fix Tracys teeth some more!”

I was playing with the camera when the woman at the front desk stretched and this shot amused me.



On the Extreme Makeover Home addition frontier I had to drive in that general vicinity again yesterday to come home from the dentist.  Not all the way by it of course because the main road (4 lane) that the side street runs off of is a mad house!  Cars and people everywhere!  While I was driving home I saw a helicopter slowly circling above the work site very low and slow.  So I grabbed my camera. I would have gotten some fun shots if I had the camera actually on the right setting.  Oops.

Later as I sat in my living room a procession of busses started piling up in front of my house, and then I heard a marching band!  People were piling out of the busses into my front yard and I got all excited.  I was going to run out of the house with my arms waving and scream out  “here I am Ty!  Come makeover my house!” but then I realized they were just staging for a small parade starting at the grade school down the street.  Oh well.  It was fun to sit on my front porch and listen to the band for awhile.

I was recently discussing with someone about people who pout and or give the silent treatment.  Some personality types should not ever be subjected to this.  I believe I am one of those personality types, and I’ll tell you why.  If you ignore me and go all quiet, after I figure out what you are doing I will adjust my thinking and use the time as my own personal vacation.  A short span of time that I get to not have to interact with anyone.  I can just do my own thing and be in my own little world.  And if you decide to keep your distance for too long you run the risk of me forgetting how to interact with you, and then when you try to interact with me, I’m liable to view it as an invasion. 

So if any of you out there know deep in your heart that you do in fact do the pouting / ignoring thing, step back for a moment and look at the people you’re doing it to.  Are any of them like me?  Is there a chance that this person you’re ignoring may actually learn to like it?

I am currently using this picture as the background on my computer at work.  It looks really nice blown up on the LCD.


I have this one on my home computer.  I want to paint parts of this one I think.


Have a good Friday!

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