It’s cool today.  Normally I’m a big fan of cool days but I woke up at 3am with spears going through my head.  Does anyone else get headaches that hurt worse when you lay or sit down?  I get them frequently.  I always assume it has to do with sinus trouble, but I don’t know, sometimes it feels more blood pressure related.  Many years ago I started having a problem with pinched nerves and muscles in my shoulder and neck.  It started spasming and for about 48 hours I couldn’t sit or lie down.  But these are headaches not muscle and nerve spasms.  So I got up and took some ibuprofen and then wandered out into the living room where I sat then stood then snoozed than stood until about 4:30 when I finally went back to bed.  Horrid.  I wish when I woke up like that I had the brain functionality to do more to help myself.   The dogs are lucky I kept enough humanity not to hurt them.  For some reason they thought it was just great that I was up at 3am and wouldn’t leave me alone.

So, I made it to work but an hour late. 

My husband has a cold.  He only gets a cold once every two years or so.  We do not get along well when he doesn’t feel good. 

Wow, I’m just an interesting chippie today aren’t I?


Go tell Last_Boomer what album cover you think he should put on his wall.

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  1. Does writing about it make you feel any better?I, for one, would like a nap.

  2. Uh, yeah.  I’ve headaches like that and I attribute them to sinus problems.  Laying back down makes it worse, so I’ve slept sitting up, too.  My solution – ibuprofen, sudafed (the real stuff that you have to sign for at the pharmacy.  The new OTC version doesn’t work.) and caffeine, usually a diet coke.I hope you are feeling better now.  Sometimes when the weather changes it messes with your sinuses or it could be fall allergies.Take care!

  3. Oh, caffeine is a vasoconstrictor so if you have high blood pressure you don’t want to have a lot of it but it always helped my sinus headaches.

  4. @BoureeMusique – No it doesn’t make me feel better to say it, but it does say who I am today.  Slow and a little cranky.   Yes, today would be an excellent day for a nap!@skanickadee – It made me feel much better to have you say you get headaches that are worse when you lay down.  I’ve never heard anyone  else say that.  It’s always nice to know that you’re not unique in some things.  I do feel better, thank you.

  5. Hey, are you and your hubby WKRP in Cin fans?  If so, an article you might find interesting.I haven’t had one in awhile (knock on wood [mb knocks on her head]).  Springtime is my bad time.  I even canceled an Easter dinner because my head was killing me.I hope you are feeling better soon.

  6. Caffine always helps my headaches. I don’t usually drink anything caffinated I don’t like how it makes me feel. But it does help the headaches.

  7. Yes…i was going to mention caffeine too but they all beat me to it.  We came home a day early from O because “he” had ear pain – I drove 8 of the 10 hours…we don’t get along when he is sick either – I think it is more me than him, though.Do you have a nepi pot?  or poor boiling water in the sink and lean over it with a towel holding in the steam – if it is sinus – lots of times this takes care of it.Take an aspirin and call me in the morning.Dr. Brown

  8. For a second I thought you meant that you woke up at 3 a.m. with Britney Spears going through your head. That would be much, MUCH worse than a headache.

  9. @marklabouff – Sadly, because of my evil office mate, I have instead been stuck with Beach Blanket Bingo running through my head.

  10. Yes ma’am, it was really cool today. I am dressing for work in sweaters with a layer underneath and a jacket on top. It is freezing inside the plant at night. BTW: I was wondering if you are watching this season of Survivor? It just began last Thursday. I saw last weeks season opener and will watch the one that was on earlier tonight probably in the morning (Friday).

  11. Why are men such babies when thet are sick? I find that a cool cloth on my head helps when I have a headache. Have you ever seen those annoying ads for Head On…..some thing you rub on your head when you have a headache? I wonder if it actually works….just like those weight loss ads…eat all you want and still lose weight,eat all you want and still lose weight,eat all you want and still lose weight……..”we wouldn’t say it on tv if it wasn’t true”What a crock!

  12. Man, I totally would have brought you a coffee yesterday if I’d read before showing up.

  13. @chaosconfetti – Awww, thanks punkin.  You should totally come over and let me wash your hair with my new hair stuff.

  14. 1.) men are babies.2.) my dogs always think it’s play time when I get up and can’t sleep too.  Mostly the little pointy one….3.) hope you’re feeling better today! headaches suck in a big way!

  15. @TNuts – I am watching Survivor.  I must admit, I am a reality show maven.  Just can’t help myself.  Liking it so far.  Always starts out kind of slow.

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